Laufey Revlis

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Laufey Revlis was born to Hawthorn and Larkkin Star Revlis in the early winter of 2014, along with his siblings Jezebel Revlis, Morgana Revlis and Bacchus Revlis. He lived a relatively easy life, being the youngest-born son with less familial responsibilities, and as such grew up unruly and selfish. After all the siblings came of age, they decided to travel to the land their terrible grandfather created - The Thistle Kingdom of Salsola.

In spite of his siblings, who all swiftly found residence and purpose in Salsola, Laufey determined to take some time free of responsibility and wander by himself. He has had many narrow brushes with death, mainly due to the fact that as a youth, Laufey is not particularly wise enough to go it alone. After nearly starving, he finally decided to put his pride aside and joined his siblings in Salsola in the Autumn of 2015.

He currently lives and wanders the wide territory of Salsola, unhappily hounded by Jezebel.





OOC Info

  • Date of Birth: 26 Jan 2014
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: The Ruins
  • Birthplace: Chesapeake Bay
  • Name Meaning:
Given Name: full of leaves (Old Norse)
Surname: Silver (Bastardized Old-English)
  • Pronunciation: LAOW-fey REV-liss
  • Epithet: Trickster, probably

Minor: 5.156% Wolf, 4.687% Arctic Wolf, 1.563% British Columbian Wolf, 1.563% Eastern Timber Wolf, 1.563% Mackenzie Valley Wolf

  • cNPC: None
  • yNPC:
    • None
    • None
  • NPC Name
  • NPC Name

Pack Information

Plot Oppourunities!

The Associate
  • All my siblings are in Salsola, as well as my grumpy uncle! Perhaps it is time to find my skills and my place within the pack?

1.  Appearance

1.1  Palette


.Zeus (#251e19)
.English Walnut (#463528)
.Tobacco Brown (#695747)
.Sand Dune (#7F7063)
.Akaroa (#dac7af)
.Moon Mist (#e0d9cf)
.Pueblo (#872d13)
.Atlantis (#6fe031)


  • Fur: Sand Dune is the majority color.
  • Markings:
    • Zeus around the crown of his head and the backs of his ears.
    • English Walnut around his eyes and on the sides of his face, as well as around the shoulder blades.
    • Tobacco Brown and Sandrift sprinkled around his back and on his face.
    • Akaroa along his legs, in the middle of his back in an arrow shape, on the tip of his tail, in his ears, and in eyebrows on his face.
    • Moon Mist at the ends of his legs.
    • Pueblo stripes under his eyes.
  • Optime Hair: Zeus.
  • Eyes: Atlantis.
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Zeus


.Rangoon Green (#131510)
.Aluminium (#ffffff)
.Rangitoto (#364229)
.Axolotl (#4e5e47)
.Cutty Sark (#506b68)
.Aluminium (#ffffff)
.Goblin (#347941)
.Aluminium (#a5a9b1)
.Aluminium (#ffffff)


  • Belt/Harness: Rangoon Green
  • Vest: Rangitoto
  • Shirt: Cutty Sark
  • Pants: Axolotl
  • Brooch: Goblin and Aluminium


102 lbs' (46 kg)
34 in (86 cm)


220 lbs (100 kg)
42 in (107 cm)


240 lbs (109 kg)
6 ft 7 in (200 cm)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Piercings: None
  • Tattoos: None
  • Scars:
    • Any scars?


  • Clothing info here.


Accessory info here.

  • List
  • List
  • List


2.  Personality

The Idealist Loveable Rogue Jerkass Facade Emancipated Child The Trickster All Girls Want Bad Boys Hurricane of Puns

As the youngest of his siblings, Laufey certainly embodies the "problem child" stereotype. Reckless, lazy, hyperactive, and rowdy are but a few words that can cover the tempestuous whirlwind of energy that he gives out. He is the least like his other siblings and is often shadowed by them to make sure he isn't getting into too much trouble. His recklessness had gotten him into the stickiest of situations but it's probably one of the most prominent parts of his personality, after his laziness. Even though his other siblings are much more dutiful in their service to Salsola, Laufey struggles to be anything but a lazy bastard and petulant in response to having any sort of responsibility. Even though this is normally the case, Laufey actually has some skills he's good at and, if he could manage to focus them, he could possibly find something productive to do.

The other part of his personality is his hyperactive tendencies, both mentally and physically. He's very physical, albeit in a usually friendly way, and tends to habitually touch nearly everyone in arms reach. The only issue with this is that he also compulsively steals things, finding enjoyment in owning (not really) lot of things. This, also, got him in a lot of trouble, namely through taking the wrong thing from the wrong person. Still, his energy doesn't come from a bad place, just a rather strong sense of humor with a very weak sense of right-and-wrong. His pranking, though annoying and usually unwarranted, are probably some of the most elaborate things he puts his effort into and if one would step back and wave off the irritating feeling of - for example: being tarred and feathered - his pranks, the amount of planning is quite unusual for someone as lazy and irresponsible as Laufey.


  • Scent: Salsola, Revlis, salt, pine. Scent is disguised outside of Salsola with STUFF and THINGS
  • Speech: Southern Tidewater accent, very much like his brother, Bacchus, but slightly higher pitched with a slight grain.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Very touchy/handsy lil shit.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Energetic and sarcastic to the core. He can be very mocking in stature, not usually not on purpose. Tends to keep his body close to others, probably so he can pull some bullshit or something.

2.1  Ideals


  • Obsessions: Jokes, Pranks, Tomfoolery and general deceit
  • Likes: Humor, Fun, People who know how to take a joke.
  • Dislikes: Responsibility, being dragged along to do "important" things, Not knowing how to take a goddamn joke


  • Outlook: Idealistic
  • Expression: Extroverted, submissive
  • Sociability: Talkative and humorous, but usually has something up his sleeve.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    • "Considers himself above the law."
    • "Is not concerned with the desires of family members."
    • "Will not betray a family member, unless the circumstances are dire."
    • "Is generally well liked by his community, but normally will not seek to improve the community."


  • Slavery:
  • Imprisonment:
  • Loss of Identity:


  • Play:
  • Popularity:
  • Free Will:


  • Packs: Based on Salsola's pack biases.
  • Species: None
  • Non-Luperci: Follows Salsola's general belief that they are inferior.
  • Gender: None
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: None
  • Age: Elders are considered to hold a larger quantity of knowledge, thus giving them cause to be given a little extra respect.






Kinda okay with Salsola's brand of cultism but it's all eh to him. Some of it's just too serious - I mean god forbid someone cracks a "wouldn't wanna be him" joke after a sacrifice, right?

3.  Relations

3.1  Family: Revlis

3.2  Pack Relations

Positive Relations

Neutral Relations

Negative Relations

3.3  External Relations

Positive Relations

Neutral Relations

Negative Relations

Minor Relations

  • Friendly: Azucena Lykoi
  • Unfriendly: Character
  • Sex: Character
  • Fights: (won) NA
  • Fights: (tie) NA
  • Fights: (lost) NA
  • Murders: None

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities



  • Archery (Dabbles): thangs
  • One handed weapons (Dabbles): thangs
    • Laufey fights very dirty because he knows he doesn't have the skills for a proper fight.


  • Lying (Master): thangs
  • Deciet (Master): thangs


  • Pranks (Master): thangs
  • Running (Journeyman): thangs



  • Lil bitch when it comes to getting down to a fight.
  • Not very strong.
  • Much more prone to turning and running than getting into a fight.


  • Compulsively lies out of habit. Not really a trustworthy guy, even if he likes to claim he is.


  • He can be annoying af

4.2  Inventory


  • Offering: stuff
  • Accepting: thangs



  • stuff

Raw scrap

  • things


  • Goddammit Lori i think you get the gist

4.3  NPCs

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by Artist

NPC Name

  • Species: Info
  • Age and DOB: Info
  • Description: Info
  • Personality:
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4.4  Timeline


Bold Italics denotes threads in progress.


4.5  Achievements


Basic Achievements