The Ruins (Salsola)

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The Ruins (Salsola)

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  1.   1.  Details and Landmarks
    1.   1.1  Clinic
    2.   1.2  The Feasting Hall
    3.   1.3  Oakgrove
    4.   1.4  Stable (Marrgerd)
    5.   1.5  Storage
    6.   1.6  The War Room

The Ruins

by Alaine

» See Salsola’s Residency page for information on membership housing
» See Millstone Village for information on Salsola's alternative settlement

The Ruins are scattered from the Millstone Village, stretching steadily southwest towards the coasts of the peninsula. It was claimed as the main dwelling locale for the denizens of the Thistle Kingdom during the original foundation of Salsola, and has presided as the center of domestic Salsolan life to this day.

Like bones, the bleached remains of a grand Chateau and its outbuildings sprawl in eerie, crumbling splendor across the high plateau. Monoliths from an age gone by, the ancient castle comprises of one central and four compass towers, along with a large number of halls, keeps, machicolations, barbicans and gatehouses.

Many of the venerable old buildings are little more than stone skeletons, and require extensive repairs or additions to make them livable. However, not an unreasonable number have weathered the ages well, needing only a new wooden roof and mortar patches to provide comfort and shelter. A number of the buildings provide secretive pockets, and are often disguised with a protective growth of wild thistle. The stunning overgrowth of underbrush provides excellent cover, with vines overtaking the vast majority of externally exposed stone.

There are many pathways meandering throughout the Ruins, the main ones cobblestoned and large enough for a horse and cart, the minor ones little more than an individual-wide trail of packed earth. The main pathways are often accompanied by hedgerow or low weathered stone walls.

Within the Ruins, many worn dirt and pebble-lined trails crisscross between residences, leading particularly to common areas such as the Feasting Hall, where Last Supper pack meetings are held. Due to the nature of the decrepit old caste, the Ruins provide an ample defense for the pack in the event of an ambush. There are many hidden nooks and crannies amongst the crumbling stones, and in parts, the castle's ancient outer wall remain as a physical blockade. The Ruins also comprise of four compass-pointing towers that have been repaired over the many years of Salsola’s claim of the area.


Crumbled stone wall - Pixabay - Photosforyou Tower - Pixabay - FW83 Tower - Pixabay - Signalschwarz Ruins - Pixabay - Kolibri5 Inner Passageway - Pixabay - Efraimstochhter Overgrown ruins - Pixabay - Markus-s Overgrown ruins - Pixabay - Efraimstochter Archway - Pixabay - Photosforyou Castle - Pixabay - Vetherie Abandoned barn - Pixabay - 6151189 Eample of cabin houses - Pixabay - MikeGoad Eample of a Luperci-built house - Pixabay - JamesDeMers Further towards the country - Pixabay - Free-Photos Nature pathway - Pixabay - Stocksnap Fence - Pixabay Ippicture Dirt road – Pixabay – Summa Stone path - Unsplash - shanerounce Forest - Pixabay - Jplenio Coastline - Pixabay - Seaq68 Coastline - Pixabay - Rmpublishing

1.  Details and Landmarks

1.1  Clinic

The Clinic is a free-standing structure, comprised of an old hunting lodge later expanded and reinforced by early members of the Thistle Kingdom. It is bypassed by one of the main pathways into and out of the Ruins proper - as such, it is well situated along a main thoroughfare. The path is wide enough for a horse and cart, and is regularly used by such to deliver important medical goods to and from the building.

The building itself is roomy and has two floors, including an open upper level where emergency stores, such as blankets and food, are kept. The lower floor is made of stone, and is of original construction. The upper floor is made of pine, crafted by Luperci builders during repairs. It is on the upper floor where ill or resting patients are kept in narrow, simple bunks. There they are tended to by any of the kingdom's Curanderos or the Cleric.

There are three two separate bedrooms on the first level that have been converted for patients use. The bathroom and kitchen have been cleared out completely, with both now serving as storage. There is a fireplace in the main area as well as the kitchen itself. Outside the structure, there is a water trough that is cleaned every few days or as needed.

1.2  The Feasting Hall

The Feasting Hall is where Salsola holds their Last Supper ritual, Saturnalia banquets, and wedding receptions.

This is where the Family meets for meetings to celebrate events, discuss pack activities and progress – including the rites of intra-pack promotions – or to discuss any news relevant to the functioning of the pack. The Feasting Hall is located towards the southern end of the Ruins. Independent of the main structure of the old castle itself, the hall is a long rectangular structure that shows various amounts of exposure and age. Its condition allows for no roof, but sturdy stone walls with two main entrances. When an event is in preparation or progress, large pyres and lit torches will light up the hall with flamelight.

Permanent House Banners hung in the Feasting Hall behind the Boss' chair

Royal House Revlis Royal House Eternity
Noble House Blacksun Noble House D'Angelo Noble House Heiwa Noble House Helsi Noble House Lykoi Noble House Valentine

1.3  Oakgrove

Being as the majority of forest growth in Salsola is predominantly coniferous pine, Oakgrove appears different from the norm. The woods here are a majority oak-growth, a mixture of fine towering old trees, young canopy trees, and little oak saplings. A mixture of introduced English oak and native northern red oak, these trees are impressive to behold. Their lumber is some of the finest in kingdom lands, and much sought-after for the crafting of furniture, equipment and other wooden artifacts.

The acorns harvested from this area also have a multitude of uses.

1.4  Stable (Marrgerd)

Marrgerd is located just two miles north-east of The Ruins. It is the formal name for an area encompassing Salsola's main livestock grazing area and stables. It is large mire fully encompassing over twenty-five hundred acres, comprised largely of open meadowland. A small pond provides easy water access, left as the remains of a larger glacial kettle. While moss was once the major ground cover, time has caused most of this to become peat. This, as well as Shepherd's purse, thistle, and dandelion are extremely common in the area. Brush such as winterberry, silverweed, and staghorn sumac can be found throughout the open areas. As one gets closer to the surrounding forests, Balsam Fir, Jack Pine, Black Spruce, Red Spruce, White Poplar, and Elm begin to consume the open grassland. Pennyroyal was planted around the barn and outlying areas to help mask the scent of animals.

Barn swallows have colonized the high rafters of Salsola’s barn; this is especially favorable and helps keep down the fly and insect population. Unfortunately, the amount of food and waste that is found in the area has attracted scavengers. Rodents can be found around the area, though the high concentration of cats and birds of prey in the area keep this population at bay. Whitefish can be found within the lake itself; their presence has attracted raccoons which will sometimes try and come into the barn at night.

1.5  Storage

Located in the far, outer-reaching countryside of the Ruins, and within a small hike from Millstone Village, a small hump of land hunkers against the loch's stiff breeze along the Southern Coastline. At first, it may seem to be the average esker or drumlin, just another patch of land showing signs of past glaciation. Upon closer inspection, however, one realizes there is a thick and heavy oak door in the hillside itself, half-disguised by overgrowth from the hillock it sits within. Disguised in this way from any non-Salsolan eyes, the Storage unit is better described as an underground bunker than it is a shed or a house. Due to the nature of being enclosed on all sides by earth, it is exceptionally good at maintaining an even, low temperature year-round; making it perfect for the storing of treated or preserved foods. Sectioned by category, it is an orderly, monitored affair. Salsola's storage unit is a singular room despite how the space may feel being divided up as it is. The pack uses this area to store public goods such as dishes, dried plants, or anything else they're comfortable sharing. One will find that there are sturdy, wooden shelving units that line the walls and may even double as dividers within the room. There are also organizational cupboards and drawers, stacked crates and baskets, hefty barrels, and even the occasional trunk or chest for storage. Lighting consists of a few strategically placed lanterns that are hung off of hooks from the ceiling, and are fueled by candlelight that can be lit at one’s convenience. However, most may find it easier to simply leave or prop the door open if they’re not in need of anything towards the back or far corners of the storage unit.

1.6  The War Room

Placeholder iamge

Opening summary, to include significance, construction, project leader, building placement, and building layout

In January 2022, in the aftermath of the battle to liberate the sieged Caledonians during the Tear in the Tapestry, a catapult was smuggled back to Salsola in secret by Kamari Kaiser with the help of Tattersall Valentine, Morrow Larue, and Mirko Morandi. This large siege weapon now sits outside the War Room.

Though the War Room is often associated with the Shield and the Kingdom’s fighter-types, it currently houses many of the Kingdom’s spoils, from wars to skirmishes and smaller conflicts, to great or rare hunts, to other notable moments within the Kingdom’s history. Trophies must have a significant meaning to the Kingdom, not just a single individual. For example, the sword of the leader of a group that harassed Salsola as a whole would be acceptable; the sword of a single, random, trespassing Loner would not be.

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