Charm Sawtooth

Charm Sawtooth (née Cassiopeia Charm Sawtooth) is the daughter of Summer and Noah Sawtoothson. She has one biological child, Isolde Sawtooth. She was a member of Crimson Dreams from July until October 2011, and was briefly a part of Ichika No Ho-en. She is currently a member of Anathema, where she is mated to Aeron Ganesa, Venom Trombetta and Panda Behr.

Charm fell ill in April 2017, and eventually died from her symptoms.

Charm Sawtooth

Charm, by Requiem

Name Originnamed for her paternal aunt
Date of BirthNovember 21, 2005
Subspecies50% Common Gray Wolf
50% Arctic Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeChimera
Current packAnathema

Forum ProfileArchive Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateMarch 2012[1]
Most Recent RankZephon

Previous Pack

Ichika No Ho-en

Joining dateFebruary 7, 2012[2]
Previous Ranks

Crimson Dreams

Joining dateJuly 22, 2011[3]
Previous RanksPlebeian, Veles, Eques


Joining dateNovember 21, 2005
Previous RankPuppy
SignificanceBirthpack; member

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1.  Appearance

Template by Despi
Colored by Katie

Taking after the arctic wolf bloodlines in her family genes, Charm is a very small lady. Charm’s main color is Baby Powder (#FEFEFA) white, with an over the color of Ochre (#CC7722), then finally the third color in the lady’s odd patterned coat is random splotches of Jet (#343434) black that are all over her body ( Note: I have never really defined where the marks are at, nor probably never will) As if her pelt that mocked that of a calico cat, was not enough to make her stand out, she was blessed with a very odd but beautiful hue of purple eyes ( Lilac (#C8A2C8) )

Charm has one major modification done to her body. The mark the Aeron’s blade left on her shoulder was covered up with a scarification tattoo of an infinity heart to cover up in the womb. This was meant to show that Charm was going to be okay with the idea of being in an open Polyamory relationship with Aeron. It still lacks any color other then her natural skin tone, of pink.

2.  Personality

Charm is a tack: sharp, small, and to the point. Since she was raised by a mute Aunt, she learned to use ASL while speaking. She also grew up learning about physical manners to teach the younger member of the pack about respect. She has strong convictions about not making animals suffer, which often makes her uncomfortable in Anathema with their ritual sacrifices. She flirts with men to get her way, but is easily intimidated by violent or dominant displays, and is fairly submissive in general. She strongly prefers women as far as romance goes, and tends to love deeply and passionately when she falls for someone, such as Aeron Ganesa.

3.  Family: Sawtooth

4.  History

Charm was born with her brother to her mother Summer in Bleeding Souls, early in life she learned that she only had her-self to blame for any trouble that came her way, and the only one to protect her was her-self. After her father found her trying to nurse off her dead mother's body she was ushered back up north to a family pack to live with her Aunt Charm and her lover Rollin. While there she found out many things about her-self. After feeling like she was ready to find her other family she took off with the love from her Aunt and her mate.

She came to Crimson Dreams and soon met Soran Aatte, falling head over heels for the older woman. She was eager to propose mateship and live the lesbian lifestyle she had been hiding from her Aunt Charm, but it was not meant to be; Soran spurned her in favor of an old flame, Deuce Rhiannon. Charm kindled an affair with a younger coyote, Aeron Ganesa, but grew tired of knowing Aeron too had a mate and could not fully return her affections, no matter what the Infernian said. Sick at heart, Charm abandoned her hopes at happiness and returned to her Aunt.

While living there, her Aunt pressured her into taking a male as her mate and starting a family. Charm had always despised pups, but was too depressed to continue fighting against what she came to see as inevitable. She was betrothed to a younger man named Riagan, and soon grew heavy with his children. Feeling trapped and desperate as her pregnancy progressed, she convinces him to travel with her back to 'Souls, where they join Ichika No Ho-en to have a safe haven for her childbirth.

Riagan, however, begins to show darker and more possessive tendencies as the due date nears, going so far as to hurt Charm when she went to see Aeron.[4] When Charm finally goes into labor, it is a difficult process for the small wolf, and most of the pups emerge stillborn. Riagan flies into a jealous rage and attacks the surviving pups, tearing them apart in front of the grieving mother. Charm is devastated and terrified, and flees into Aeron's arms. Aeron and Riagan clash, despite Charm's protests and her attempts to stop the violence. Charm herself is stabbed trying to protect her lawful husband, but Aeron guts him and saves her life, taking her to Anathema to recuperate.[5]

Charm vows not to engage in any physical relationships at that point, so traumatized by the deaths of her infants that she will not entertain the idea of ever being a mother. Anathema's dark culture disturbs her, the blood and ritual sacrifices a constant reminder of her loss. (Lillith Trombetta-Behr in particular struck a nerve with Charm by killing a wolf cub as her coming-of-age sacrifice.) However, she is finally Aeron's mate, and her love for the golden coyote begins to outweigh all of the negative aspects of her life there. She even begins to show a dominant streak, capturing a house slave (none other than Deuce Rhiannon, Soran's mate) -- although she soon shows kindness to Deuce and accepts her as a friend, revealing that she is still good at heart.

When Aeron proposes they both get pregnant together by means of a sperm donor from Inferni, she decides to go for it. She has to deal with another monumental change at the same time, though: Panda Behr and Venom Trombetta joining their household and forming a polyamorous mateship between the four of them. Charm is insecure and jealous now that she has to share Aeron, but admits to her attraction to Panda and takes advantage of the unconventional relationship. Late in December 2012 she goes into labor, birthing a single puppy: Isolde Sawtooth.

5.  Gallery

Charm by Nat

Charm by Requiem

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Charm by Marie

Charm, Aeron, Panda, by Marie

Charm and Isolde ACEO by Miyu