Salvaged Eternity

Salvaged Eternity, by Sie
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50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
50% Arctic Wolf

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Jaded Shadows

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RanksGamma, Beta, Subordinate, etc

Salvaged Eternity was a previous Beta of Jaded Shadows and adopted son of Mordulin Aika. Salvaged murdered Zulifer Yfel days prior to the births of Zulifer's children by Kaena Lykoi. In 2004, Salvaged raped Nirupama Rashmi and Taaktuq Piqaluyak, both of whom gave birth to three puppies and died in childbirth.

The same fate occurred to Nikki, though she bore only one illegitimate child of Salvaged, Seven. In that same year, members of Azathoth attempted to castrate him, but were ultimately unsucessful.[1]

When his adoptive mother Mordulin fell and broke her leg, Spade, her nephew, stepped in to take over the pack. Salvaged Eternity didn't accept this so well, and he was cast out of the pack by the new alpha, though he was eventually able to rejoin Jaded Shadows by Mordulin quite a long time later.[2]

Salvaged Eternity was killed by longtime rival Kaena Lykoi in mid-2007, after a rivalry that spanned nearly five years came to a close. Of course, his legacy lives on—the man sired countless children of the Eternity family, and even today active characters are descendant of him.


Salvaged Eternity's history is one that few dare to step into, as it contains adult rated images and carefree butterfly chasing. Born to a lone wolf couple, Salvaged has no brothers or siblings therefore the only child. Yet the age of three months his mother died, her last words naming her small pup with her last breath. "Take care little one, remember me my little shread of salvaged eternity..." It was heart-wrenching really, and sent the pup with new found vigor off to find a pack or perhaps something that would give him a home and food. It was a miracle that Salvaged found Bleeding Souls landscape, weary and tired from the travel he was welcomed into the pack by Omoi mother of his current adoptive mother Mordulin.

Yet just as Salvaged's mother died, so did Mordulin's naming her daughter her successor and the new Alpha of Shadowed Stars; now named Jaded Shadows. The pup could not be offered a new rank or anything of the sort so instead Mordulin offered her protection as the pup's adoptive mother. Now this was all well and good until he reached adulthood when everything went spiralling downward. Rescued from death by Ceres Sadira, another pup of Clouded Tears Salvaged began to fear more and as the saying goes fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate; hate leads to the dark side. Well, maybe not that far, but Salvaged sure isn't dancing on puffy marshmallows.

Reaching adulthood, and passing through the ranking system things began to turn downward for those that got into Sal's path the wrong way. Yet everything snapped when the male was bombarded with sudden new changes. He was promoted to gamma, given new responsibilities; his only trust in life Mordulin suddenly became pregnant with a Silent Dawn male's pups, and life was looking bleak. Thinking that Mordulin would give up him for her new infants Salvaged acted out against the first thing he could find, Griffin. Yet it wouldn't stop there.

Months later he would encounter Kaena Lykoi, the female coy/dog/wolf hybrid that introduced Salvaged into the world of sex and conspiracy, allowing him to want more and more, to gain power over females by controlling them. She was the beginning and the middle of his sex-escapades as later he would kill her mate, Zulifer Yfel merely to enrage.

Next came Taaktuq, a member of Storm of high ranking, her ranking unbenounced to Salvaged and because of his mood, and because of the "possession" he raped her, somewaht injuring her and facing the only real resistance so far to come. She injured him, giving a long scar across his muzzle and scarring the recently put tattoo of a skull and crossbones. More scars would come, but not before Taa gave birth to three stillborns without Salvaged knowing. One of the stillborns attempted to seduce the male, her own father and then hopefully kill him.. but it failed and she disappeared.

Next came Mars, who Salvaged helped to kill to defend his love, falling in love with the white female from Clouded Tears that saved his life so long ago, and for a while they seemed happy. They weren't truly mates, instead they merely loved each other and even planned to someday become mates... Salvaged was there to witness her first litter of puppies, running off their current alpha Darkling Owl because of Ceres wish. Acid, Naal and Eve were the only survivors of the litter and now he considers them his, though Naal is gone and Acid hasn't spoken with Salvaged in quite sometime. Yet time would unravel their love, and after the rape of Taaktuq who ran to Ceres about it Salvaged hated her, running off a friend of Ceres who cared about her more than Sal ever could. Blitz was gone and Salvaged raped Ceres, leaving her to die or at least he hoped.

A confrontation would lead to the next death, the death of Ashened, long time standing Alpha of Clouded Tears and one that few knew about even Ceres and Kiriska her two betas. Ashened had found out about the rape and confronted Salvaged about it, he flew off the handle and attacked her, a long struggle that even today isn't documented. She died, leaving Kiriska in charge.

Yet there is hope and light in Salvaged's life, finding a male that appreciated him and loved him, an unofficial mate to the alpha of Chimera, Damian de la Poer. For once he truly loved another, a male of course but perhaps he's finally found what he's looking for in life.. something to change him and care about him...



Salvaged has connections with several families on 'Souls, and is father to a total of 18 children (though none of them have his last name), grandfather to 21, and great-grandfather to six. See the Eternity family for more information.

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