Temo Wolfe

Temo Wolfe is a current member of Casa di Cavalieri, and a former member of Midnight Shores, Ichika no Ho-en, Phoenix Valley, and Cercatori d'Arte. He is mated to Jace Wolfe and has many children by her, the foundation of the Wolfe-Denahlii family.

Temo Wolfe

Temo, by Kiri
Date of BirthMay 16, 2008
Age> 3 years
Subspecies50% Canis lupus columbianus
50% Canis lupus familiaris
Birth placeUnknown
Current packMidnight Shores

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Current Pack

Cercatori d'Arte

Joining date???

Previous Pack

Ichika no Ho-en

Joining date???

Phoenix Valley

Joining dateFebuary 2, 2011[1]


DateOctober 13, 2010[2]


With the humans gone and no longer hunting wolves or their pray, the British Columbia wolf packs prosper. Most not embracing the changes that the virus brought upon them, there is one pack that does. They embrace their Luperci and go through the human habitations and buildings in their territory, learning. They learn all they can from what the humans left behind. Finding a school and learning to read from the primer books, and in turn, teaching their pups. The elders, realizing that the humans will never return decide that it is the Earth had entered into another age. Like the humans had changed their calendar to mark when an important person died, they decided to mark when the humans had died and given them the shifting. Marking the year of the Virus as the beginning of the new age, year zero AH, Anno Humanis.

Over the years, the pack prospered and grew to the point that their lands can no longer support such a large pack, a few young wolves say their goodbyes to the only family they knew and move south to start a new life. The human settlements, far and few at first, getting thicker as they traveled. After weeks of travel, they come to a human town, empty except for the ghosts and a small pack of dogs barely surviving.

Finding the area to their liking, plenty of game, the dogs welcoming them into their midst and no other wolf packs as far as the nose can smell. It was decided to settle and start the new life they had set out to find. Although the dogs welcomed the wolves into their lands and welcomed the help in hunting, the two packs kept apart at first, only helping each other with hunting and teaching the young.

After a few years, the packs started to integrate. Couples being made from individuals from both packs and mixed pups being born. From one such couple, their first litter born consisted of one male pup they lovingly named Temo.

As a pup, Temo did play with the others, but tended to gravitate to being alone. Usually, he could be found somewhere reading one of the many books found in an old human library that the packs were keeping care of. Preserving the knowledge left behind by the humans. Temo loved to read, especially the how to books and ones that told how the many human contrivances worked.

As the months passed and Temo grew up, he helped with many things, hunting, keeping the lands safe and intruders out, maintaining the library and even helping out with the teaching from time to time. As he grew into adulthood, he found that although they were good looking and he was interested in them, the females did not have eyes for him. One day, on one of his many treks out alone in the dark of early morning, he climbed a high voltage power line scaffold, and facing east, watched the sun slowly rise over the mountains.

When the sun had fully risen above the mountains, an epiphany came to him. Temo realized that his heart did no lay here with his birth pack, but east. East somewhere on the other side of the mountains. After saying goodbye to his pack, his family, he set out towards the Cascades, the journey to an unknown destiny begins.

Many months pass as Temo wandered eastward, first crossing the Cascades, then the Rockies. He met others, both wanderers and packs. Some packs were friendly, letting him pass through their territories. Others not friendly, preventing him from traveling through their territories.

One day, he crosses paths of another, like himself, traveling the lands alone. He ponders her request to travel together to improve their hunting. Looking into her multi colored eyes, his curiosity is piqued as he wonders why this she wolf wanted to be with him when no others that he knew or met did and Temo agrees to travel with her.


Quiet and reserved until he gets to know you then more open and friendly. Loyal and will defend to the death. Quick to anger when stressed. A bit of a loner, usually keeping to himself and tends not to ask for help.


Family: Wolfe-Denahlii



Rendall, Falgar?, Ookami[3]


Precise Sizing

  • Lupus: 85 lbs, 31 in
  • Secui: 190 lbs, 38 in
  • Optime: 210 lbs, 70 in

Fur all black showing his British Columbia Wolf father, but in sunlight, faint highlighting can be seen showing that his mother is a German Shepherd. His eyes are dark brown, almost black. He is of average size for a wolf.