Celestial Hollow

Celestial Hollow

ColoursDark Maroon (#741c2d) & Pale Vegas Gold (#ddd96e)
Founded ByEmerald Mist, Ravyn Stormbringer, Freak Oriel
Founded On??, 2003
Defunct OnJanuary 1st, 2004

Past Leadership

LeadersEmerald Mist, Ravyn Stormbringer, Freak Oriel, Nirupama Noirci, Taaktuq Piqualuyak
SubeadersBlue Radiance

Pack History

Succeeded byChimera (merge with Silent Dawn)

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Celestial Hollow was technically the fifth pack formed in Bleeding Souls; following the migration of Shadowed Stars to Ashen Mountain to become Jaded Shadows. Like Clouded Tears, Celestial Hollow was formed by a beta female of Storm. Emerald Mist, like her predecessor Nirupama Rashmi, sought new opportunities and formed the pack with two Clouded Tears betas.

The pack was pretty anti-social; they kept to themselves for the most part—Akumu Rouyaken (later a member of Syemv as well as the brief alpha there, as well as Jaded Shadows, Storm, and probably a lot of other places) and Colibri Soul (later a member of Clouded Tears and Dahlia de Mai, and founder of the Soul family) both grew up here.

1.  History

Celestial Hollow was formed by Emerald Mist, a beta of Storm at the time. She took two wolves from Clouded Tears--Freak Oriel and Ravyn Stormbringer--to be her betas. The three of them disappeared after a little while. A young male member of the pack, originally from Clouded Tears (he had followed Freak and Ravyn), Nirupama Noirci, son of Nirupama Rashmi, ascended to Alpha Male. A male named Blue Radiance took beta for a short while, then, too, disappeared. Nirupama Noirci decided the pressures of alphaship was too much, so he decided to give the pack to Taaktuq Piqualuyak. The former beta of Storm saw that, shortly after she had ascended to alpha, decided to take over Silent Dawn. Celestial Hollow and Silent Dawn merged together to form one giant double-pack called Chimera.

2.  Trivia

3.  Pack Relationships

3.1  Key

— Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
— Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
— Neutral.
— Good relationship, but no official alliance.
— Officially allied.

3.2  Bleeding Souls Packs


Emerald Mist, founding alpha female, was from Storm. Nirupama Noirci, the later alpha male of the pack, was born in Storm. Taaktuq Piqaluyak, the last alpha of Celestial Hollow who merged it with Silent Dawn to form Chimera, was the longtime beta female of Storm.

Clouded Tears

Ravyn Stormbringer and Freak Oriel, the founding betas of the pack, were from Clouded Tears. These two packs probably entertained a pretty close relationship with one another. Longtime alpha Nirupama Noirci was raised in Clouded Tears.


I think they ignored each other for the most part—I don't think the first betas, Ravyn and Freak were very fond of coyotes, but beyond that I don't believe there was major conflict between Celestial Hollow and Inferni.

Jaded Shadows

Probably mostly ambivalent toward one another, despite the fact that Celestial Hollow was once Jaded Shadows's closest neighbor. Mordulin, longtime alpha female of Jaded Shadows, generally tried to maintain decent relations with the other packs; Celestial Hollow was no exception.

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