Saul Stormbringer

Saul Stormbringer is the eldest son of Dreyrugr Stormbringer and Abigail Dawnrunner, born in the Solbjorg Valley alongside two brothers and a sister. He was raised in Dahlia de Mai, and was a founding member when his pack merged with another to form Ichika no Ho-en. After a brief stint in the wilderness of Alaska, where his illegitimate son Temeraire Stormbringer was conceived and eventually handed over, Saul returned to Ichika no Ho-en as a parent but no longer felt at home there. Saul and his son lived as loners for a time, and gathered various family members.

Eventually Saul and his cousin Lilin founded Vinátta, and became mates as well as co-leaders. Though Temeraire left for another pack, Lund Stormbringer, Rúni Stormbringer, and Sólieri Stormbringer are soon born to the couple. Vinátta prospered, but his mateship did not — shortly before Vinátta’s first birthday, Lilin and Lund depart and leave Saul a single father again. It is the first in a string of misfortunes -- the Ironside Conflict draws Vinátta into war, Rúni is mauled and nearly died, and Sólieri is abducted and never found. Wracked with grief, Saul decided to abdicate rule of the pack he founded, and headed off with Rúni into the wilderness to track down his missing daughter.

Saul Stormbringer

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Date of Birth

March 16 2010





“asked for” or “prayed for”




Birth place

Solbjorg Valley




50% Eastern Timber Wolf
50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf








Vinátta Virding
Ichika no Ho-en Hui’ko, Ohin
Dahlia de Mai Lerhling, Spaher, Jager, Theta, Delta



  • Optime Hair: Graphite (#2c1908), highlighted with Bull Shot (#7d5220)
  • Eyes: Fern Green (#529042).
  • Fur:
    • Overcoat of Masala (#43413f) and Shuttle Grey (#676a70) and accents of Twine (#c29f75)
    • Undercoat of Satin Linen (#e5e1d4)

Art by Alaine

Unlike the majority of the Stormbringer family, Saul is not painted in dark hues of chocolate and black. His mixed heritage has resulted in a much more traditional agouti colouring that shifts with the seasons. The lighter colours inherited through his Dawnrunner mother have manifested in a multi-toned coat for the grey male. With an undercoat of mainly Satin Linen (#e5e1d4), the upper portions of his body is draped in a cloak of greys.

Primarily Masala (#43413f) and Shuttle Grey (#676a70) settle over his back and sides, shoulders and rump as well as neck and forehead. Much lighter shades of Twine (#c29f75) and Tussock (##C18A48) mark the backs of his ears and the bridge of his muzzle, as well as splashes down the front of his legs and the joints of his hips. As if to mark him even more a child of taboo, Saul inherited his mother's Green (#529042) eyes instead of the more traditional Stormbringer blue.

Build and Species

Despite the colouring that marks Saul as an outcast, his build was taken straight from his father. Large and muscled, Saul exudes a strength that belies his peaceful nature. Although he has inherited the Stormbringer size, Saul is not overly muscles and retains a visage of average strength. He is no warrior despite his height and prefers to remain at a normal size. His heritage is reflected in his build, displaying the bulk of a full wolf with curved ears and a strong muzzle that cannot be mistaken for any hybrid wolf.





120 lbs (54 kg)
36 in (91 cm)

234 lbs (106 kg)
43 in (111 cm)

260 lbs (118 kg)
6ft 11in (208 cm)

Relatively sleek and tall, Saul in his lupus form is a force of speed and power. Usually preferring to run in this form it is clear he is confident and comfortable in this aspect. His fur is quite rough and scruffy in this form, but it is smoothed back where possible so that he doesn’t have random tufts sticking up.

A much more bulky aspect for Saul to be in, he finds the height and the power of the secui form useful for hunting and in the rare case, fighting. Much scruffier (and unable to contain it), his secui form can be quite intimidating. Generally, the fur around his shoulders and back darker slightly in his secui form and the twine accents on his face likewise darken slightly.

Saul’s favoured form, due to the usefulness of thumbs. Tall and powerfully built, although not so much as to present an overly muscled warrior. His shoulders are broad but not built up, tapering down to a relatively narrow waist and strong thighs. The creamy satin of his underbelly increases in density to what appears to be a lot more of the front of his optime body, while his back is still peppered with greys of various shades. His hair in his optime form is a dark chestnut brown, sparsely highlighted in the sun. Sometimes described as unruly, Saul keeps it just above shoulder length and finds that it often gets in his face when working.



  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars:
    • Various small and mostly hidden scars on his hands and arms from woodworking.
    • A few long scars on his shoulder and ribs, recently obtained from a stag attack


  • Saul wears a small, carved wooden owl charm on brown leather string around his neck. The charm was made by himself alongside the charms made for his siblings for their coming of age back in Dahlia de Mai
  • He also wears the customary Frithr Necklace on some string around his neck. The miniature Thor’s Hammer is smooth and decorated with swirls and spots. On either side of the necklace sits a variety of flat, near-square beads that hold runes symbolic to his accomplishments in the pack, as shown below.
Founding Member Participate in Building the Sveit Village Attend a Party and become Intoxicated Gain a Mate Have Pups Celebrate a Norse Holiday Organise a Pack Activity Earn a Co-Rank Teach the Aeska


  • Saul is often seen wearing a pair of cut-off shorts in his Optime form. These are usually scavenged from human towns and adjusted to fit him, including adding a hole for his tail. Rarely does Saul wear anything other than these shorts; he doesn’t see the point in tops.
  • Occasionally Saul will wear an old bearskin cloak; the pelt was found in Dahlia de Mai and altered into a cloak when he resided in Ichika no Ho-en


A truly good character, Saul is always striving to be the best he can. A healer by nature, he has the compassion, intelligence and drive to spend his life trying to help others. Although not truly selfless, Saul puts others before himself as best he can and is always looking out for those he loves. A kind hearted soul, Saul doesn't look for anything in return for his deeds, he does it for the sake of others.

Naturally a thinker, Saul spends a lot of time in his own head and is notoriously considered a worrier and in some cases, slightly paranoid. This comes from a deep seated need to protect and care for his family and his pack. As a leader, Saul has a natural, but certainly not over-powerful, dominance and confidence about himself, even if he has bouts of self-doubt every now and then. Unable to do nothing with his day, Saul would much rather be doing something to benefit his pack. He doesn't have much of a temper on him and is described as a bit of a pacifist. That being said, he is not a pushover and will defend himself or his family fiercely if needed.



  • Likes: Healing, Gardening, Wood-work, His family, Horses and Birds, Learning
  • Dislikes: Lying or Liars, Harm to his family and pack,


Compassionate, Protective, Worrier, Playful

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Extrovert
  • Alignment: Lawful Good


  • Family being injured or harmed, Failure, Abandonment, Being weak.


  • Vinátta, his family and friends, Knowledge and gaining skills.


  • Packs: Vinátta has had many bad experiences with their neighbour Sangi’lak? and Saul is usually wary around these wolves. Although allied with Anathema, Saul hasn’t interacted much with them.
  • Species: Saul accepts all species into Vinátta and doesn’t hold any personal biases against species.
  • Non-Luperci: Saul holds no biases against Non-Luperci and has had Non-Luperci friends.
  • Gender: Saul does not hold any obvious biases against gender and seems to get on equally with males and females.
  • Color: He does not discriminate between colours.
  • Sexuality: Having been surrounded by almost exclusively heterosexual wolves for most of his life, when he was introduced to bi- and homosexuality, he seems to have taken it into his stride. One of his closest friends Colibri Haki had a female lover and two other female friends are together.
  • Age: Saul appears to relate well to pups as well as adults and is comfortable with all ages.


Saul is heterosexual and has been his whole life.


Often partakes in alcohol, but holds a rather conservative view on drugs.


Saul was not raised in any religion and when Vinátta formed, he was dubious about believing in the Norse Gods. However, as life progresses in Vinátta, he is beginning to put his faith in the Gods, although he isn’t nearly as devout as his daughter or other relatives.



  • Volume: Normally a medium baritone of normal volume. Saul rarely shouts and prefers to make his point in a calm manner.
  • Pronunciation Usually well enunciated but not overly so. Can slip into colloquialisms but not often.
  • Accent: Saul does not display any specific accent.


  • Vinátta: Salt, Pine Needles, Wood Shavings
  • Stormbringer
  • Personal Scent: Herbs (mint, witchhazel, marigold), Wood, Horses.


Key Relations

Family: Stormbringer, Dawnrunner

Minor Relations

  • Characters: Here is where you might describe especially important family members (e.g., if your character has a close, competitive relationship with a sibling, describe it here) or friendships or whatever else.

Former Relations


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  • Species: Horse
  • DOB: 2006
  • Gender: Stallion
  • Description: Black with white
  • Personality: Draft cross, protective but relatively amiable. Saul found Hermes down in the Dampwoods, wandering around with little to no place to go. More than happy to be given a home again, the stallion has followed Saul wherever the man has proposed he go. Level headed, strong willed but protective and sweet natured to most, Hermes is approachable by all canines. Used as a stud animal, Hermes sired Helexia and Darcy, and will be father to many more before long.


  • Species: Gryfalcon
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Obtained from a bird breeder at the Winter Festival 2012, Eirias has developed into a more feral bird of prey. He retains a loyalty to Saul, built on a bond of trust between the pair. However, he can still come across as rather wild. Unfortunately, Eirias had developed an association with small animals to food- which wouldn't be much of a problem if this didn't include cats and pups. Most of the time, the bird is well behaved, but he keeps his distance from most and can become agitated if confronted by other birds of prey.



Dahlia de Mai

Ichika no Ho-en

Hilsburn and Moonstone Lakes


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