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Salsola's Amherst Claim & Northern Borders

Salsola's Claim of Amherst by Alaine

The expanse of Salsola's Amherst claim and northern borders
Credit: Alaine

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  1.   1.  Outsiders in Salsola
  2.   2.  Areas of Interest
    1.   2.1  The Queensgate Garrison
    2.   2.2  The Highroad
    3.   2.3  The Marketplace
    4.   2.4  The Firehouse
    5.   2.5  The Docks

This portion of territory is within Salsola's claim of the city of Amherst.

Amherst was a human-built town constructed on the high ground near the Tantramar Marshes, close to what was once the border of New Brunswick. In the years following the apocalypse, Amherst fell into ruin – exposure to the salty water and air brought in by the Bay of Fundy may have contributed to this swift decay, though the falling of the Red Star further destroyed what had been left behind. There is a notable difference between the section of the old town beyond and within Salsola's claim. The pack has gone to efforts to remove debris, demolish unsafe structures, and reinforce or rebuild those which remain. Salsola's Amherst claim is the most urbanized portion of the Thistle Kingdom's territory, but this low-density area still boasts plenty of green space.

Inspiration Gallery (Hide)
Part of an old rail line runs through Amherst — Michael & Diane Weidner on Unsplash Example of what the outer lying areas pf Amherst may look like — Thomas Werneken on Unsplash Overgrowth between buildings — Florian Olivo on Unsplash Overgrowth and graffiti — Yana Vandeborne on Unsplash Home overtaken by nature — Theo Bickel on Unsplash Some homes have faired better than others over the years — Sinziana Susa Many homes may find the elements moving in — Anatoliy Shostak on Unsplash Room in disrepair — Tobias Reich on Unsplash Overgrowth can make for ideal conditions for sneaking about — Cédric Dhaenens on Unsplash Nature reclaiming a building — Cédric Dhaenens on Unsplash Large open spaces like this can be of great use to Salsolans or trouble by camping Outsiders — Cédric Dhaenens on Unsplash Abandoned building Florian Olivo on Unsplash Abandoned building — Leo_Visions on Unsplash Many abandoned buildings may look a bit rough — Sacre Bleu Not even inner Amherst is free of overgrowth — Michaela Murphy on Unsplash Example of Amherst closer to Salsola's borders — Wikipedia

1.  Outsiders in Salsola

Salsola's Amherst claim and related areas are semi-"open" (restricted access) to Outsider (Non-Salsolan) characters.

Due to the pack's culture and high regard for secrecy and anonymity amongst many of its members, Amherst and its related areas are the only places Outsiders are allowed within Salsola — only on the very rare occasion, may the Mafiosi permit an Outsider deeper into the Kingdom. Outsiders seeking entry into Salsola must have an acceptable reason for their visit (eg. trade, business). Sight-seeing, or, simply "visiting a friend" are not seen as "valid" reasons for access into Salsola; it may earn you a good laugh from the guards, however! Access for visitors into and out of Salsola are done exclusively through the Queensgate Garrison. Those who attempt to enter Salsola anywhere else will be viewed as trespassers, and will be treated accordingly. At the Garrison checkpoint, individuals will be thoroughly vetted by Salsolan guards. Upon passing inspection, Outsiders will be allowed admittance through the garrison's gates, and are generally escorted to Salsola's Marketplace unless their business requires otherwise. Those with special permission may be allowed additional, escorted access down to the Docks, or, to make use of accommodations provided via Salsola's visitor housing, the Firehouse, both of which are located within Salsolan-controlled Amherst. Those who "fail" inspection at the checkpoint's gates will be denied entry and turned away; forcibly, if needed.

Non-Salsolan characters must have permission by Salsola Leadership prior to threading in this area.

Rules for visiting Outsiders:
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  • OOC:
    • Please read over our Visitation Policies for further information and for general permissions.
      • Of course, Salsolan Players need not request permission for tNPCs or minor NPCs present within their threads!
    • Assumptions — Unless a Salsolan Player has specifically given consent otherwise, we ask that you do not assume to know their character's allegiance or otherwise make it your goal to “oust” them either. Please assume that the character is like everyone else, and is either a Loner or a member of another pack instead! As well, due to Salsola's general culture for secrecy, we also ask that Players be careful not to metagame or otherwise obtain information that their character should not know/discover about our pack. We want you to have fun and enjoy playing in our territory, but not at the expense of our Players, their characters, or our pack :(
    • pNPC Usage — If you use a Salsolan pNPC beyond vague references, you must clearly state their presence within the thread within the OOC section of your post(s). This is mostly to help us keep track of their usage. Non-Salsolan Players may use the following, outed, Salsolan pNPCs in their threads:
  • IC:
    • Must Pass through the Gate — All guests looking to have access to the Marketplace (or otherwise) must pass through the Queensgate Garrison's checkpoint. Those that do not pass through this checkpoint will be immediately evicted and treated as a trespasser (in other words, your character should not have "snuck in" to Salsola!). If you wish to reference this process, you are free to reference/play out:
      • …being asked to state your character's business with Salsola
      • …being asked their allegiance/who they are affiliated with
      • …being asked to declare all weaponry
      • …having their goods/carts/bags inspected
      • …being informed of the rules regarding their stay/visitation
    • Access Restrictions — Once characters pass through the checkpoint, they will be escorted along the Highroad to the Marketplace. Access to the Docks and Firehouse may only be permitted depending on their business within the pack. In general, non-Salsolan visitors are restricted to areas north of the Highroad (shown as the orange path on the area map). Overall, Outsiders are only permitted to freely move and do business within areas where they can be easily supervised by (outed or disguised) Salsolans; this means that running or sneaking off to other areas of Salsolan-occupied Amherst is not possible (of course, however, you're welcome to try, get caught, and then face the consequences of your mischief ;>). Failure to abide by these access restrictions may result in immediate expulsion from the pack lands, confiscation of goods, and being banned from returning.
    • Visitation Hours — Sunup to Sundown, unless overnight privileges have been granted otherwise by the Mafiosi.
      • Accommodations — With the exception of certain, special events, only those with the Mafiosi's permission may use Salsola's visitor housing, the Firehouse. Outsiders are, generally, expected to leave Salsolan territory outside of visitation hours.
      • Food — Hunting within Salsola is prohibited. Outsiders are expected to bring their own meals or trade for these within the Marketplace.
    • Fighting and/or Thievery — Fighting and theft are strictly prohibited. Outsiders that are caught causing trouble may be kicked out and may even have their goods confiscated. They may also be “blacklisted” — the visitor will be treated as a hostile, no longer be allowed to do business with Salsola, and be liable for punishment — pending on the severity their offenses. Or course, Salsolans will protect their own if they are the source of the trouble (Example).
    • Weaponry — In an effort to maintain some semblance of safety for both Salsolans and other guests, all carried blades must be peace-tied and all carried bows must be unstrung while traversing to, from, and through the Marketplace (or otherwise). Larger, personal weaponry may be temporarily confiscated by Salsolan guards if they feel that an Outsider cannot be trusted with it. Any confiscated weaponry may be retrieved upon leaving Salsola.
      • These restrictions apply to weapons immediately carried on or by Outsiders while in Salsolan territory. Obviously, bartered weapons need not apply for the sake of trading; however, upon trading for ("buying") a weapon, one will need to follow the rules accordingly.
  • Have a question if a certain scenario is allowed? Just unsure about something in general? Feel free to send a PM to Salsola's OOC Account!

2.  Areas of Interest

2.1  The Queensgate Garrison

Looking out one of the garrison's gates — Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash

Looking out the garrison's Salsolan-side gate.

» Notable NPCs: Lace Valentine (2020-Present)

In the shadow of the Halcyon mountain range sits an old, battalion-esque building; a once-relic dated to roughly the same age as the Ruins proper due to the usage of similar stones in its construction. The garrison has been kept in relatively good repair over the ages, first by Those who came Before, and, later, by nomadic travelers passing through the then-unclaimed lands. As such, and owing to the sturdy rigidity of its original foundation, the Queensgate Garrison required only minor amendments before being of great use to the Thistle Kingdom. Now, this stoic building is the dominion of the Shield Faction, and the semi-permanent home of a number of trainee guards, soldiers, and scouts. It serves as a blockage between the difficult-to-monitor Amherst border and the deeper entryways to Upper Tantramar. Overlooking and monitoring all passage along the Highroad, the Queensgate Garrison is the frontline unit of defense in Salsola's north.

For security and defensive reasons, the immediate, surrounding terrain on the outer-side of the garrison has been cleared back a good distance from the garrison's main entrance and surrounding, protective walls. Beyond this, however, the forest remains wild and untamed. The road leading directly up to the garrison gradually shifts from a worn-and-overgrown path; to a packed, dirt road; and then, finally, to a stone-and-gravel road leading up to the garrison's outer-gate. Given the garrison's natural layout, Outsiders that pass through the checkpoint will be unable to glean much of anything about its true, defensive capabilities, occupancy, or amenities.

The garrison itself is not an overly expansive structure, however, it is large enough to comfortably defend its portion of the northern border. The checkpoint is built from heavy, sturdy, durable stones, and has a descent length of wall that stretches out in either direction from the main structure and along the Salsolan border. The terrain becomes notably more hazardous (and impassable for carts) towards the ends of these protective walls, effectively and naturally funneling traffic towards the garrison's gates. Border traps and Salsolan patrols help further ensure that trespassers don't get far should they attempt to bypass the checkpoint.

The Queensgate Garrison has two main gates; a pair of stone archways that are located on either side of its sizable courtyard. The neutral-sided gate is referred to as the "outer" gate; the Salsolan-sided gate is referred to as the "inner" gate. Both have a set of large, heavy, wooden doors that can be closed or left opened. The gates are wide enough to comfortably allow a horse-drawn cart through. A gravel-and-stone staging area is located immediately outside the inner gate, and can be used for carts and/or large groups of Luperci awaiting departure from or escort into Salsola so as to not crowd and block traffic through the garrison's inner courtyard.

Battlements line the garrison's walls, roofs, and upper decks, and are complete with squared-off merlons and embrasures (gaps between the merlons where archers may shoot from). It is from these walls — and especially the portion that stretches across the outer gate — that the guards survey the surrounding lands and may sometimes interact with approaching Outsiders from. The walls are tall enough in that they would take a skilled Luperci with proper tools to scale them, even where vines and vegetation have crept up. Towers sit on the corners of the main garrison, and allow ample coverage of their sector. Stone stairs/stairwells are placed throughout the garrison, providing multiple points to move between levels. Due to its design, there are various, covered, ground floor areas that can be found throughout the garrison (alcoves, nooks, hallways, and even a couple of larger spaces), allowing for additional places of varied relief from the elements (or prying eyes). The garrison has a decent-sized, centralized courtyard. Stone (mixed with gravel and stubborn moss in some places) covers the entirety of the garrison's ground level, and continues along the road in either direction out of the garrison. Various torches and braziers can be found and lit throughout the structure.

There are minimal rooms (restricted to the towers and the ground floor) within the garrison itself, and most are only temporarily used by those stationed for guard duty. Rooms located on the ground floor do not have windows; rooms located on the second floor, however, have windows with shutters or makeshift curtains installed. The sleeping quarters are only decorated with the necessities for basic comforts (straw bed, fur blankets, wooden chest to store belongings). Guard rooms have only simple furnishings (rug, wooden chair, bench, and/or stool). The storage and weapon rooms are outfitted with similar simplicity, with only enough resources (food, goods, weapons, etc.) to provide for those on-duty. The designated "kitchen" is nothing more than one of the larger, covered areas located on the ground floor. It makes use of three existing walls, and has had a more-recently-built fourth, half-wall partition installed to help section off the area better. The makeshift kitchen has a stone firepit built in the center of it, some basic (and very limited) cooking utensils; a generic, all-use cookpot; and a roasting spit. While there may be some that enjoy the simplicity of the garrison, there are others who might find it "cold", "boring", and/or "lacking" while stationed there.

On the Salsolan-side of the garrison, there is a small horse corral (complete with basic amenities and a small, open-style stall barn) to accommodate the steeds of those stationed at the garrison. Tucked off to the side is a small training area for the garrison's occupants. Further beyond the checkpoint lies the Highroad, the main road that leads deeper into Salsola, thick forest, and stretches of Upper Tantramar's rolling plains.

  • Garrison Amenities Breakdown: (Salsolan-Only Use)
    • 1F — Sleeping Quarters, Storage Room, "Kitchen", Weapons Room, Courtyard
    • 2F — Battlements (walls), Sleeping Quarters (towers), Guard Rooms (towers)
    • Adjacent Outside Areas (Salsolan-side) — Small horse corral and open-style stall barn, Small archery and training area, Staging area
  • Previous NPCs: Duncan de le Poer (2020-2024)

Inspiration Gallery (Hide)

Example of the flooring and stairs leading up to the upper decks/second floor — jass0919570 on Pixabay One of the lookout turrets — Frank Albrecht on Unsplash Portion of the garrison's walls — Bao Menglong on Unsplash

2.2  The Highroad

Portion of the Highroad — Wikimedia Commons

The Highroad is the only road Outsiders are allowed to take to navigate through Salsola.

Located just beyond the garrison's inner gates lies what is locally referred to as the "Highroad" (shown as the orange path on the area map). It is a single path that crosses Salsola's northern, Amherst border, and leads directly through to the Marketplace. Its path through the Kingdom is purposely separated from high vantage points and other pathways leading deeper into Salsolan territory. This allows Salsolans to easily avoid being seen by Outsiders, and protects them and their anonymity as they go about their daily lives. All passage over the Highroad is scrutinized by soldiers and scouts stationed at the Queensgate Garrison. An Outsider will only be allowed entry along the Highroad once their wares (and purpose in Salsola) have been vetted by the guards at the garrison, only after which, they will be escorted by a trusted Family member to their destination. Although it is not always obvious to Outsiders, the road is heavily patrolled.

  • Trivia! — There is lingo befitting of usage of the Highroad. For example, should a Salsolan say to the sentries posted at the garrison: "This is our friend, I wish to take them along the Highroad", then the soldiers will know that the Outsider is worthy of the Marketplace. Should a Salsolan say to the sentries: "This is my friend, I wish to take them along the Lowroad", then the soldiers will know that the Outsider is to be robbed and/or accosted the moment they set foot on Salsolan soil.

The road in its entirety shifts between stone, stone-and-gravel, packed dirt, and concrete depending where one is at along its length. It is wide enough to allow horse-drawn carts to travel and pass each other without much issue. For the most part, the Highroad takes Outsiders through alternating patches of thick woodlands and open fields before dropping them off into the more recognizable sights of constructions left by Those of Before. Hedgerows and low, stone barriers can occasionally found along the Highroad as well. Not surprisingly, Salsola maintains the road quite well. The Highroad allows for visitors to view the beautiful countryside and woods that belong to the Thistle Kingdom. Conveniently, however, one may or may not realize that they have a very limited, actual view of the Kingdom itself or its entirety. As with everything Salsolan; they only let you see what they want you to see ;)

Inspiration Gallery (Hide)

Stoneroad — Adriano Pucciarelli on Unsplash Road through woodlands — Hannah Reding on Unsplash Road near open fields — Danny De Vylder on Unsplash Example of the road just before hitting the outskirts of town that you can see in the distance — Michael Payne on Unsplash

2.3  The Marketplace

Example of a stall

One can find all sorts of wares at the Marketplace.

» Notable NPCs: Mirte Haumann (2020-Present)

Salvaged from the remains of a city square is the heaving quarter of the Marketplace. Heavily weathered buildings facing inward to an open plaza of cracked concrete and worn stone have been bedecked, instead, with fresh wood and cloth-bannered stalls and various shops. Riotous with color and sound, the Marketplace is the dominion of Salsola's Merchant Faction. The main plaza and its adjacent streets see regular use by both Salsolans and Outsiders alike as vendors, merchants, traders, and other interested parties barter and haggle their goods and/or services. The Marketplace may contain a great wealth of things both local and far-traveled; one need only know where to look. During peak seasons and special events — such as the Salsolan-hosted Thistle Market? — the market may see a spike in activity and traffic of both Luperci and goods. Even on its slowest days, however, there is always something that can be traded for.

The Marketplace remains the only location within Salsolan territory where Outsiders — under escort and careful watch — may be tolerated, or even welcomed. Trade is the lifeblood of this landmark, and new or aspiring merchants will often display their wares here in an attempt to cut their teeth on the ruthless nature of barter.

» See Salsola's Marketplace page for further information on the market, its rules and usage, and for Marketplace store and stall information.

2.4  The Firehouse

Old Firetruck — Wikimedia Commons

This rusted, metal creation is a prominent landmark near the Firehouse.

Constructed during the time of humanity, the Amherst Fire Station is one of the remaining structures in the area. A two story building, this brick and concrete structure survived the worst of the natural disasters that affected Nova Scotia. It's original interior was damaged by exposure, not only from the large open doors of its mostly empty truck house, but from the fall of the Red Star in 2016, which shattered the building's windows. Though wear and tear is obvious, efforts have been made to keep the building standing, particularly so in a dedicated renovation project that was led and completed in Spring 2021. In some places, such as around the large and now vacant garage, timber has been erected to support door frames and other weak points. While its windows were obliterated when the Red Star fell, wooden shutters and leather coverings help keep the worst of the weather out.

At present, the Firehouse is used to provide accommodations for approved guests (Outsiders) of Salsola.

Permission must be sought and received by the Mafiosi for Outsiders to be allowed to stay within or use the Firehouse.

As Salsola sought to host a trading caravan of Outsiders for the first time in Spring 2021, an ambitious, community project was led to clean up various places in Salsolan-controlled Amherst, to include creating a space where their guests could comfortably reside during their stay in the Thistle Kingdom. The Firehouse was chosen because of its structural integrity, size, and location. It was just a short ways off of the Highroad and was located close to the Queensgate Garrison, putting it far out of reach from accidentally exposing secretive Salsolans or the Kingdom's daily life and going-ons. Roads into and around the area could be easily navigated by a horse-drawn cart, and there was plenty of flat, open space to allow for expansion or tents for larger parties. Once renovated, the building conveyed exactly what Salsola wanted its guests to see: tidy, clean, sophisticated wealth and upkeep.

Solidly built and especially spacious on its ground floor, the Firehouse can easily and comfortably house a medium-sized party of Luperci within it. The building sits within a quiet, peaceful suburb surrounded by various, abandoned buildings, patches of woodland and open fields, and a flowing brook that stems off of a larger body of water further up and downstream. A small horse corral — along with a simple lean-to for basic shelter — have been built outside to contain mounts or other livestock brought in by guests. The outdoor, stone firepit can be used for warmth, lighting, or cooking. Abandoned off to one side of the lot is a rusted, metal construction left from Those of Before, and its deceased, bloated heft acts as a highly visible and easily recognizable landmark with its flaking, red paint.

Inside, the Firehouse has been cleaned of errant debris, and has had various constructions built to ensure the structure's future longevity and use. The ground floor gives ample space for visitors to lounge and mingle in, and can easily be converted into additional sleeping quarters for guests. It has a firepit built for light and warmth, and, while it is normally sparsely furnished to allow for more room, additional chairs and tables can be brought out of the storage areas if needed. The once-electrical and bathrooms on this floor have been converted into additional areas for storage. The secondary floor acts as the "main" floor of sorts for most visitors, as it hosts dedicated, private sleeping quarters, a kitchen, as well as additional, larger, open rooms for mingling, additional sleeping quarters, or for business. Lighting on this floor is mostly provided by candlelight, although, the kitchen and one of the larger rooms host additional firepits. All of the Firehouse's windows have been converted to have wooden shutters or given leather coverings. Furnishings throughout the Firehouse are mostly simple, but tasteful, and are enough for an ideal, pleasant stay.

Most of the resources regularly stored within the Firehouse are basic comforts (eg. blankets, candles, etc.), additional furnishings and amenities (eg. simple wooden stool or cooking pot, etc.), or emergency-only medicinal items (eg. bandages to stop bleeding, etc.). Due to the relative infrequency of guests, the Firehouse is usually only stocked with perishable goods (foodstuffs) when the Kingdom is expecting to receive worthy guests (or, at least, it is stocked quickly thereafter). Salsolans may also stock other goods, materials, or otherwise depending on who their guest(s) are, as well as their business within Salsola.

When actively hosting someone within the Firehouse, there is typically at least one Salsolan who remains with the guest(s) (read: acts as a guard/chaperone) at all times to ensure the they do not cause trouble. A few more secretive Salsolans may make use of the overgrown vegetation, dense tree lines, and/or empty houses located nearby to monitor (spy) on visiting Outsiders using the Firehouse.

Firehouse Amenities Breakdown:

  • 1F — Lobby, Storage areas, Garage
  • 2F — Kitchen, Common Area, Sleeping Quarters, Meeting Room, Storage
  • Adjacent Outside Areas — Firepit, Brook, Small horse corral with basic lean-to, Rusted monstrosity from Those of Before

2.5  The Docks

Pier — Meritt Thomas on Unsplash

The Silver Wind and other water-faring vessels can all be found at the Docks.

» Notable NPCs: Bogdan Kotovo (2020-Present)

Abandoned long ago in the time of Those who came Before, the Docks — as the shipping port has come to be colloquially known — were repaired over a period of several years by the Thistle Kingdom and restored to a primitive version of their former glory. Host to a variety of smaller canoes and rowboats, as well as a singular sailing ship, the Docks enable Salsolans to safely harbor these vessels that give them access to trade and fishing to be had in Fundy's tempestuous grey waters of the Bay and those beyond. Fisherfolk in particular may take advantage of the various piers to land catches that may not frequent the shoreline. Overall, the Docks are a place where Rangers and Merchants alike may convene and do business with one another. Its nearness to the Marketplace, too, makes it convenient for fisherman to barter their catches of the day, or, for merchants to send or receive shipments of goods.

Located within the general perimeter of Amherst, the taste of salt and brine is thick in the air around the docks, and this smell only grows stronger the closer one gets to it. Seagulls readily flock the area, and are sure to follow any vessels going out to sea on the off chance of a free meal. Grey Seals, while not as numerous as the calling birds, may be regularly seen or dealt with around the docks as well; particularly if they decide to lounge and sunbathe in inconvenient places. If one is willing enough, however, the seals could potentially be caught and killed for their meat, blubber, and prized pelts. Fish can be regularly and reliably caught at hightide around the piers, and there are more still that school further offshore. Seasonally, crustaceans such as crabs and lobsters can be caught in traps, making for a delicious and well-sought-after delicacy for some. Occasionally, one might even come across one of these during lowtide! Other treasures (be they edible or not!) may also regularly wash ashore, or, can be found during lowtide within this area.

Although the docks are well-cared for by the local dockmaster and other water-faring Salsolans, it is a constant battle to fight the natural erosion caused by the exposure to the Bay of Fundy and its salty waters. As such, there may be more than one maintenance project going on at any time; from replacing rotted wood to repairing damaged gear, structures, or sea-faring vessels. The shoreline is a mixture of rock and sand, and — while not as extreme as it was before the fall of the Red Star in 2016 — it is noticeably different at high and lowtide. Salsola's water vessels are moored to various piers along the docks, and special, preventative care has been taken accordingly to ensure they do not rub unnecessarily against the pilings themselves or bump each other.

Materials, gear, and other related supplies are all stored in a nearby building. There, one can find most of what they might need for general maintenance needs (eg. oils, waterproofing materials, etc.), as well as items useful for fishing (eg. nets, traps, fishing poles, baskets, etc.). There are a few other buildings nearby that the locals can and have used for various reasons: from sheltered places to comfortably perform maintenance on the smaller vessels, to areas for food prep and cooking, to additional storage for goods being shipped out, or, goods received from trades abroad that are in need of inspection.

Salsola currently has several boating options. These can be freely used by any pack member ranked among the Family or higher.

  • The Silver Wind — A long-term project that was begun when Bogdan Kotovo first joined Salsola in 2018, the cutter-type ship was Bogdan’s greatest contribution to the pack, and was finally completed and launched during Salsola's decennial foundation celebration in 2021. With its multiple sails and rigging, this ship requires only one experienced Luperci to safely operate it; however, Bogdan does not allow anyone to sail alone. It is large enough to carry up to six (6) Luperci comfortably with a small amount of cargo. Though it relies heavily on its sails, oars stowed on board can help get the ship moving.
    • Note: Characters wishing to use the Silver Wind must be accompanied by Bogdan.
  • Dugout Canoes — Making use of the many felled trees throughout the area, Bogdan and his son, Igor Kotovo, set about crafting the most basic of boats in order to better understand the local material. Recognizing that the then-Loch of Fundy was not safe enough for a single-person to be on, the vessels were crafted to be a two-person canoe. Salsola has a small number available for use.
  • Rowboats — A limited number of wooden rowboats are also available to choose from. They require the use of oars to move, and their wider footprint may make them more stable and comfortable for larger Luperci to sit in. Some Salsolans (particularly those looking to go alone) may prefer the use of one of these for fishing (net, trap, or line) and/or exploring calmer, shallower waters and neighboring shorelines over the canoes or larger cutter.

Inspiration Gallery (Hide)

Mooring lines — Andreas Wagner on Unsplash Docked Boat — Dylan Freedom on Unsplash Simple, oar boats — eberhardgross on Unsplash Crab/lobster trap — Wikipedia Fishing nets — Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash Grey Seals may need to be shooed off before work can begin — Jonathan Cooper on Unsplash Where there is the possibility of fish, prepared to have friends — Maël BALLAND on Unsplash

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