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Pack Details

Symbol The Triskele
Colors Malachite (#78A08B)
Black (#000000)
Founded By Taaktuq Piqaluyak & Damian de le Poer
Abbreviation CM
Demonym Chimeran
Founded On 1 January 2004
Defunct On November 2006


Chimera was formed in 2004 following the merger of two other packs dangling on the brink of disaster – Celestial Hollow and Silent Dawn. It was disbanded in 2006.

This pack was located in the Primeval Memories territory of 'Souls. Its territory claim included what at the time was known as The Moaning Wood, and bordered both the Bonefire and neighboring packs Storm and Clouded Tears. Luperci of any type were welcome to join, though Chimera was largely made up of wolves. When the two leaders of Silent Dawn disappeared with no explanation, another pair of opportunistic wolves took control of the territory. Taaktuq Piqaluyak and Damian de le Poer forced the merger of the two packs, uniting them in one massive group and territory. It was, at the time, the largest pack ever to exist in the land.

From the beginning, Chimera was a place shrouded in darkness. Culturally, the pack followed the rule of poetic justice. Namely, affairs were largely handled by individuals and their families. There was a general theme of spirtuality and mystism throughout the pack, with varying degrees of belief. Some members believed themselves to be possessed by demons or capable of speaking to their religious icons. Illicit, addictive substances circulated throughout pack. Violence and depravity were common among its highest-ranking members.

In the months that followed its foundation, the pack's numbers would shrink drastically, culminating with the disappearance of one of it's leaders. Rumors began to spread about the remaining alpha's involvement, with some believing he was responsible for her death. Despite this, Damian would continue to lead for the following year. Chimera was driven largely by the personal connections and choices of its long-term founder, though as Damian grew older signs of his further spiral into madness became more apparent in the months leading up to his death. His neice Mab would hold the position briefly, though the young interum leader soon handed the role over to her cousin, Ahren de le Poer. An infamous figure in the region, his return and bold takeover led to dissention and violence within the pack. In the aftermath of this, Chimera underwent a transformation: it was among one of the first packs to adopt a highly humanized lifestyle, beginning with the keeping of horses and construction of a barn.

Chimera transitioned leaders once more when a large portion of the pack split away and left the region. Those who remained did so under the leadership of Physe Revlis, who struggled in the aftermath of such a loss. He soon made the decision to merge the remaining members of Chimera with its long-term ally, Syemv. The small pack relocated to Hells Coast, and reformed under the name Aremys.


  • Typical: Leaders, fanatics, addicts, villains, hunters, fighters, healers
  • Abnormal: Gentle/sweet/soft, loners, rationalists


Oak, pine, fallen leaves, smoke, horses, leather. Dominantly male, primarily wolf. The abundance and presence of the de le Poer and D'Angelo families was notable.


Often referred to as the “moaning wood,” for the winds that scream through the areas wreck havoc upon the thin boughs of the trees, making them “scream” and creak in agony from the overload of stress. The sky is always visible, since this forest is so thin. The ground is made up of what is usually tundra’s spongy turf, but is littered sparsely with twigs from the trees and random shrubs. The ground is covered in patches of very light grasses, though this doesn’t seem like much it attracts such prey as deer and quail. There are still remnants of the old packs that lived on the lands; the red barn and horse stalls sit in the middle of the territory, the shining paint contrasting against the dullness of the rest of the landscape. A visitor may hear whispers from the creaky trees, the voices of those who lived and died in the lands that were once claimed by the Chimera pack.

Notable Landmarks

  • The Polestar - A glacial boulder located in the heart of the territory, this massive stone was used as a centralized meeting place for the pack.
  • Red Barn - Constructed by the pack in early 2006, this was the first Luperci-built structure in the territory.




Chimera Births by Year


  • All characters listed on a single bullet-point were born to the same litter.
  • Line through name indicates a puppy that was stillborn, or died shortly after birth.


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Foreign Relations

Allied ALLIED | Good GOOD | Neutral NEUTRAL | Poor POOR | Foe FOE

Storm (2004 - 2006) - Good

As neighbors, Storm and Chimera got along well. Damian de le Poer and Stormy Blackwolf and Zero were pretty cool. Later, Physe Revlis was romantic with Gibraltar.

Clouded Tears (2004 - 2006) - Poor

Due to Ahren de le Poer's sexual assault of Aiji Sadira, Chimera and Clouded Tears experienced a fair amount of tension, but this never escalated very far. Though Chimera has roots in Silent Dawn, which was a part of the Dawn-Tears War, Chimera itself did not inherit much of the direct hostility toward Clouded Tears of its predecessor.

Jaded Shadows (2004 - 2006) - Neutral

Jaded Shadows and Chimera entertained a decent relationship at first, thanks to Damian de le Poer's relationship with Salvaged Eternity, but this good relationship came to an end when Sal brutally attacked and sexually assaulted Misery D'Angelo, matriarch of the D'Angelo family and longtime, important member of Chimera. Damian had put up with Sal's rampaging prior to this, but the attack on Misery pushed him over the edge, and Chimera didn't have much contact with the pack after that.

Azathoth (2004 - 2005) - Foe

There were squabbles between Chimera members and Azathoth members at least once, and attacks against its alpha by the cult's leader driven by personal reasons. Damian de le Poer murdered Thavardo and brought about the end of Azathoth's existence.

Inferni (2004 - 2006) - Good

Damian de le Poer was pretty ambivalent toward coyotes, though some of Salvaged Eternity's dislike of coyotes may or may not have rubbed off on him. During Ahren de le Poer's reign, these two packs enjoyed pretty a good relationship, due to his litter of children with Kaena Lykoi. Children from the litter lived in both packs, and though Kaena and Ahren themselves were estranged, the fact that their children resided in both areas pretty much guaranteed good relations between the packs.

Syemv (2004 - 2006) - Neutral

Syemv and Chimera were pretty close; Rurik Russo was a friend to Damian de le Poer and Ahren de le Poer both. Early in Syemv's history, the two packs came together to celebrate.


  • Chimera was the edgiest pack to ever exist.