Gideon Stormbringer

Gideon Stormbringer

Gideon, by James
Name Meaning"destroyer"
Name OriginHebrew
Date of BirthMarch 16, 2010
Age<1 year
Subspecies50% Canis lupus lycaon
50% Canis lupus occidentalis
Birth placeSolbjorg Valley
Current packNone

'Souls Profile

Previous Packs

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateMay 18, 2010
Joining RankPuppy
Most Recent RankJager

Ichika no Ho-en

Joining dateJuly 1, 2011
Previous RanksPrestige-Ranked Member
SignificanceFounding member


Joining dateJuly 27, 2012
Joining RankFrjáls
SignificancecNPC of Wretch D'Angelo

Gideon Stormbringer is the son of Dreyrugr Stormbringer and Abigail Dawnrunner. He was previously a member of Dahlia de Mai from May 2010 until July 2011, Ichika no Ho-en from July to October 2011, and briefly a NPC member of Vinátta in July 2012. He was previously mates with Nayru.

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  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
    2.   3.2  Adoptive Family
  4.   4.  Appearance

1.  History

  • Dreyrugr is taken prisoner by the Dawnrunners with Kol and he falls for one of the wolves, Azrael's daughter Abigail Dawnrunner.
  • He and Kol get away, Drey comes to Souls, then comes back home.
  • He and Abigail get together, one night, forbidden romance deal.
  • Abi tries to get over to the Stormbringers to tell them that she is pregnant, but her mother Zia sees her and warns her.
  • Pups are born, she tries to go back again, and Zia sees her. She tells Azrael about it.
  • He banishes her, believes that she's against her own family and is trying to help the Stormbringers.
  • Abigail's mother Zia, already a huge snitch, believes in what Azrael is doing and disowns her daughter, and, in a rage, follows her and the pups as they leave the lands, intent on killing the pups (because they are part Stormbringer)
  • They reach the Halcyon Mountains and Zia catches up, she attempts to kill Gideon, grabbing him in her claws and trying to choke him, rips one of his ears and tears up his throat and back of his neck.
  • Abigail gets Gideon away from Zia and fights her, injuring Zia badly but not killing her. Zia gets in one final move, ripping Abigail's throat out, she bleeds to death
  • The pups don't understand and crowd their mother. Three wander away and try to go back home (Shiloh, Ascher, and Saul) , but Gideon refuse to leave her body for days.
  • He eventually gives up on staying there, hungry and confused, and wanders through 'Souls until reaching Dahlia. He is also covered in blood o.o his own and his mother's.

2.  Personality

Very calm and thoughtful. As he has grown he has become less afraid of things, instead choosing to observe them to find out if they are dangerous. He is protective and doesn't like to fight unless it is to protect someone/something.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Adoptive Family

4.  Appearance

Gideon, by James

Gideon is a mixture of grays and blacks. His fur appears black at times, in certain lights, but the very tips of the fur has silver on it. He has a bit of a marbled appearance. His nose is black. His eyes are a dark turquoise color. He is large, as pups go, and has very large paws and a long tail. He is 50% Eastern Timberwolf and 50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf