The de le Poer Family

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    The de le Poer Family



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The de le Poer family is an old one whose kin can be found throughout the world. Due to its size and connections, blood members of the de le Poer family may not necessarily carry the surname.

Its members are of nearly every breed and make. Appearance is heavily influenced by location: members from Montpellier in Europe tend to be mostly wolves or wolfdogs, with a smaller collection of dog-heavy hybrids coming out of Ireland. Within the Western Hemisphere wolves and wolfdogs seem to be the standard, though many coyote de le Poer's are likely to be found. Hybridization is not uncommon.

The de le Poer's have held constant presence and influence in Nova Scotia since 2002. Members of the family formerly led Chimera and more recently, Inferni, where many coyote-heavy de le Poer's resided. Salsola boasts ties to the family in its members, most of whom trace their lineage back to Inferni, or Airgid Gleann and the Macha Tribe.

According to folklore3 (and in many cases, real examples) the de le Poer line is cursed with madness.

1.  Physical Attributes

1.1  Eyes

Conforming Color Variation

  • Though red, yellow, and blue eyes tend to run strongest within the family, there have been large variation throughout the generations. Deviation from these colors indicates a dominant strain of another line.
    • Dodger Blue (#1E90FF) is the "true" de le Poer eye color.
  • Heterochromia occurs regularly within the de le Poer family.

1.2  Fur

Conforming Color Variation

  • With such a wide variety of bloodlines to pull from, there is no standard coloration for any de le Poer. In general, breeding will influence the appearance of any member. By and large, the de le Poer family gravitates to a common primitive landrace appearance best adapted for the area they live in. Solid black coats regularly appear in de le Poers.
    • The family tends to lean towards darker, warmer tones; earthy reds, golds, and browns are equally present.
    • Face markings are common and include masks, blazes, paler splashes around the nape of the neck, a collar or a half collar.
    • Agouti occurs regularly, along with sable, brindle, and tuxedo patterning.

2.  Mental Attributes

Mental Illness

  • Bipolar Disorder occurs commonly within the family, manifesting in various extremes.
  • Schizophrenia by and large can only be found in a singular strain of the de le Poer family.
    • It has also (perhaps not coincidentally) only occurred in those who have red eyes.

Faith and Religion

  • Folk-Magic
    • Mab practiced and taught her relatives and offspring folk magic, acting as a would-be priestess for such a thing. Even her extremely religious relatives agree that she was a powerful, "good witch". Any European de le Poer's know of her name and her power, and many of her descendants have chosen to follow the teachings she left behind.
  • Abrahamic Faith
    • Symera Villisca and Priest instructed their children in a radical view of monotheistic religion and its purpose, and many often cite it as the basis for their desire to "cleanse" the world of wolves.
  • Pentecostalism
    • Gabriel spent a large amount of time in Zion, where he picked up their faith. This was brought home with him and taught to some of his siblings and his children. Many of their offspring were raised within Scintilla and brought up in the faith.

3.  Family Members

Additional offspring in related families where the de le Poer name has been absorbed are not listed on this page.

Ancestral Roots

First Generation

Note: there are many generations before this one that are not included here.

  • Adele de le Poer x Early de le Poer — 13 April 1995

Second Generation

  • Faith Traum x Nosferatu Traum — 29 August 1998
  • Estella de le Poer x Finnegan Sinclair — 7 September 1998
    • Ginger de le Poer

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Fifth Generation

Sixth Generation

Seventh Generation

Eighth Generation

Ninth Generation

Tenth Generation

Eleventh Generation

4.  Influence and Influences


In addition to the following on-board families, the de le Poer line has branched off into various others globally. In many cases, the surname has been absorbed into these lines.



  • Salsola boasts several connections to the family. Stannis was the first de le Poer to join, and his children were born into the pack. Familiarity with the name soon led more to join.
  • Many de le Poers remain Loners.


  • Silent Dawn was the foundation for the de le Poer line, and Nosferatu rose to the rank of Beta, later claiming the title of Alpha before he was brutally murdered.
  • Chimera, throughout most of its time as a pack, was primarily led by a de le Poer. Damian, Mab, and Ahren all led Chimera at various points of its inception.
  • Clouded Tears served as home to Ahren and his son Jasper until the fire.
  • Esper Hollow was the next pack that served as home to Ahren and his son Jasper, though it was Jasper who brought the sickness that later destroyed the pack.
  • Inferni had been host to a de le Poer since Ahren first joined as an Outsider. His children were born into the Clan and the majority of them grew up and raised their own families there. Though many of them came and left throughout the course of their lives, since 2005 there was almost consistently a de le Poer member in Inferni.

Loner Bands



Historical Genetic Notes

The lineage of the de le Poer family can be traced back to the pair of dogs owned by the last living human de le Poer, who passed away in the 1988 fallout. The male German Shepherd Dog was imported from Germany, sable-coated, and of a large build. The mother, a Malamute, is the one from which the blue eyes were inherited.

Their large litter would have remained within the confines of the manor they continued to claim as home if not for one daring son. He traveled out into the city and further—out of the borders of Virgina and into West Virginia, where he encountered a female Catahoula Cur that he took on as a mate. They would produce several offspring, all of which were larger and had thicker pelts than the Catahoula. One of these dogs continued to travel, and she made it to Illinois. There, she encountered a Norwegian Elkhound. One of their children traveled further north, and it was through her that the wolf blood was introduced, and through her children that this continued.

Blue eyes remained in many of the offspring; it was not until the family crossed the Rocky Mountains that the desire to ensure this eye color remained that inbreeding began.


1 It is interesting to note that the name itself can translate to two meanings. While most maintain that the direct translation "of the poor" is accurate, the family name may also be a reference to the French word peur, which is also evidenced by the de le, so that the name can be translated as "of fear" or "from fear".

2 Only stillbirths are indicated on the family tree.

3 Mel adopted the name from H.P. Lovecraft's The Rats in the Walls.