ColoursMalachite (#78A08B) & Black (#000000)
Founded ByDamian de le Poer, Taaktuq Piqaluyak
Founded OnJanuary 1st, 2004
Defunct OnNovember 2006

Past Leadership

Past LeadersDamian de le Poer, Taaktuq Piqaluyak, Physe Revlis, Mab de le Poer, Ahren de le Poer
Past SubleadersTigra Sunbound, Kennedy, Summer (?)

Pack History

Preceded byCelestial Hollow and Silent Dawn
Succeeded byAremys (merge with Syemv)

Chimera was originally founded by Damian de le Poer and Taaktuq Piqaluyak on January 1st, 2004. It was the result of a merger between Silent Dawn and Celestial Hollow, and for a time, was the largest pack in the area. As members left, including the more active of the two alphas, Chimera turned into a whole different kind of monster.

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1.  History

The history of Chimera is laid in the roots of Silent Dawn and Celestial Hollow. Silent Dawn was one of the original packs of Bleeding Souls, formed by a fiery female named Fireside Ruby Wolf. Some say that she was touched with madness, but others speak highly of her reign. It is hard to say, most who knew her are dead or have vanished from the land. During her time, several wolves would come to know the position of beta and gamma during Ruby's rule, among them a beta named Aisha, and gamma named SoloTree who both vanished soon afterwards. A male named Alorran would also rise in the pack, becoming the co-alpha alongside Ruby for a short time.. A dark male named Bloodblack would become beta male, alongside Aisha. Another male would take his place, Kapugen, in the coming months. Ruby would leave shortly after, leaving Alorran as the alpha. It was during his rule the war between Clouded Tears and Silent Dawn would begin, brought on out of bad blood and an attack on Alorran by a Clouded Tears member. The golden alpha also found love during his life, in the form of the alpha of Jaded Shadows, Mordulin. Their affair would result in offspring, though largely kept secret. Alorran's adopted son Romney, who was not one of the children of the affair, would rise to gamma in Silent Dawn.

Aisha would vanish during the war, as would several members, and not long after, the golden alpha himself would leave. Though his son Romney seemed destined for the rank, he too vanished and his sister, Faye, would take over. With the leader ranks nearly empty, she promoted two males, Nosferatu Traum and Bloodblack, to beta and gamma respectively. Aisha would return in this time, but vanished just as quickly. It would not take long before Faye left and her brother returned, and he would rule for nearly as long as his father had.

Celestial Hollow was formed by Emerald Mist, a beta of Storm at the time. She took two wolves from Clouded Tears--Freak Oriel and Ravyn Stormbringer--to be her betas. The three of them disappeared after a little while. A young male member of the pack, originally from Clouded Tears (he had followed Freak and Ravyn), Nirupama Noirci, son of Nirupama Rashmi, ascended to Alpha Male. A male named Blue Radiance took beta for a short while, then, too, disappeared. Nirupama Noirci decided the pressures of alphaship was too much, so he decided to give the pack to Taaktuq Piqualuyak.

Romney and his beta, Nosferatu Traum had disappeared Silent Dawn with no explanation. Expansion on her mind, Taaktuq Piqualuyak made her way to Silent Dawn, only to find a dark male bearing the name of Damian de le Poer and claiming to be Nosferatu Traum's son-and the new alpha of Silent Dawn. After the two talked, they agreed on a compromise. Celestial Hollow and Silent Dawn would merge into one pack. It was thus that Chimera was born, out of two packs dangling on the brink of disaster.

The pack of 27 soon dropped drastically to 15, and it would not be long before Taaktuq herself left. Damian de le Poer, who until this point had not been as active in pack matters, stepped up to the plate. The transition went easy enough, though rumors spread that he killed the hybrid in a scheme for ultimate power. Bloodblack left soon after Taaktuq, emotionally broken by the loss of his former lover. As time went on, two females were promoted in the ranks; Tigra Sunbound and Kennedy becoming beta and gamma. A surprise discovery of an old cabin in the woods would occur during a hunt. During this time, the first official mates of Chimera would occur, two females named Echo Seadance and Summer. Things were not all sunshine and rainbows, though, and the gamma soon left as the pressures of addiction took over.

Things also took a turn for the worse when after a young female named Colibri Soul, originally from Celestial Hollow, left the pack for Clouded Tears, Damian de le Poer, fueled by anger and the opium in his system, went to confront her. The words were harsh and Damian left in a rage. The events which unfolded afterwards would lead up to the kidnapping of three of the Colibri's children by Chimera's beta, Tigra Sunbound. She would kill two and adopt the third, a child named Fawn. Echo Seadance also had pups, hers being sired by a male by the name of Mercido Nakado who had once been in the pack.

Damian de le Poer had chased him off after he himself had been attacked by a crazed white female, Thavardo in the Concrete Jungle who ripped apart his shoulder. She claimed the end of the world was coming and that she and her group would take it upon themselves to cleanse Bleeding Souls of all its evil; starting with Damian de le Poer and his lover, the infamous beta of Jaded Shadows, Salvaged Eternity. Ahren de le Poer, Damian de le Poer's son through a previous rape committed against Thavardo, was kidnapped. That was the last straw for the white female, who led an attack on Salvaged Eternity, which led to a confrontation between the Azathoth cult and some of Chimera's members. Though the only casualties would come from Azathoth, Damian de le Poer attempted suicide and only narrowly avoided it.

Following this, Damian de le Poer met Rurik Russo, the charming captain of the pirate crew which had come from overseas. Chimera and Syemv met during one of Chimera's pack meetings, but nothing evolved out of it. As the weeks went on, news of Salvaged Eternity returning to his title of rapist and murderer were spreading quickly. It was not until Misery D'Angelo was raped that Damian finally broke things off with the beta. He instead turned to Misery and after a night of passion, Ahren de le Poer, who by this time had grown into a young man, confronted his father and the two got into a fight. Ahren de le Poer was chased out of Chimera.

Damian's cancer started to consume him, and his madness grew. A female named Mab de le Poer arrived, claiming to be related to Damian de le Poer. She was accepted into the pack, and as the months went on and Damian's sickness grew, realized she would be the next one to take over the pack. The Inferni clan, with Ahren its newest member, torched the cabin in Chimera and destroyed most of what was left of Damian's sanity. When he fled, Misery followed him. She comforted him as he broke down, and the two ended up mates. She was one of the first to come to Mab de le Poer about taking over, being so close to Damian that she could see his sickness. The two agreed that Mab would have to take over, and the dark girl then solicited the pack's current gamma, Summer, as Tigra Sunbound was demoted out of Damian's paranoia about her betraying him. Summer agreed to Mab's ascension, but no move was made.

They were waiting for Damian to die. Signs of his madness were more and more apparent as Aiji Sadira, a former member and Ceres Sadira's daughter, arrived with a child, Anyanka Halfrek produced by Ahren raping her. She and Damian got into a fight, but he allowed her to return. He later turned on and accused Misery of cheating on him with her, as the two were, at one point, something like lovers.

Damian's death came on September 11th. He passed away after a scuffle between Mab and himself resulted in a heart attack. Mab took over as alpha. Damian's mate, Misery, for reasons unknown, threw herself in his funeral pyre in order to get his inverted cross necklace for Mab. With her nerves on end, Mab didn't start off on a friendly foot with much of anyone. She too, soon followed the path of abandoning leaders. After Halloween, Mab left Chimera. In her place came Damian's exiled son, Ahren de le Poer.

Ahren, who had once been the bright spot in his family, had since began to follow the same path of his father. After hooking up with the infamous hybrid Kaena Lykoi, she and Ahren spawned several children and become reclusive in Inferni. When he claimed the pack as his own, and publicly announced the crimes he had committed (specifically the rape of Aiji Sadira) half the pack rose in an uproar. Ahren shut them down and started his reign with an iron fist. Of course, he was not the only one involved. Misery D'Angelo played a large part in his return, and she and the young male began mapping out what would need to happen in order for the dissent to drop.

After making peace with Aiji Sadira, Ahren was attacked by the then Jager Furher, Noah Sawtooth. He stabbed the male before the two were broken up, and exiled him before taking off. Ahren retreated to the coast, and drew a young coyote named Ehd? into his conspiracy. He did not stay there long, as part of the reason he had left was due to his own exile from Inferni, after the leader Segodi Mogotsi found him with the body of his son, Baneesh, killed by a lone wolf.

While in the Concrete Jungle, Ahren de le Poer lost himself in a haze of booze and drugs. One night, bad luck drew Segodi into the church where Ahren had been staying. Murder his intent, Ahren attacked the coyote and would have killed him if not for Segodi's plea for his children. For two more days Ahren stayed in the church, and after a talk with Laruku he headed back to Chimera. Along the way, he found and brought his daughter Corona Lykoi. The return was met with shocking news--Misery D'Angelo had left. Confused, Ahren found himself going to unlikely places for answers. Aiji Sadira was the first, and the two spoke of their daughter instead. On the way to Clouded Tears, lust overcame them and they made love in the snow. It was only afterwards, perhaps prompted by the event, that Aiji Sadira left the lands of Bleeding Souls, taking her and Ahren's daughter with her.

The loss of Aiji Sadira was felt on the alpha, who relapsed and ran off to the Jungle again. There, he argued bitterly with his daughter Corona and she fled to Inferni. Ahren returned to Chimera and was greeted by a wave of fresh faces (and blood). During this, the elder and younger de le Poer made peace at the demand of Misery D'Angelo, who had returned only a week after vanishing. The elder female and Ahrenhad previously dealt with an incident in which Adder?, who had replaced Noah Sawtooth as Jager Fuhrer and was Misery D'Angelo's then mate, attempted to rape her. After two previous rapes (the latter occuring on Chimera land, no less), it was Misery's son Jude de le Poer who prompted her to act. She killed Adder? and she and Ahren de le Poer agreed to not speak of the matter. In early April, Jude himself was killed by Ahren's son Conway, who reacted in defense of Corona Lykoi, his sister.

In mid-April, a hawk brought news to Ahren It would prove to change the whole of Chimera... and then some other stuff happened. :O

2.  Territory

  • Moaning Wood? — Often referred to as the “moaning wood,” for the winds that scream through the areas wreck havoc upon the thin boughs of the trees, making them “scream” and creak in agony from the overload of stress. The sky is always visible, since this forest is so thin. The ground is made up of what is usually tundra’s spongy turf, but is littered sparsely with twigs from the trees and random shrubs. The ground is covered in patches of very light grasses, though this doesn’t seem like much it attracts such prey as deer and quail. There are still remnants of the old packs that lived on the lands; the red barn and horse stalls sit in the middle of the territory, the shining paint contrasting against the dullness of the rest of the landscape. A visitor may hear whispers from the creaky trees, the voices of those who lived and died in the lands that were once claimed by the Chimera pack.

2.1  Pack Relationships

3.  Key

— Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
— Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
— Neutral.
— Good relationship, but no official alliance.
— Officially allied.


Damian de le Poer and Stormy Blackwolf and Zero were pretty cool. Later, Physe Revlis was romantic with Gibraltar.

Clouded Tears

Due to Ahren de le Poer's rape of Aiji Sadira, Chimera and Clouded Tears experienced a fair amount of tension, but this never escalated very far. Though Chimera has roots in Silent Dawn, which was a part of the Dawn-Tears War, Chimera itself did not inherit much of the direct hostility toward Clouded Tears of its predecessor.

Jaded Shadows /

Jaded Shadows and Chimera entertained a decent relationship at first, thanks to Damian de le Poer's relationship with Salvaged Eternity, but this good relationship came to an end when Sal raped Misery D'Angelo, matriarch of the D'Angelo family and longtime, important member of Chimera. Damian had put up with Sal's rampaging prior to this, but the rape of Misery pushed him over the edge, and Chimera didn't have much contact with the pack after that.


Damian de le Poer shot Thavardo to end Azathoth's existence. Azathoth claimed that Damian de le Poer's relationship with Salvaged Eternity was improper and required cleansing from the earth; there were squabbles between Chimera members and Azathoth members at least once.


Damian de le Poer was pretty ambivalent toward coyotes, though some of Salvaged Eternity's dislike of coyotes may or may not have rubbed off on him. During Ahren de le Poer's reign, these two packs enjoyed pretty a good relationship, due to his litter of children with Kaena Lykoi. Children from the litter lived in both packs, and though Kaena and Ahren themselves were estranged, the fact that their children resided in both areas pretty much guaranteed good relations between the packs.


Syemv and Chimera were pretty close; Rurik Russo was a friend to Damian de le Poer and Ahren de le Poer both. Early in Syemv's history, the two packs came together to celebrate and there was much fun had at the event or something like that!

3.1  Culture

4.  Human Culture

Chimera entertained a pretty human-like culture—the first alpha, Damian de le Poer, resided in a cabin until it was burned by his son, Ahren de le Poer as an initiation act while he was joining Inferni. At one point, the pack entertained a barn-raising, when Bowie Eachan and Mab de le Poer, a distant relative of Ahren de le Poer, alpha at the time, showed up with some horses as a gift. They were also buddy-buddy with the most human group in the area at the time, Syemv.

5.  Prominent Families

de le Poer

Of course, the most prominent family in Chimera is indubitably the de le Poer family, which traces its roots back to Chimera's predecessor, Silent Dawn, with the longtime member and brief alpha male, Nosferatu Traum. Upon Nosferatu's death, another de le Poer took the reigns of Silent Dawn, Damian de le Poer. However, his reign of the Dawn pack was incredibly short, as he accepted an offer of merger with Taaktuq Piqaluyak, who brought with her the remnants of Celestial Hollow to create Chimera in the first place. She only lasted a month before her departure, and she left Damian de le Poer in control of the pack, forever altering its fate. Damian was just the first of many de le Poers to change the face of Chimera—his distant cousin, Mab de le Poer, took up control of the pack upon Damian's death, though she only ruled for a brief time before the pack was passed along to another de le Poer, son of Damian, Ahren de le Poer. It is thought that the departure of the de le Poer family, combined with the simultaneous departure of the D'Angelos, crippled the pack and caused its demise.


The other prominent family of the pack is the D'Angelo family. The matriarch of this family, Misery D'Angelo, was a longtime member of the pack and rather high ranked. During her history in Chimera, she had one litter to Salvaged Eternity, beta of Jaded Shadows, and one litter to the Chimeran alpha at the time, Damian de le Poer. Numerous other relatives of her family were also members of the pack—her sisters, Matinee D'Angelo-Dukker, and Ankh D'Angelo, were once members of the pack, along with Crypt D'Angelo (I think?!). Super-inbred relative Gin D'Angelo was also a member of the pack at one point. Roman D'Angelo, Misery's nephew, was also a member of the pack—with Kaelyn Trickery, he produced two litters of children. When most of the D'Angelo family left the pack with the majority of the de le Poer family, the Chimeran pack was forever changed and irreparably damaged.

6.  Laws

What Chimera truly obeys, though, is in all ways a Shakespearean Justice. That is, of course, that should there be a need for revenge, it is not kept under wraps, and the justice dealt out must be by direct blood or the claim is null and void. In keeping with that, any justice that is dealt must be equal to what was done to the person and/or their family

  • Assault
    • Assault against the alpha is considered treason, and results in immediate exile.
    • Assault against fellow pack members is judged on a case-by-case basis.
  • Rape
    • Rape committed by any pack member will result in immediate exile, and that member will be left to the justice of his victim and/or her pack.
  • Murder
    • First Degree Murder (planned murder) is inexcusable. If caught, a member faces exile or death. This varies on the severity of the crime and the response of the family/pack of the person who was killed.
    • Slaughter (unintentional murder) is judged on a case to case basis. If it seems the murder was an overreaction, the member will face exile and/or justice dealt by the family/pack of the person who was killed.

7.  Customs

  • No excise tax! I mean...

8.  Traditions

  • Wolves howl at the moon, yo.
  • And pee on trees.

9.  Perceived Culture

  • Culture as others see it!
  • Aka, Inferni is a mafia. But Clouded Tears was one first, so there.

10.  Trivia

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