Noah Sawtoothson

Character Name

SubspeciesGrey wolf (100% Canis lupus)
Birth placeSawtooth

Bleeding Souls Profile

Previous Pack


Co-RankBaird, Cook


Joining DateSeptember 4, 2004[1]



Snowy Wolf Valley

SignificanceMember, birthpack

Noah Sawtoothson was a member of Chimera, though he was exiled from the pack after attempting to murder Ahren de le Poer. He later joined Aremys, where he served as a Baird and Cook. He had one son with fellow packmate Summer, a boy named Lucifer Sawtooth.


Noah's father left his mother when he was still young.[2] The Alpha of the Sawtooths took Noah, his mother and his brother in and cared for them. The Sawtooth pack was a pack comprised mainly of non-luperci. Noah had a pleasant, peaceful and carefree childhood.


  • Daredevil or cautious: Cautious with random bouts of daredevilism
  • Do they act the same alone as when with someone: No
  • Habits: Digging and chewing
  • Greatest Strength: Honesty, loyalty, attentiveness, tracking, and physical
  • Greatest Weakness: Agility, speed, socially awkward, and very trusting
  • Soft spot: Tails (he likes tails) and family
  • Is their soft spot obvious, why/why not: No, it is not a visible thing
  • If not, how do they hide it: Acting gruffly, appearing unemotional and dry
  • Biggest Vulnerability: His throat because he is taller and it is easier to grab hold of by anyone shorter than him

Skills and Talents



Stealth, agility, howling, and socializing


  • Optimist or pessimist: Depends on his mood
  • Why: He tries to see the good in everything but is too hard on himself
  • Introvert or extrovert: Definitely an introvert
  • Why: He hates social situations because he has very poor social skills and feels awkward and out of place around other wolves.
  • Drives and motives: Noah just wants to be happy and know that those around him are safe.
  • Good characteristics: He’s a gentle giant and has strong morals
  • Character flaws: To hard on himself, Unsure of himself, and tends to isolate himself
  • Peculiarities: In reality he is a strong fighter and will stand up for what he believes in. Though he does not realize it, he’s actually good with pups. Noah wants to be around other wolves no matter how much he tries to isolate himself.
  • Biggest regret: Not telling Nova sooner that he loved her
  • Minor regrets: Fighting with his adoptive father and never being close to his now dead brother
  • Biggest accomplishment: Playing a pivotal role in protecting his pack from invasion
  • Minor accomplishments: Growing up to prove runts are of worth, and becoming the big brother his little sister needed when their father died
  • Darkest secret: When he killed to defend his family, he enjoyed it.
  • Does anyone know: No


  • One word they would use to describe themselves: Clumsy
  • What do they consider their best physical characteristic and why: His nose since it is his strongest sense.
  • The worst one & why: His size since it makes him noticeable, slow, and awkward.
  • Are they realistic assessments: Yes
  • How they think others preserve them: Big, stupid, clumsy, and slow
  • What four things would they most like to change about themselves: Average size, Quicker whit, More confident, Better provider
  • Why: He hates the stereotype of his size. A quicker whit would make social situations easier. Confidence is something he fells he lacks. Noah wants to be able to take care of those he cares about.



  • Parents - Rogue and Prehi
    • Adoptive Father - Kamots
    • Adoptive Aunt - Zieth
  • Siblings - Charm , Tobias , Pethak
  • Half-Siblings - Lled-Zoa
    • Nieces and Nephews (Charm's litter) - Ruth , Val , and Wrath
  • Children with Summer - Lucifer Sawtooth, Charm Sawtooth

Past Love Interests

Nova was his friend since they were pups and eventually they fell in love. When she left the pack, it was like his world was destroyed.


  • Weight: 132.5 lb Height: 37" Length: 7.3 ft

Noah has dark brown eyes and a coarse, grey and white coat of medium length. He has a square body size, and is very large. Although he is healthy, when he first joined Chimera, he did not appear healthy due to lack of proper food and water.

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