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  1.   1.  Barn and Corral
    1.   1.1  Rules
    2.   1.2  Communal Cart Trained Animals
    3.   1.3  Stalls
  2.   2.  Horses
    1.   2.1  Stallions & Geldings
    2.   2.2  Mares
    3.   2.3  Yearlings & Foals
  3.   3.  Livestock
    1.   3.1  Cattle
    2.   3.2  Fowl
    3.   3.3  Goats & Sheep
    4.   3.4  Pigs
  4.   4.  Other

Map showing Marrgerd

by Alaine

by Alaine

» See Grimrun for horses in the Pauson horse breeding program

Marrgerd is located just two miles north-east of The Ruins. It is the formal name for an area encompassing Salsola's main livestock grazing area and stables. It is large mire fully encompassing over twenty-five hundred acres, comprised largely of open meadowland. A small pond provides easy water access, left as the remains of a larger glacial kettle. While moss was once the major ground cover, time has caused most of this to become peat. This, as well as Shepherd's purse, thistle, and dandelion are extremely common in the area. Brush such as winterberry, silverweed, and staghorn sumac can be found throughout the open areas. As one gets closer to the surrounding forests, Balsam Fir, Jack Pine, Black Spruce, Red Spruce, White Poplar, and Elm begin to consume the open grassland. Pennyroyal was planted around the barn and outlying areas to help mask the scent of animals.

Barn swallows have colonized the high rafters of Salsola’s barn; this is especially favorable and helps keep down the fly and insect population. Unfortunately, the amount of food and waste that is found in the area has attracted scavengers. Rodents can be found around the area, though the high concentration of cats and birds of prey in the area keep this population at bay. Whitefish can be found within the lake itself; their presence has attracted raccoons which will sometimes try and come into the barn at night.

The artwork featured on this page comes courtesy of Alaine. <3

Livestock on Location
Large livestock


Small livestock




1.  Barn and Corral

Most of the barn is constructed within a stand of trees, the centermost of which were felled for building materials. The trees obscure the barn from view to some extent; if someone were not specifically looking for the corral or already aware of its existence, they might easily overlook it. Added shrubbery and vines planted along the barn's sides add to the cover. The barn itself a drab gray-green color on the outside, aiding its disguise. Constructed largely of elm, the barn is fashioned after a log house with a purlin styled roof. Between the logs and the gypsum and moss mortar mixture that seals the building, it is remarkably well-insulated.

Each stall is a large squared space, providing enough room for larger draft horses. This size also allows for mares to be stabled with their foals until these are weaned. Smaller horses, including ponies, would be able to comfortably share a stall. Stalls themselves are lined with peat moss to provide bedding for the livestock. Troughs for both food and water are located within the stalls as well, and while they have tall wooden “bars” to keep neighbors from harassing each other, the open-air lack of ceiling provides some ease to the residents.

Horses are turned out in the pastures during the day, though are brought in overnight. Stallions, pregnant or nursing mares, or animals with medical issues are restricted to the corrals.

1.1  Rules

  • These communal animals may be used for any purposes and by any member in or above the Central ranks.
  • Note that trading, killing, injuring, etc. Free Trade animals is not barred unless noted. If you are unsure about what you can do with an animal, please send a message to Leadership!
  • Communal animals listed here are stabled within or around Marrgerd unless specifically noted otherwise.
  • Salsola adheres to the Tagging System -- pay attention to the tags, as they designate what an item can be used for.
  • Please update the item quantity when you have made use of it. If you do not want to update the Wiki or cannot, please let us know to update it.

1.2  Communal Cart Trained Animals

1.3  Stalls

2.  Horses

2.1  Stallions & Geldings

Icon Gender DOB Tags About History



Stallion April 2015 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Onxy is very strong, and one of the most muscular of Salsola's horses. He can haul large amounts of weight by himself, though is not very fast and lacks long-lasting stamina. However, his large size and weight allows him to carry heavier riders.
  • Personality: Obedient, relatively patient.
  • Description: Dark gray with lighter gray dappling towards the front of the body; will likely darken as he gets older. Stocky and leggy with a big head; a large stallion like his sire.



Stallion 2016 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Able to carry a larger rider and pull a cart, though his anxiety can make him more unpredictable.
  • Personality: Eager to work but something of a "spooky" horse, he can get anxious in strange settings -- he is especially afraid of loud wind.
  • Description: : A stocky, muscular horse with a particularly wavy mane and tail.
  • Born in March of 2016 to Strawberry, sired by Svantevit stallion Tibor.

2.2  Mares

Icon Gender DOB Tags About History



Mare 2015 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Rider trained
  • Personality: ---
  • Description: Black and white, of Gypsy Vanner ancestry
  • Notes:
    • Currently foaling twins Nick and Sally, born spring 2020, cannot be separated


Mare 2013 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Very fast and good at turning.
  • Personality: Willing to work for food. Tends to be stubborn.
  • Description: Palomino bred in the Bay Horses herds. Branded.
  • Taken from Drifter Bay during the 2014 foal round-up.
  • Gave birth to Zephyr in 2018.



Filly 2018 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Currently in training. Experienced handlers only.
    • She is halter trained.
    • She can "pony on" with trail rides, and be led from another horse.
  • Personality: --
  • Description: : Born dark, will gray with age.
  • Born to Róta, sired by Nacht.



Filly 2018 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Currently in training. Experienced handlers only.
    • She is halter trained.
    • She can "pony on" with trail rides, and be led from another horse.
  • Personality: --
  • Description: : A dark silver appaloosa.
  • Born to Caprice, sired by Tiger.



Mare 2016 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Rider trained, excellent for trade ventures far beyond the Kingdom (used to and willing to carry heavy saddlebags and gear)
  • Personality: Generally calm and aloof, very easy-going personality
  • Description: Brown dapple with a white blaze and white socks; flaxen mane. Feet are lightly feathered.
  • Stolen Obtained in March 2020 by Kamari and Sanguine as "payment" for stealing from a member of Salsola [1].
  • Comes with their own horse tack and saddlebags



Mare 2015 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Rider trained, Pull/Cart trained (unknown)
  • Personality: Calm, patient, reliable, hardworking and willing to work, easy to train, good for new riders, does not bolt unless severely spooked.
  • Description: Draft ancestry, built more for strength and endurance. Entirely black.



Mare 2017 [NT!]


  • Personality: Confident, willing to work for the right handler.
  • Description: : Black Frame Overo, with slight feathering.
  • Notes:
    • Nadine is relatively inexperienced with riders, and more likely to disobey a non-assertive one.
  • Born in June 2017 to Prancer and Nacht.

2.3  Yearlings & Foals

Icon Gender DOB Tags About History



Colt 2020


  • Abilities: Unknown
  • Personality: --
  • Description: Black with a white nose and half black/white tail; of Gypsy Vanner ancestry
  • Born to Aloline, twin to Sally.
  • Gifted to Salsola by Aani Aston-D'Noires upon her joining in April 2020



Filly 2020


  • Abilities: Unknown
  • Personality: --
  • Description: Black with all white socks; white spot on eye that's blue; of Gypsy Vanner ancestry
  • Born to Aloline, twin to Nick.
  • Gifted to Salsola by Aani Aston-D'Noires upon her joining in April 2020

3.  Livestock

3.1  Cattle

Icon Gender Number or DoB Tags About History



Highland cow (male) b. 2007


  • Abilities: Cart, pulling (lumber, stone), plowing, being sat on (not rider-trained, simply does not care)
    • Uses: Wool
  • Personality: Extremely simple, often noted as being very calm and slow. Often unafraid of Luperci, as it thinks it can simply stomp on them if they come too close and bark too much.
  • Description: Large and furry highland cow. Cow’s pelt is in a rich brown, and it has two relatively large horns that look more impressive and dangerous than they really are



Highland cow hybrid (female) b. 2010 [NT!]
  • Abilities: ---
    • Uses: Dairy, wool
  • Personality: Docile, sweet -- somewhat skittish around new Luperci.
  • Description: A very large, very hairy highland cow hyrbid with long horns. She is deep chocolate brown all over, highlighted with tendrils of a caramel brown. Her eyes are very wide and very dark brown.



Landrace cow (female) b. --- [NT!]
  • Abilities: ---
    • Uses: Dairy, wool
  • Personality: ---
  • Description: ---
  • Born on the Holt family ranch
  • Brought to and donated to Salsola by Katinka Holt

3.2  Fowl

Icon Gender Number or DoB Tags About History

Noble (peacock)

Male 2011 [NT!]
  • Abilities: ---
    • Uses: Feathers (Warning: do not pluck)
  • Personality: Flighty, annoying, loud
  • Description: Salsola residents are well-advised not to eat this peacock.
  • When left behind by Sirius, the peacock was left without a true owner; however, the leadership has made it very clear the animal is to be left alone.


Rooster x2 [NT!]
  • Uses: Meat, eggs, feathers, pest control
  • Notes:
    • Salsola's chickens include Rhode Island Red, Phoenix, and Chantecler bloodlines. They vary greatly in color and size.
    • The actual number of chickens varies. These are fluid estimates.
Hen x12 [FT!]
Chick x48 [FT!]



Drake x1 [NT!]
  • Uses: Meat, eggs, feathers and fertilizer (droppings).
  • Notes:
    • Docile and used to being around Luperci.
    • Tend to be curious especially if food is involved (such as digging in the garden)!
Duck x1 [NT!]
Duckling x11 [FT!]

3.3  Goats & Sheep

Icon Gender Number or DoB Tags About History

Kraus (goat)

Buck b. 2011 [NT!]
  • Uses: Breeding, cashmere wool
  • Personality: This goat is a tough-guy, likes to smash his horns into things.
  • Notes:
  • ---

Seidig (goat)

Doe b. 2011 [NT!]
  • Uses: Cashmere wool, milk
  • Personality: Mouthy, but very even tempered. She likes to nibble on things.
  • Notes:
    • She is a Cashmere Goat.
    • Has given birth to multiple kids sired by Kraus
  • ---

Miscellaneous Goats


Buck x1 [NT!]
  • Uses: Trade, milk, cheese, hides, cashmere wool
  • Notes:
    • These goats don’t have names and are largely a hybrid mix.
    • Longer-haired goats may be sheered in the spring for their wool.
    • Typical of goats, they tend to like climbing things, eating everything, and getting into mischief.
Doe x4 [NT!]
Kid x1 [NT!]


Ram x2 [NT!]
  • Uses: Trade, wool, meat, milk
  • Notes:
    • Shorn for wool each spring. Shearing approximately around April.
    • Sheep are often slaughtered for the Last Supper, other large events, or rituals.
    • The actual number of ewes varies. These are fluid estimates.
    • Young rams born to Salsola's ewes are often slaughtered. Salsola also slaughters the dominant ram after a period of no more than two years, and replaces him. This is to prevent an over-abundance of inbreeding.
Ewe x10 [FT!]
Lamb x8 [FT!]

3.4  Pigs

Icon Gender Number or DoB Tags About History
Boar x1 [NO!]
  • Uses: Meat, leather, trading
  • Notes:
    • Pigs are often roasted for the Last Supper or other large events.
    • The pigs don't seem to really care what's going on around them unless it involves food.
    • Piglets are used to being handled, but will put up a fight if they're picked up.
  • Original brood traded from Anathema and Freetown.
  • Various bloodlines introduced over the years.
Sow x3 [NT!]
Piglets x18 [FT!]

4.  Other

Icon Gender Number or DoB Tags About History

Clarence (donkey)


Mammoth Jack Donkey (male) b. 2008


  • Abilities: Riding, cart pulling
  • Personality: Normally a gentleman, though Clarence may kick out when startled or intimidated. Knows his own strength and isn't afraid to use it if a task or rider is particularly unpleasant.
  • Description: A sorrel and pale-bellied Mammoth Jack Donkey.
  • Notes:
    • Takes a firm but gentle hand for best results.
  • Stolen Found wandering around near the KR Outpost by Emmett de le Poer, gifted to Salsola upon his joining.

Amma (llama)


Llama (Female) b. 2012 [NT!]
  • Abilities: Livestock guardian
    • Uses: Wool, dairy
  • Notes:
    • She is a typical chocolate brown llama with a small patch of white on her forehead. Her wool is very long and silky. (reference)
    • Docile and approachable though easily spooked by strangers.
    • Gave birth to Cusco at the end of March 2017
  • Brought to Salsola by Serene from Portland.

Cusco (llama)


Llama (male) b. 2017 [NT!]
  • Abilities: Livestock guardian
    • Uses: Wool
  • Notes:
    • Born to Amma
    • He is brown, like his mother, but with a white head and white socks on his front legs. He is super fluffy, even when sheared.
    • Calm and friendly, easy to handle, and a lover of treats.
  • Born in Salsola.

Bojangles (yak)

Yak (male) b. 2010


  • Abilities: Cart, pulling (lumber, stone), plowing, being sat on (not rider-trained, simply does not care)
  • Personality: Unafraid and largely disinterested in everything, Bojangles has an extremely placid and lazy nature
  • Description: Completely black yak with shaggy fur. Bojangles has medium-sized horns and also has a nose ring.
  • Notes:
    • Can sometimes be hard to motivate, and may require treats or whips to get him to move
    • Has a very slow gait, but is extremely strong
    • Bojangles loves attention


Bucks x4 [FT!]
  • Uses: Meat, pelts, leather, trade
  • Notes:
    • The rabbits vary in number regularly, but at least three are kept alive at any given time.
    • Due to a lack of fresh blood, many of these rabbits resemble one another almost identically.
  • Original brood captured from the wild.
Doe x8 [FT!]
Kits x20 [FT!]



Both Fluctuates [NT!]
  • Abilities: Pollinators
    • Uses: Wax, honey
  • Personality: Bzzzzzzzzzzz off
  • Description: Small, fuzzy, yellow, and striped.
  • Helena traded to acquire one hive of bees from Ezra Vahn as part of a contract. Included was a Luperci written book about the various ways of caring for bees.
  • The bees are kept in Luperci-made langstroth copy cat hive - the hive has been settled into the Orchard by Helena and Andrew.

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