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Reading this introductory information is mandatory before attempting to join!

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The Queendom of Salsola
The Portland Outpost

The Fort Preble Outpost at Portland, Maine, is an important off-board trade destination for Salsola.
» Longterm aNPC Salsolan characters end up here.


Character Overview

We expect our players to keep their own character listings updated in the directory.

Familial Houses

Read more about Salsola's hereditary Houses and their importance as IC flavor. Find out if your character is a member of an esteemed House today!



Quick Maps

Territory Map The Ruins Map

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Contact Us

» Pack Account — For all general inquiries, please PM the SL Pack Account.
» Leadership

Alaine (OOC/IC)Mel (OOC/IC)Songbird (OOC)


Salsola has its own Discord Chat! To be added to the channel, please contact Salsolan Leadership.
» Only players of active or aNPC'd Salsolans may join the Salsola Discord Chat.


Show your Salsolan pride! You can use the provided code or write your own -- feel free to hotlink the images from us; you needn't upload them to your own server.

Acceptable Uses

  • Put them in your 'Souls signature or profile.
  • Use them off-board to promote 'Souls: other RPGs, other forums, art websites, personal webspace -- anywhere! (NOTE: do not take credit for art you have not made).
  • Perfect for hotlinking on your character's Wiki page.
  • Many can be used in tables on the boards!

Submission Rules

We welcome additions to this list! It's always exciting when members contribute their own Pack Pride images to our greedy hoard. There are no restrictions in terms of image size - just make sure it's in the right section below, and that it's not so huge as to swamp the page. The only restriction we place on these images is that they must be Salsola related; Images that are related to a single Salsolan character are not applicable, as the theme here is pack pride.
Much love, and please enjoy these images!


80 x 15

88 x 31

by Alaine by Alaine by Songbird by Songbird, original art by Alaine
by Alaine by Alaine
by Alaine by Alaine by Sie by Sie by Sie by Sie by Sie by Sie

50 x 50

100 x 100

by Sie by Sie by Sie
by Sie by Sie by Sie by Sie


468 x 60

400 x 100

by Kiki
by Sie
by Sie
by Rose

Miscellaneous Sizes

by Alaine
by Kitty
by Cait
by Rose
by Rose
by Requiem - click for alternate
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