Catherine Akreon Joily

Catherine Akreon Joily

Catherine Joily, by Marit and Marina
Name OriginCatherine: pronounced KATH-er-in. Greek origin, and its meaning is "pure".
Date of BirthApril 13, 2006
Date of DeathOctober 21, 2016
Age10 years
Birth placeUnknown
Current packAugustinia
Most Recent RankCapitolina (Pack Leader)
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack


Joining dateDecember 20, 2008[1]
Joining RankTsula Agateno
Most Recent RankWaya Agateno
MeaningWolf Scout

Catherine Akreon Joily was a previous member of AniWaya from December 2008 until November 2009. She had two children she thought were fathered by Leland: Stash Gandhi Joily and Luna Crescentia Akreon.

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  1.   1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History
  2.   2.  'Souls History
    1.   2.1  Life in the pack
  3.   3.  Personality
  4.   4.  Relationship
    1.   4.1  Love Interests
  5.   5.  Abilities, talents and skills
    1.   5.1  Strengths
    2.   5.2  Weaknesses
  6.   6.  Appearance
    1.   6.1  Luperci Forms
    2.   6.2  Stature
    3.   6.3  Eyes
    4.   6.4  Scars

1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History

She was born in a snowy night, at 7:06 of April, 13th. When she was 2 years old, her mother Selly was killed by her father, Armand, who she ever met before. Before her mother dies, she gave Catherine her necklace with a little, round shaped emerald. For revenge for her beloved mother, she killed him.

Since that day, she wandered blankly, not even bothering to eat or sleep. When she found herself again, she was at Halifax.

2.  'Souls History

There, she found a few books, a backpack, two knives and clothes. She phased for the first time there, and she didn't have courage to phase again.

Near where she was sleeping, she found a big nest, and inside there was an egg. She kept it warm and safe, until it hatched. From the egg, a little baby Peregrine Falcon was born. From that day, she took care of it, creating a bound with the Falcon hatchling, which she called Seymour. He helped her to move on from that depression.

Finally, Seymour was an young adult, and thanks to one of her books, she tough him how to fly and how to come back to her when she whistle. With a piece of boar leather, she made a glove and a shoulder armor, so his claws don't hurt her.

Then, she left Halifax and wandered again, usually without Seymour, since he used to stay away from her, but always came back when she whistle. She was walking with a few goals to her new life. The goals of meeting other wolves, finding a pack and finding a mate. Until now, she already found some wolves and joined the AniWaya tribe. There is still one goal missing...

2.1  Life in the pack


3.  Personality

She is very cheerful, warm-hearted, polite, passionate and playful, but she knows how to get serious and be rough. Now, she is geting a little alcoholic, but we can only hope that it won't last XD

When she is enraged, in any way, she enters in a physical and mental state. Her blood is almost pure adrenaline, causing extreme force, almost lack of pain, conciense, sense of right and wrong and of extremes. It only ends when she is hit in a very serious area or when she is faints of fatigue. She is training to control it, and she calls it "Rage" or "Berseker".

4.  Relationship

4.1  Love Interests

Past Lovers

5.  Abilities, talents and skills

Tree climbing, scouting and spying skills.

5.1  Strengths

  • Bite;
  • Agility;
  • Her "Rage"

5.2  Weaknesses

  • Tail;
  • Seymour;
  • Her "Rage"

6.  Appearance

Light gray base fur with dark gray stripes and white belly. Long, soft and smooth fur with longer, reddish-brown mane from the top of her head to the beggining of her tail. Even longer at her head, making a "fringe" in front of her eyes.

6.1  Luperci Forms

Lupus: Catherine is a small-sized wolf, but she is very sleek and slender. She is built mostly for speed and agility, but still has some muscles in her long and thin legs. She has a specially powerful bite and oversized claws.

Optime: She has the same features of her Lupus form, but her limbs get longer. Those features makes her an expert of tree climbing. She gets slenderer in this form too.

6.2  Stature

  • Height: 7'89'' Weight: 132,2 pounds

6.3  Eyes

Bright, deep green eyes, with a pitch black sclera (the "white" of the eyes). The right one is milky, 'cause it is blind.

6.4  Scars

Has one in the right eye, which is blinded, thanks to Cwmfen.

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