The D'Angelo Family

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    The D'Angelo Family



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Members carrying D'Angelo blood may display these icons! Recoloring is permitted, especially encouraged with the Ankh icon since it's traditionally colored gold or white, not black!

Ankh's Sun

The Eye of Tak

Rah'khir's Arrow

  • Species: Wolf
    • Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf (Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf)
      *This is for the members born in the D'Angelo's original homeland, Khalif those in Ruin and Baten Kaitos have dog and coyote blood.
  • Family Origin: Cloud Peak
  • Surname: Italian, "of the angels"
  • Archetype (Group): Religious zealots, devoted followers, madness, incest is best, loyal
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Physical and mental illness, broken, unlucky

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    5.   1.5  Fourth Generation
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1.  1 About

The D'Angelo family is without a doubt one of the larger families of 'Souls. At one point, Chimera consisted of practically nothing but D'Angelos; when the D'Angelos and the de le Poers left Chimera in late 2006, the pack crumbled practically overnight, leaving just about five members left in the pack, forcing Physe Revlis and alpha of Syemv, Phasma Kiles, to combine their packs into Aremys.

In 2010, the pack Anathema was formed by Naniko D'Angelo. It was populated heavily by the D'Angelo family, centering around the rather dark beliefs of its leadership--and the eventual introduction of Khalifism by Misery D'Angelo and Larkspur D'Angelo.

Not long after this, though, the pack Salsola was formed; this new pack took Larkspur and his two children with them. In July 2011, he and Eris Eternity had their second litter.

1.1  Members

The parent that contributes the D'Angelo genes is bolded.

1.2  First Generation

  • Bathazar x Rose (1)
    • Lysander D'Angelo
    • Amadeus D'Angelo
    • Mackenzie D'Angelo
  • Bathazar x Rose (2)
    • Sukan D'Angelo
    • Kylie D'Angelo

1.3  Second Generation

  • Wraith x Lysander D'Angelo
    • Curse D'Angelo
    • Jinx D'Angelo
  • Mackenzie D'Angelo x Amadeus D'Angelo
    • Rue D'Angelo
    • Despair D'Angelo
    • Agony D'Angelo
    • Sorrow D'Angelo
    • Azalea
  • Unknown x Amadeus D'Angelo
    • Dusk D'Angelo
    • Dawn D'Angelo

1.4  Third Generation

  • Misery D'Angelo x Rue D'Angelo (1)
    • Prophet D'Angelo
    • Ash D'Angelo
  • Misery D'Angelo x Curse D'Angelo (2)
    • Spire D'Angelo
    • Dusk II D'Angelo
    • Bleak D'Angelo
  • Misery D'Angelo x Rue D'Angelo (2)
    • Torment D'Angelo
    • Solace D'Angelo
    • Faith D'Angelo
    • Saint D'Angelo
    • Sin D'Angelo
  • Misery D'Angelo x Rue D'Angelo (3)
    • Misery II D'Angelo
    • Wrath D'Angelo
    • Demon D'Angelo
    • Anguish D'Angelo
    • Chimera D'Angelo
    • Pious D'Angelo

1.5  Fourth Generation

1.6  Fifth Generation

1.7  Sixth Generation

1.8  Seventh Generation

1.9  Defining Features

Because the D'Angelo's are largely inbred, it is not uncommon for family members to look similar. They are typically pure wolves unless they breed outside of the Khalif, in which case hybridization of the offspring can occur.

Physical Features

  • Gold-green eyes occur with Misery D'Angelo and many of her offspring. Green eyes are almost universal in the family.
  • The majority of the D'Angelo's that survive today are mostly pure white. This is in part due to the families selective breeding. Black fur is less common, as it is considered unclean and often destroyed. However, in 'Souls there is no pressure to inbreed for recessive white pelts, and thus black D'Angelos are becoming much more common.

1.10  Influences