Deuce Rhiannon

Deuce Rhiannon

Deuce, by Lin
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Name OriginEnglish, Welsh
Date of BirthMarch 21, 2003
Age>10 years
Birth placeLight Paw tribe
Current packNone

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Joining dateOctober 2, 2012
'RankRonwe (Elder)
Previous RankSut

New Dawn

Joining dateJanuary 1, 2012
Previous RankSubordinate
SignificanceFounding member

Dahlia de Mai

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Phoenix Valley

Joining dateJuly 19, 2008
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Twilight Vale

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Joining dateJuly 17, 2005[1]

Deuce Rhiannon is the matriarch of the Rhiannon bloodline and rightfully so, because she's been everywhere and done everyone. :I She was a notable member of Syemv, Aremys and Jaded Shadows. After the fire that destroyed Bleeding Souls, she was a founding member of Twilight Vale before its disband and later helped found Phoenix Valley with Hel and Iskata Sadira. She spent some time in Dahlia de Mai before disappearing. She recently returned in December 2011 to help in the founding of New Dawn.

Deuce was involved in many tumultuous love affairs: The first was with Thanos Niire, to whom she bore Dierdre Rhiannon; the second with Lucifer Sawtooth, with whom she had two children, Taliesin and Noah; and finally with Haku Soul, with whom she had Willow and Ash. She was also the adoptive mother of both Jazper Rhiannon and Colibri Haki. IT'S GOT TO BE LIKE A HOT DOG DOWN A HALLWAY AT THIS POINT.


Early Life

Born to a tribe far to the north, the Lightpaw tribe. Her mother was father were the gammas for the tribe. Her father 'died' shortly after conception, protecting her mother from a bear. Her mother, sick with grief, lived long enough to bear her three pups; Deuce, her brother Bran, and their sister, Branwen. The three were adopted by the pack's baird, Taliesin, who cared for them as if they were his own.

Disaster struck in their fourth month of life. Bran contracted a strange illness and died, slowly starving to death, in spite of the tribe's efforts to save him. true to the legend she was named for, Branwen soon followed her beloved brother into death. Deuce was devastated by the loss of her siblings, but not destroyed. the most obvious effect on her growing self was an extremely premature maturity. Instead of playing and romping about as most pups did at her age, she began to spend more time with Taliesin, learning the old tales her brought with him from Ireland.

Bleeding Souls History

Things went smoothly until her first birthday. On her first birthday, the tribe's leader, under the guidance of their omen reader, decided that her unblemished white fur and bi-colored eyes were an ill omen, and that if she remained, she'd invite the wrath of the evil spirits. Her choice was, stay and be sacrificed to the spirits for the good of the tribe, or leave. She chose to live. She wandered for many months, until she accidentally found herself on the borders of the Syemv lands, where she met and was accepted into the Syemv pack by Thorn and his brother, Rurik.

She's done much wandering. In her wanders she met Thanos Niire, and wound up having hot passionate monkey sex with him. He left after she fell asleep. And he got her pregnant though she didn't know it.

On February 14th, she delivered three pups with the help of another Syemv wolfess, Soran Aatte. The first, Baelyn, was a male stillborn. The second, a female she named Maelyn, was also stillborn. The third, Deidre, was alive and well. Phasma Kiles came to congratulate her. Thanos even stopped in for a visit, though he quickly left when her first reaction was anger.

Once Dierdre's eyes opened, Deuce took her to Jaded Shadows, so Thanos could meet his daughter, and maybe even become a family. Much happened to the two, most notably, Dierdre's growing up and realizing that what she really wanted was a mother and father, not the fey, Soran, whom Deuce had come to love, though the two had been bitter enemies at first. After three suicide attempts, the pale fey succeeded in her efforts to end her life; however, the Goddess she was named after chose to take pity on her and spare her, giving her a second chance at life. That was the night she and Soran became official mates.

Shortly thereafter, Dierdre ran away. Akumu Rouyaken found Deuce's journal that contained all her history, including her suicide attempts. She made Deuce leave the pack. Leaving a note, Deuce left Bleeding Souls territory completely. Within a week, she'd ran into Thanos. With a heavy heart, she soon left him, venturing further away.

One day, while bathing in her natural wolven form, Deuce was attacked by a rogue wolf. She fought fiercely, but was overwhelmed by the male's superior strength. He pushed her into the swiftest part of the river, which swept her rapidly downstream. She struggled, but when her head met a rather hard rock jutting out of the river, she lost consciousness.

Luckily for her, a dark pelted male by the name of Eric saw her hit the rock, and quickly rescued her. Though he tried his hardest to quickly warm her, fever and chills set in quickly. She was violently ill for weeks. Soon she was slipping away from life. Eric was a telepath, so he joined his mind with hers, and used his strong will to keep her clinging to life. When she awoke, she had no recollection of her past. Not her name, history, or anything.

Eric, for need of something to call this pallid angel, gave her the name of Leilani, which in Hawaiian means heavenly angel. Within a month, the two were mates, and inseparable. One day, while on a stroll, a dark femme, Soran, entered their lives. Or in 'Leilani's' case, re-entered. She threw the pale femme into a state of confusion, trying to inform her of her true name, and her past.

Within a few weeks of that incident, the couple traveled back to the Souls lands, to try and help Leilani regain her memory. Within a short time of being back in Soul's, the couple met Phasma, the alphess of Syemv. She was invited back into Syemv. Shortly thereafter, she again met Soran, who gave her the note she'd once wrote her, and her journal, along with a picture the femme had drawn of Thanos and Dierdre.

Things were fairly uneventful, until Syemv and Chimera merged into a new pack called Aremys. On January 1st, Deuce and Eric got into a rather nasty fight that eventually led to his accidental death by Deuce's hands.

Shortly thereafter, Aremys disbanded, and Deuce followed Physe Revlis to Storm.

On March 1st, she had another litter of pups--all but two died. A few hours later, the smaller male, Killane died. Shadow Erikson lived, and grew.

Deuce met Lucifer Sawtooth time and time again, and slowly began to develop feelings for him. Those feelings blossomed into love. Within a few months, Shadow had Lucifer's name, and Deuce had his heart, and called him her mate. She moved to Clouded Tears to be with him, because he'd raped Dierdre, and couldn't be in Storm.

Around this same time, Shadow began to randomly disappear for weeks at a time. (oocly, his players kept poofing) On Samhain, Deuce and Lucifer got into a huge fight, and Lucifer left for Jaded Shadows. Within a month, Deuce had followed her mate to a new pack, even though Lucifer wasn't speaking to poor Deuce.

One night, Lucifer found her in her den, drinking. They both got drunk, and random drunk sex occurred. Almost a month Later, Deuce discovered she was pregnant. She was beginning to have a growing obsession with the knife she used to kill Erik. She wandered to Inferni one day and discovered Shadow's mangled, torn, decimated, urinated-on body. She snapped and carried him to her den in the human city, where she proceeded to miscarry the pups she was pregnant with.

'Souls History

She became pregnant again, this time just weeks after again venturing to Inferni and retrieving the knife she was so obsessed with. On her birthday, she delivered two healthy male pups. Two weeks later, on April 1st, a fire claimed the Bleeding Souls lands. Deuce fled with Noah and Taliesin, joined by Lucifer. Once free of the fire, they discovered that Dierdre was missing, but that she'd delivered two boy pups as well. Naniko D'Angelo and Conri Church proceeded to form a pack called Twilight Vale.

Lucifer and Deuce joined Twilight Vale. One day, Lucifer was bit by a rattlesnake. While delirious, he called Deuce by both his mother' name, and by the name Colibri. This was how Deuce discovered he'd been unfaithful.

To get back at him, she seduced Jasper de le Poer, although everyone else called it rape. It's not her fault he wussed out and couldn't finish. She also allowed Haku Soul to give her consensual/non-consensual sex. A few days later Ahren de le Poer, Jasper's father, came to Twilight Vale and beat the snot out of Deuce. Within a few days she had been banished from the pack, and had also dissolved her mateship with Lucifer.

She went to stay in a cottage she'd found in Ethereal Eclipse, until she and Iskata Sadira came up with the idea of forming their own pack. They formed it on the edges of Halifax and in part of the Quartz Shoreline, called Phoenix Valley. Things went quite well until December 2008 when Iskata was found on the pack's borders, her body mangled and torn. Iskata named a hybrid named Jefferson Soul her successor, who later allowed Iskata's son DaVinci 'Daite Nasphrite a higher rank in the pack. Since Deuce had only grudgingly allowed Jefferson into the pack in the first place due to his dual-blood, she soon packed up her newest daughter, Willow Soul, the offspring of herself and Haku, and Taliesin, who had followed her, went back to her cabin.

Within a month winter had fallen heavily, and Haku soon came to acknowledge his illegitimate daughter. He demanded that they come to live with him in his pack of which he was the equivalent of a beta. She was subject to a lot of scorn from the pack, but she heldf her head up high. She met Haku's oldest daughter, Colibri, and soon adopted her as her own daughter. Their happiness was not to last, as Deuce soon became afraid of firefly and her ideas of vengeance for her 'public humiliation'. When her son Noah came to visit, she begged him to take Willow with. He agreed, and Tal followed.

Within a month she'd left the lands to attempt to find her children.

Return to 'Souls

Deuce returned to 'Souls in 2011. She assisted in the founding of New Dawn on January 1, 2012, rekindling her mateship with Soran. She was kidnapped and enslaved by Charm in late 2013 and taken to Anathema, where she eventually vanished in early 2014.


Deuce's personality tends to shift with her mood and who she's around. Lately she tends to be more cold and unforgiving, although when she gets drunk she's pretty fun to be around.



Her birth family is all dead. Her adopted father is also dead. Her adopted sister will soon be dead.

Her only surviving daughter from her first litter is missing. Her second litter is all dead. Her third litter is alive, somewhere. Taliesin is a momma's boy. Deuce doesn't know her son noah too well. And she hardly knows her grandchildren either. And she adores her adopted son, Jazper.

For more information, please see the Rhiannon family.


Man, Deuce is lame.



Previous Lovers


All coyotes and half breeds, especially Ahren and Hybrid.


  • Healing
  • reading
  • boat building
  • drinking
  • sex


Deuce stands about three foot tall, with a pristine white coat. She has no unusal markings, except her eyes. Her left eye is a golden color, her right eye is an unusual shade of blue usually named as cerulean. She is extremely lithe and graceful. She has two thin bands of black on either "wrist" where her scars were healed. She wears a necklace with hemitite and a silver pentagram. She wears two silver studs in either ear. In a fight with Ahren, she lost the tip of her left ear, and gained a scar across her right eye.

In her shifted form she has a long white blonde mane and stands about six foot tall.

Luperci Forms


It's very rare anymore for Deuce to be seen in this form.


I've only written one post with Deuce in the halfling form. And she shifted in the second post to her Optime form.


Ninety nine percent of the time Deuce can be found in this form. Undressed, but wearing a pack in which she carries all her nessacary tools. Herbs, cloths, a canteen of water, a bottle or six of booze, and paper and pencil.