Date of Birth02 April 2003
Birth placeAurora Plains
Current packNone

Previous Pack


RankAlpha Male

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1.  History

Before coming to the lands of Bleeding Souls, Zero lived in his family's pack known as "Aurora Plains." Prior to his Nitro's departure from the pack, the male had been the Beta. At the time of his own departure Zero was still rather young, and was still considered of the puppy rank, although he was bordering on entering the adult ranks. Nitro's mother and father, or Zero's aunt and uncle were the Alphas, while his parents were the Gammas, and his grandmother was the Beta female. As Nitro had left, it was assumed that Zero would succeed in his place as Beta male (as their grandfather was long dead), but instead he chose to disperse, too.

The pack of Arctic wolves had always been a welcoming group, and very scientific. They were learned in the art of reading the written human language, even though they had to travel great distances to even come near a human civilization. Their main source of information was a decrepit but still standing library in one of the old Alaskan cities. This knowledge was passed along through the pups, and the adults declared the fictitious books to be just that, while proclaiming that a lot of the texts were how a variety of things actually worked. The pack was rather small, and everyone knew each other rather well; only a few of the members seemed to dissent with the general consensus of the science texts. One was Jualih, a spiritual wolf who Zero took a liking to despite her contrasting beliefs.

Even though there was plenty of food to go around, and there was no war going on with the only neighboring pack, Zero, like Nitro, had grown bored of the monotony and left. By a twist of fates, he arrived in the lands of Bleeding Souls; one of the first places he sought by instinct was the still standing human remains known as the Sanctuary and the Jungle. In the Sanctuary, he found the frozen, emaciated form of his cousin, and in the Jungle the battered form of Drusilla, who had been Nitro's mate. He poked around the other regions of Souls only long enough to become acquainted with them; at the lightning Bay he came across a dark Alpha male named Damian, who provided at least some information on his cousin. Feeling lost, Zero retreated back into the human establishments for two months.

During this time he became very well acquainted with the layout of the land; he learned which buildings were the most stable, and he learned where the various "concrete paths" lead him. Finally he decided he should reemerge from this decaying hell hole, and he opted to join a pack; Storm. Shortly after his joining he became quite decently acquainted with his only remaining Alpha, Rashmi, as the second Alpha female had been struck dead by lightning just about the time of his arrival. He remains a faithful member to Storm, although he still retains a knack for finding his way around the Jungle and the surrounding suburbia. Zero was still generally untrusting and apathetic, but there were four wolves he had come to care about or accept: Rashmi, his then Alpha, Syniero, his [current Alpha and] original greeter, Damian, the cool ebony Alpha of Chimera, and Syn, a bitter and confused female from Damian's pack.

Unfortunately, Rashmi had died after Zero had been in Storm for some odd number of months. Being one of his few friends, her death tragically affected the male. His outlook on life had been changing just prior to the incident, but again his emotions got warped around and twisted. Easily growing less stable, it was a matter of time before he regained something of sanity. Syniero helped him greatly in the quest, being a strong pillar he could lean on, even if the new Alpha male did not realize it. Ultimately, Zero emerged from the disaster much as he had entered it: untrusting, detached, and apathetic. Making a conscious decision not to get close to anybody else, he felt that those he already trusted were "sunk costs," so to speak, and that he would not alienate himself from them.

However, even this may change over time. Nothing is certain for the sterling male; he has come to accept that in his life.

2.  Personality

Zero's personality is rather strange. He is quite apathetic to the majority of things, and definitely values his time by himself. Respect is something he gives when he feels it is earned, not merely because someone ranks higher than him or what not. Trust is even rarer for him, and it could take many seasons to trust anyone fully. He can be rather sarcastic and cynical, although over time he has learned to keep these thoughts in his mind and from escaping his lips. He can be rather random in his lifestyle, too, especially in regard to sleeping and diet.

Originally he did not think himself suited for a pack life at all, as he held many stereotypes about the traditional pack. However, Storm has proven itself to be rather lax (much as Aurora Plains had been), and so he is content there. Still, he doesn't value the traditional ranking system as much as many wolves do. Ironically, despite his natural inclination towards remaining aloof, the Beta finds himself helping others often. He never helps anyone with the expectation of getting something back, but he does not go severely out of his way to make things comfortable or nice for someone. This may be mildly confusing or seem contradictory to some.

Also, it is important to note that the formation of his beliefs is an ongoing process. In some matters he has drastically changed in opinion as opposed to when he first arrived at Souls. Once a pacifist to an extreme, for example, he now recognizes that sometimes violence is necessary, even if it is in self-defence. Despite everything that may change, however, it is very likely that he will continue to remain elusive when it comes to most others.

  • Strengths
    • Reading; this skill is a little fuzzy, but it is developing progressively. He can now understand many simple to medium difficulty words, although complex ones still escape him.
    • Climbing trees; as long as there is a sturdy branch within the first four feet off the ground, he can normally get up. Branches further up the tree must be within two feet of each other to move up any more.
    • Scientific knowledge; Zero is well learned from the wolves in his old pack, and is good at describing a variety of natural occurrences. He is also knowledgeable in healing herbs, as well as some mushrooms (which are edible, poisonous, or deadly).
  • Weaknesses
    • Impracticality; although the wolf knows many things, the vast majority are in no way useful when it comes to society: they are just pointless trivia. Also, many of the things he has learned have been so in a "classroom setting" as opposed to a "lab environment," meaning he knows things by description and occasionally pictures, rather than actually seeing, smelling, or handling something.
    • Mild insanity; to some extent he has attention deficit disorder, as he has trouble concentrating in idle situations. He also has an unnatural phobia when it comes to growing close to others, despite the lack of any trauma which may have lead to this. It is hard to notice, but he is also bi-polar to a degree. His thoughts vary extremely, even though his actions do not. However, the final condition mentioned seems to be weakening with time and experience in life.
    • Werewolf form; this was an unwelcomed change in his life, brought about in a fight with Salvaged where his face was bit. Although the wound was not major, it left something far worse than any scar in its wake. First despizing the form, then recognizing his need to cope with it, Zero is not the most coordinated as a werewolf. Currently he is decent with his hands, and very poor at locomotion. He can open jars and roughly use a pencil, but he cannot run and when he walks it is shaky at best.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

4.  Appearance

Zero is a rather handsome wolf, with a slightly larger than average height for a male. His Arctic blood can be attributed to this. However, unlike what his heritage might suggest, Zero is not pure white or even mostly white. Instead, his coat is like any other wolf's coat, with one key difference- it is in grayscale. Also like many, his paws, limbs, and underside are slightly paler than the rest of him. He is built neither heavily for speed nor strength, but instead some balance in between, tending only slightly towards agility. As a result, he can appear to be on the leaner side. Zero's eyes are a pale sea-green hue.

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