Isolde Sawtooth

Isolde "Zoey" Sawtooth is the biological daughter of Charm Sawtooth and Helotes Lykoi, and was born in Anathema late December of 2012. She was ranked in Anathema as a diplomat tier member with a specialization in thievery and witchcraft. She is the birth mother of Marceline Sawtooth and Evangeline Lykoi, sired through her now-defunct mateship with Kentaro Lykoi.

Her already-unstable mental health declined dramatically after she was rejected from her incestuous mateship with Kentaro, and Isolde began an ill-fated affair with Toshiro Ganesa while plotting to overthrow those who betrayed her. She kidnapped and tortured Domovoi Tarasova to invoke the ire of his daughter and Kentaro's mate Amorette Aston, but it backfired. Not only was Isolde killed by the Tarasovans, she dragged Toshiro to his demise as well.[M]

Isolde Sawtooth

by Sky



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Date of Birth

23 December 2012

Date of Death

31 March 2016




i-ZOL-də saw-tooth


Birth place



Wolf-dominant hybrid

59.375% Canis lupus (Wolf)
25% Canis latrans (Coyote)
9.375% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog)
6.25% Canis rufus rufus (Red Wolf)


34.375% Common Gray Wolf
25% Arctic Wolf
25% Northeastern Coyote
9.375% Dog
~ German Shepherd Dog
~ Irish Wolfhound
~ Pharaoh Hound
~ Siberian Husky
6.25% Red wolf




Pack Anathema
Mate(s) Kentaro & Amorette & Kohaku
Rank Andras Clepta


Anathema (Dec 2012 - current)
Adze, Befana, Zepar, Iblis, Andras


Artwork by Marie!


  • Optime Hair: Pampas White (#EAE5E0)
  • Eyes: Lilac (#D2ACD0), matching her mother.
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Soya Bean Grey (#635B4E).
    • Lighter Pampas White (#EAE5E0) on underside, tail, facial markings.
    • Bull Shot Brown (#8A5120) and Coal Black (#0D0B09) patches, forming the asymmetrical calico pattern her mother was known for.
  • Paw Pads: Calico Pink (#DFB193).

Zoey is a hybrid of many things, but her wolf blood reigns dominant - ironically, this guaranteed that her coyote brothers outgrew her, since her mother is a very small wolf. She often appears younger than she actually is, thanks to her pixie proportions. Her mixed heritage does lend her some visible traits, however -- namely medium-tall ears, a skinny tail, and a long lean muzzle, more tapered and sloping than most canines. Her baby fangs are often visible poking from beneath her lips, and she may have a slight overbite. Her 5'5" Optime figure is thin and leggy, with underdeveloped curves. She often wears bone jewelry and hair ribbons.

Her soft fur is predominantly grey, a familiar shade for both the Sawtooth and Lykoi families. She has a black muzzle blaze and ear tips, offset with white pips over her eyes and white streaks beneath them -- one of the few traits that ties her directly to her biological father, Helotes. Otherwise, her markings strongly resemble her mother, Charm -- calico patches of black, brown, and white are daubed liberally along her pelt. She also has her mother's eyes, a lovely shade of lilac purple. Her pawpads are pink.





35 lbs (16 kg)
22 in (56 cm)

110 lbs (50 kg)
30 in (76 cm)

135 lbs (61 kg)
5ft 5in (65 in) (165.1 cm)

Petite and thin-coated, she is all legs and snout. Her tail is long and skinny, and her ears are large, making her coywolf heritage obvious.

Does not remain in this form; it is gangly and awkward, and makes her too self-conscious. Her fur becomes very spiky, with a lot more white.

Her Optime figure is thin and leggy, with underdeveloped curves. Ties her hair back with ribbons, and wears a jacket and skirt.



  • Piercings: left ear
  • Tattoos: none
  • Scars: none


  • violet hair ribbons, usually five at once
  • dangling weasel skull earring, handmade for ceremony.
  • painted deer bone bracelet, made by Toshiro.
  • ruby necklace, gifted by Kentaro.[1]
  • torn red scarf, gifted by Kentaro


  • Casual attire: violet wrap skirt and vest/jacket, made by Catrin.[2]
  • Formal attire: crow feather capelet with ruffle/ribbons, made by Leticia.[3]



Clingy Jealous Girl . Yandere . Too Kinky To Torture . Attention Whore . Bitch in Sheep's Clothing

Best described as a histrionic personality including hypomanic features. Isolde is usually chatty and bubbly, and is clever and observant underneath her talkative exterior. She is a thrill-seeker who is easily bored by routine and has low tolerance for delayed gratification. She can also be flighty, her moods and loyalties changing without warning. She is a bit irresponsible and juvenile, and not particularly ambitious. She is likely to blackmail or lie, though she does not want to get her hands dirty and dislikes physical activity. She rarely experiences fear for long, as it quickly translates to excitement and sometimes inappropriate flirting. She needs to be the center of attention, and as she matures this may lead her to polygamy like it did her parents (or simply an unwillingness to commit to romantic partners). She harbors a strong attraction toward her brothers in particular, since she cannot seem to distinguish platonic love from romantic.

Isolde craves companionship and will actively seek it anywhere, growing possessive and needy once someone fills that niche. She hates being alone, enough that she would rather spend time with someone she despises than be all by herself. Growing up, she was always surrounded by family: her birth mother, her step-mothers and step-father, her two coyote brothers, etc. It became a state of normalcy for her, and eventually the absence of such love makes her insecure and vulnerable. As she grows into adulthood, she has found a substitute in her crows, and even calls them her "babies". She is definitely spoiled by the luxury she was born into, and can be manipulative if she is threatened out of her comfort zone. Her compulsion to lie for attention falls under this category.

Isolde feels entitled thanks to her family's status, and usually believes she can get away with anything. Her vindictive nature is still doled out with a cheerful smile and a giggle. She believes it is her right to punish anyone who wrongs her in the slightest, but hypocritically she is always right and does not deserve any ill consequences. Anathema practices slavery, so from birth Isolde was immersed in a culture of superiority and dominance over lesser beings. She has a skewed concept of possessiveness and supremacy. This stems from her understanding of her mother Charm imprisoning Deuce as their house slave, for the "crime" of stealing Charm's former love interest. Isolde thinks that was the right thing to do, and she would do the same if anyone stood in her way or cheated on her. She fails to empathize with the feelings of others, making all of her decisions based on how they benefit her alone.



  • Generally optimistic that events will work in her favor.
  • Extroverted, as she craves attention and is very chatty.
  • Dominant internally, but often pretends to be shy or helpless so that others will handle any hard work.


  • Fears: Being alone, rejection, losing her beauty.
  • Motivations: She just wants to be loved! >:D
  • Traits: Needy, possessive, jealous, irresponsible, spoiled, manipulative, self-centered, vindictive.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
    • "Will keep her word only if it is profitable."
    • "Will take risks if the benefits are great."
    • "Is not trusted by the community and may have enemies."
    • "Values her family, but will not heed their requests necessarily."
    • "Will betray family members for personal gain."



  • being cute. :>
  • chasing thrills/avoiding boredom
  • jewelry making & bone carving
  • spy diplomacy rank path
  • petty thievery
  • birds, esp. corvids
  • witchcraft, esp. curses


  • Species: None, as she is a hybrid of everything, as are her family members.
  • Non-Luperci: Looks down on them, as though they are less-evolved than Luperci.
  • Gender: Surrounded by strong women, Isolde tends to think females are smarter and more successful than males. She flirts with males to get her way, and believes them all to be susceptible to her charms.
  • Color: None. She thinks her patchwork colors are the prettiest, though.
  • Sexuality: Everything is acceptable in Anathema! Her parents are polygamous and she loves them for it.
  • Age: Intensely loves puppies and wants to steal them for herself. Otherwise unbiased.


Hard to pin down, Isolde seems to revel in any kind of dangerous attention, male or female -- whether that is physical danger such as being threatened, or the danger of being caught and getting in trouble. (Since she also cannot distinguish between platonic and romantic love, Isolde is strongly attracted to her brothers and secretly wants to seduce them all.)


Has yet to show any interest in drugs or alcohol. Is aware of perception-altering drugs used for spiritual purposes, but hasn't tried them personally.


Loose beliefs in Anatheman "dark gods" and animism, growing knowledge of witchcraft. Believes curses and hexes are very real and is learning how to use them herself. As her pack begins implementing more Wiccan practices, Isolde fancies herself a novice witch. Animal sacrifice during pack rituals is a part of life to her, although she finds it distasteful and messy and would rather not bother.


Key Relations

  • Kentaro Lykoi: Her "true" mate and essentially her littermate, although she could never keep up with Kent's ambition. She is jealous of the attention he gets as leader and resents those he favors over her. Idolizes him to the point of romantic obsession.
  • Amorette Aston: Originally seen as a usurper for Kentaro's affection, Isolde has since developed a complicated relationship with the former AniWayan, and her mate Kohaku.
  • Charm Sawtooth: Her biological mother. She is most clingy and loyal to this parent because she can always get what she wants from Charm, and they have similar personalities. Gets jealous when Charm is busy, though.
  • Aeron Ganesa: Her other mother, the disciplinarian. She avoided Aeron's lessons when she was younger, but now has more interest seeing that they might have more in common. She can be intimidated by Aeron, and sucks up for approval.
  • Toshiro Ganesa: Essentially her littermate, Toshi is her special protector and the brother who sees her as truly innocent. She's very attached and even possessive of him. Tends to be handsy around him, lots of hugs, etc.

Family: Sawtooth, Lykoi, and Damaichu

Minor Relations

  • Domovoi: Stranger she tried to rob and seduce; he gave her a massive beating in retribution. She hexed him.
  • Lyserg: Medic; they share an odd friendship predicated on catty insults. Assumes he's gay.
  • Malefica, Mortifera: Witches teaching her the dark side of magic. Likes their enthusiasm.
  • Bridget: Distant cousin, blossoming friendship. They share a fascination with crows.
  • Axelle: Leader and packmate. Likes her because she was willing to play.
  • Nero: Friend who took her exploring in the caves. Gets along well with his cheerfulness.
  • Pride: Stepsister. Finds her seriousness boring, but still wants to learn diplomat and crow things from her.

Former Relations

  • Helotes Lykoi: Her biological father via sperm donor. She wanted to get to know him, but he was kidnapped by bandits in the summer of 2013 before she was old enough to visit.
  • Catrin Ganesa: Step-aunt via Aeron. Once liked to hang out with her and talk about clothes; renounced all ties when Catrin betrayed the pack and was executed.
  • Sixx: Family servant that she has an embarrassingly huge crush on. Flirted with relentlessly, until he was banished for conspiracy.
  • Panda Behr: Her stepmother, once the "fun" parent but now animosity has grown between them. Isolde briefly wanted to emulate Panda, but found her own path in Kentaro's shadow.


  • Scent:
    • Anathema scent -- iron, must, earth, salt, crow, coyote.
    • Her mates, particularly Kentaro Lykoi.
    • Personal perfume of lilac flower, vanilla oil, cinnamon spice.
  • Speech:
    • Always high-pitched, occasionally whiny or wheedling in timbre. (Voice Claim: Judy Greer)
    • Has adopted "Valley Girl"[4] affectations, including overuse of filler words such as "like" and "totally", and the high rising terminal that makes her statements sound like questions.
    • Sugary-sweet flirty tone when she wants something.
    • She used to mispronounce her name as "ee-zoe-whee" which is where her nickname "Zoey" originated.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.:
    • Easily excited, and has a tendency to giggle uncontrollably.
    • Talks with her hands to exaggerate.
    • Occasionally lies just to see if she can get away with it.
  • General Posture and Body Language:
    • Confident and self-assured, often flirty body language.
    • May feign shyness or helplessness to her advantage.
    • Rarely displays (or experiences) true fear, even when threatened.
    • Difficult to discern when she is lying.


Isolde Sawtooth is the daughter of Charm Sawtooth and Helotes Lykoi, and was born in Anathema late December of 2012. Her birth was part of an arrangement between Helotes, Charm, and Charm's female mate Aeron Ganesa, so that the same-sex couple could both bear litters and raise them together. During the pregnancy, Aeron and Charm expand their mateship to include Panda Behr and Venom Trombetta, and these are the four polyamorous parents that Isolde grows up with. She was born two days after Aeron's sons Kentaro and Toshiro, so the trio are raised together as milk-siblings and littermates. Her childhood is easy thanks to her family's privileged status, and she is well-protected and spoiled.

She undergoes her first shift during the summer, and realizes that she will soon have to choose a career path and has done nothing to prepare herself. Isolde tries her hand at a variety of tasks and develops an interest in Anathema's crows, but is otherwise stumped as to what her future should hold. Aeron decides to give her a crow of her own to encourage her to follow the diplomat path. Her coming-of-age ceremony requires an animal sacrifice, and Isolde offers a weasel, to which Aeron prophesies: " hold the ability of stealth. That you hold a brilliant and cunning mind, you see things in ways others do not. I pray no one crosses you." She then moves into the Iblis rank, officially joining the adult ranks.

Viper is born to Aeron and Venom, giving Isolde a baby brother to fawn over. The birth is difficult and leaves Aeron too weak for Isolde's training, so she seeks instruction from Panda, Pride, and Bridget. Meanwhile puppies Pythius and Enya are adopted into her family. Feeling vaguely neglected, Isolde makes an attempt to seek out her biological father, but learns that he is absent from Inferni. Panda distracts her by taking her on a trip to The Outpost, and they return with a servant named Sixx that Isolde develops her first crush on. She is however disappointed when she returns home and finds Kentaro moved out into his own house.

Searching for excitement on her own, Isolde attempts to rob a loner, but she is caught and brutally beaten into unconsciousness. She limps home only to learn that Viper and Pythius were kidnapped and presumed dead, and Sixx was left in critical condition with no memory of the perpetrator. Seeking a distraction, Isolde begins learning dark witchcraft and performs a curse toward the loner who assaulted her. Her vindictive tendencies find an outlet, and she makes plans to move into Cantatrix Valley to spend more time with the witches Malefica and Mortifera. In progress.



  • December: Isolde was born in Anathema to Charm, two days after Aeron's sons Kentaro and Toshiro. The trio are raised together as milk-siblings and littermates.


  • July: Isolde undergoes her first shift to Optime form. Aeron gives her a crow to raise, and Isolde names him Henry. At the end of the month, the Rast ceremony is held for her and her brothers, inducting them into the adult ranks.
  • August: Viper is born to Aeron and Venom, giving Isolde a baby brother. The birth is difficult and leaves Aeron too weak for Isolde's training, so she seeks instruction from Panda, Pride, and Bridget. Meanwhile puppies Pythius and Enya are adopted into her family.
  • September: Isolde travels to Inferni to meet her father. She is disappointed to learn he is missing, and doubly disappointed when she returns home and finds Kentaro moved out into his own house.
  • November: Isolde attempts to rob a loner and is caught and beaten. She limps home and learns that Viper and Pythius are kidnapped and presumed dead. Seeking a distraction, Isolde begins learning dark witchcraft and performs a curse toward the loner who assaulted her.
  • December: Kentaro seeks Isolde's support in a potential coup; she recognizes the opportunity and decides to back him against their mother.


  • February: Kentaro forces Aeron to step down and grant him leadership of Anathema. Isolde basks in the success of the power grab and the newfound attention she gets from her brother. She takes in a servant, Avernus, after learning Ave is the unfortunate sister of the loner she cursed.
  • March: Viper and Pythius miraculously return home. Isolde snoops around and learns her little brothers are plotting to assassinate Kentaro. She weasels her way in, as does Kohaku.
  • April: Kentaro is poisoned by the traitors, but survives. Isolde's loyalty is called into question, and she pledges herself to Kentaro, realizing she would be bored if he actually died. She spies on the coup instead of actively participating, and they are soon banished. Catrin is executed as the ringleader, an act of brutality that Isolde finds darkly attractive.
  • June: Amorette joins Anathema as Kentaro's paramour. Isolde is livid when she finds out about the relationship, as she has desired her brother for too long to be ignored. Once pressed, Kentaro admits he was suppressing his incestuous desires for fear of rejection. The three negotiate a polygamous relationship.
  • September: A fledgling alliance with AniWaya results in celebration, culminating in the mateship ceremony of Isolde, Kentaro, and Amorette. Kohaku willingly joins their relationship later due to his requited feelings for Amorette.
  • November: Anathema leaves behind their mountain home and moves to a castle in the south; Isolde is furious about this transition, and by the fact that she has fallen pregnant. She makes life miserable for everyone around her.


  • January: Marceline Sawtooth and Evangeline Lykoi are born. Pregnancy and labor were difficult for Isolde, who chafed under the restrictions of motherhood. She is quick to pass the responsibilities of raising her daughters onto Amorette, Avernus, and anyone else who will deal with them, so that she can get her freedom back.





  1. We said we'd stand together (8 Apr)
    Anathema, Pack Thread. A feast is held to promote cohesion; Isolde stays close to her mother.
  2. Bring Me Around (2 May)
    Anathema, with Kohaku. She attempts to play with Kohaku, but he strikes her when she steals his food.
  3. Green finch and linnet bird (15 May)
    Anathema, with Toshiro, Kentaro, Axelle. Isolde plays with her brothers and Axelle at the playground.
  4. Paranoia is in bloom (14 Jun)
    Halcyon Mountain, with Miwa. Isolde explores outside of the pack for the first time, and encounters a loner.
  5. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to breathe (23 Jun)
    Anathema, Pack Thread. Isolde participates in her first real hunt, led by Axelle.
  6. Never knowing when you're going, so we go with the flow (15 Jul)
    Anathema, with Charm. Isolde's first shift comes as a surprise, and her mother comforts her.
  7. weak all I want to cover my eyes (24 Jul)
    Anathema. Read Only. Isolde deals with the aftermath of her first shift, and receives an outfit from Aunt Catrin.
  8. If you want to find me (25 Jul)
    Anathema, with Aeron, Pride. Isolde attempts to befriend the crows, and is given one of her own.
  9. down the rabbit hole (26 Jul)
    Anathema, with Nero. Isolde befriends Axelle's brother and they go spelunking.

2013 (cont'd)

  1. This is not the end (28 Jul)
    Anathema, Pack Thread. Rast coming-of-age ceremony for Isolde, Toshiro, Kentaro. She presents a weasel sacrifice.
  2. Careful creepy crawlies. (26 Aug)
    Anathema, with Bridget. Isolde feeds Henry a raccoon carcass, and meets a distant relative obsessed with insects.
  3. Blackbird singing in the dead of night (27 Aug)
    Anathema, with Panda. Isolde attempts to train Henry by herself, and needs help from a crow expert.
  4. Don't push the alarm, I'm already gone (10 Sep)
    Cobequid Foothills?, with Lyserg. Read Only. Isolde goes for a walk with Henry and meets a rude loner, whom she sends on his way.
  5. Don't ring my doorbell 'cause I'm not around (14 Sep)
    Inferni, with Vesper. Isolde visits her father's pack to meet him, but learns he is away on a "journey".
  6. hey you, hey you, devil's little sister (12 Oct)
    Anathema, with Enya. Isolde lazes about the house and gets to know her adopted sister.
  7. I have been genetically predisposed to feel this (15 Oct)
    The Outpost, with Panda, Venom. Isolde goes on a shopping trip! She bonds with her stepmother and they bring servants Yindi and Sixx home with them.
  8. We need to unite (16 Oct)
    Anathema, Pack Thread. The Anathemans are building a wall, and Isolde grudgingly offers her help. She also learns Kent is moving out of the house, and considers following him to Cantatrix Valley.
  9. We're dancing in a world alone (20 Oct)
    Anathema, Pack Thread. The wall construction has begun. Isolde carries water canteens to the workers, flirts with Sixx, and insults Lyserg - a productive day.
  10. [M] Grind me, try me, watch me finish (4 Nov)
    The Dampwoods, with Domovoi. Isolde attempts to steal from a loner's camp, but is chased down and caught. The male beats her in punishment, and she tries unsuccessfully to seduce him. She is knocked unconscious, and wakes alone with her crows.
  11. Cheap, cheap, damn trick, get off the floor (4 Nov)
    Anathema, with Lyserg. Read Only. Isolde limps home after the beatdown and gets Lyserg to stitch her up. She falls asleep in his bed, so he leaves the house to let her rest.
  12. I’ve always been a girl with dark tendencies (10 Nov)
    Anathema, with Lyserg, Malefica, Mortifera. Read Only. Isolde leaves Lyserg's care and explores the Cantatrix Valley to distract herself from the disappearance of her little brothers. The Ved'maova witches convince her to perform a curse with them, aimed at the loner who assaulted her.
  13. In an Unjust World, I Lay Alone (10 Nov)
    Anathema, with Sixx. Isolde visits amnesiac Sixx on his sickbed and tries to forge a closer bond with him.
  14. Evil Rising (2 Dec)
    Anathema, with Kentaro. Kent discusses his plans to oust Aeron from power, and seeks Isolde's allegiance.
  15. Welcome to the Ball (19 Dec)
    Anathema, Pack Thread. AT celebrates their third anniversary as well as the holiday of Yule.


  1. Some girls are sadistic, materialistic (1 Jan)
    AniWaya, with Everly. Isolde makes a diplomatic trip to AW, since they moved closer to Anathema.
  2. The end is where we begin (1 Feb)
    Anathema, Pack Thread. Kentaro announces that he has taken over, and Aeron is now council instead of leader. Isolde curries favor with her brother, despite dissent throughout the gathering. They are warned to avoid Cercatori d'Arte at all costs.
  3. Beneath a crisp indigo sea (9 Feb) *
    Anathema, with Bear. Isolde and her crows socialize with the pack carpenter.
  4. I wanna see you dancing (17 Feb) *
    Cantatrix Valley, with Kentaro. Her brother pays a visit to her new house, and brings housewarming gifts.
  5. Spider legs and pretty bows (~Feb)
    Phosphagos Foothills?, with Avernus. Read Only. Isolde finds the loner she attempted to rob in the fall, and upon realizing her "curse" became real, drags the dog back to the pack as a trophy.
  6. Dawn of the Snake (12 Mar) *
    Anathema, Pack Thread. Viper and Pythius have returned, and undergo their coming-of-age ceremony.
  7. You will never need to recognize yourself (21 Mar) *
    Anathema, with Axelle, Avernus, Kentaro. Isolde visits the communal bird coops and runs into the leaders.
  8. Will we all get what we deserve? (4 Apr) *
    Anathema, with Lucias, Viper, Nero, Kohaku, Vepar. A coup is formed with the intent to overthrow Kentaro; Isolde toys with joining them.
  9. Living on borrowed time (20 Apr) *
    Anathema, with Kentaro, Kohaku. Isolde is called to her poisoned brother's side to reveal her allegiance.
  10. My rule is final (1 May) *
    Anathema, Pack Thread. Kentaro announces the banishment of Lucias, Viper, and Pythius, and the death of Catrin, as a result of the coup.
  11. Apple and Cinnamon (6 Jun) *
    Anathema, Pack Thread. Isolde attends the mateship ceremony for Fenrir and Laurel, headed by Panda.
  12. I got somethin' for you, believe it's sweet (~Jun) *
    Cantatrix Valley, with Amorette. Isolde corners her brother's new paramour to see if she has competition.
  13. Won't you just listen to me (15 Jul) *
    Cantatrix Valley, with Kentaro. Isolde is visited by her brother once he learns that she met Amorette without him. Kentaro admits his feelings for Isolde, much to her delight.
  14. [M] Feeling the flesh make me bad (15 Aug) *
    Cantatrix Valley, with Ave. Isolde convinces her servant to help her practice for once she is betrothed.
  15. Come and dance with me under the moonlight (7 Sept) *
    Thackary Village, with Anathema and AniWaya. At the bonfire, Isolde encounters Domovoi for the first time since her assault last year.
  16. We will forge our own legacy (12 Sept) *
    Anathema, Pack Thread. Isolde, Kentaro, and Amorette officially become mates in a pack ceremony.
  17. Lay my heart bare (12 Sept) *
    Anathema, with Kohaku, Kentaro, Amorette. After the mateship ceremony concludes, Kohaku breaks down and admits he is in love with Amorette. Kentaro decides to expand their mateship to include him, much to Isolde's amusement.
  18. [M] the silence is bliss (17 Sept) *
    Anathema, with Kentaro. Isolde spends a romantic evening outside with her brother.


  1. (NPC) Don't hate the sinner, hate the sin (15 Jan)
    Anathema, with Kentaro. Isolde gives birth to Marceline Sawtooth and Evangeline Lykoi after a long and difficult labor.
  2. [M] I will always land on you like a sucker punch (~Nov)
    Western Tangles, with Domovoi. Isolde's crow Henry is killed; she captures Dom in punishment and promises he will suffer.
  3. So don’t stop, don’t stop until your heart goes numb (2 Dec)
    Anathema, with Evangeline. Isolde catches up with her daughter and learns she is not the only one with a grudge against Amorette.
  4. Time for change (7 Dec)
    Anathema, Pack Thread. Kentaro and Toshiro address changes in AT, but disagree with each other; Isolde delights in seeing her brothers like this.
  5. [M] Filled it up with novocaine and now I'm just numb (6 Jan)
    Western Tangles, with Domovoi. Isolde tests various drugs and poisons on Dom, and enjoys the aftermath of her experiments.
  6. [M] (LASKY) This is a black, black ski mask song (31 Mar)\\

Western Tangles, with Domovoi. The truth behind the months of Isolde's torture — she has used him to conceive a child, which she sacrifices on an altar to curse Amorette.

  1. [M] In the truly gruesome do we trust (31 Mar)
    Western Tangles, with Domovoi, Amorette, Toshiro. The end.

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