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The Queendom of Salsola

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The Portland Outpost

The Fort Preble Outpost at Portland, Maine, is an important off-board trade destination for Salsola.
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    1.   1.1  Rules/Procedures
    2.   1.2  Help Out?
    3.   1.3  Current Garden Supplies

The garden is located in lush terrain a short walk from the rich silt-infused and fertile banks of the Pictou delta. Various uncultivated plant cover disguises the garden from view, and a short fence surrounds it. The fence is useless for keeping vermin and such out of the garden, and merely serves as a boundary marker to separate the intentionally cultivated flora from the wild ones. A small cabin - little more than a shed - allows for the storage of crude gardening equipment and simple tools.

A number of different plants are cultivated here for Salsola's purposes; primarily, the pack is interested in healing items and items that can be used to conceal one's scent. However, any plants possessing useful properties may be added to the garden's stores.

The garden's proximity to the Pictou River allows for watering trenches to bring quenching liquid to the growing plants of the pack. Plants are frequently dried or preserved and later transported to the Storage shed for safe-keeping. Prior to the 2011 winter, the garden was not winterized. In more recent times, cold-hardy plants are covered in burlap sacks and lined with mulch and wood shavings to help keep the plants insulated from the wind and snow.


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1.  Items and Use

1.1  Rules/Procedures

  • All members are encouraged to give items over to Salsola as a whole. Placing things of practical use within the storage shed is seen as a gain for Salsola, and can result in positive opportunities for your character.
  • Members are free to use these items however they see fit. Of course, excessive "take" without much "give" in return (i.e., if your character continually loots the storage shed, yet does not provide anything of value in return) may result in consequences if discovered by the leadership.
  • Salsola adheres to the Tagging System -- pay attention to the tags, as they designate what an item can be used for.
  • Please update the item quantity when you have made use of it. If you do not want to update the Wiki or cannot, please let us know to update it.

1.2  Help Out?

  • Bring flowers, plants, seeds, etc. to Salsola.
  • As winter is approaches, evergreen-type plants do best. Seeds for spring are also appreciated.
  • Winterize the garden.
  • Dry plants and store them.
  • Create useful items from garden-grown materials.
  • Learn useful planting or gardening techniques and share them with others.

1.3  Current Garden Supplies

Item Amount Tags Item Description & Notes


Psilocybin Mushroom Large supply [NT!]
  • Trading Barred -- grown on the Island instead of within the garden
  • These dried mushrooms were brought northward from Eterne with to encourage growth.
Indian Tobacco Medium supply [NT!]
  • Collected by Eris. The pungent smoke of these plants is sometimes used to conceal scent.
Cannabis Large supply [NT!]
  • Replanted by Clover.
  • In November 2015, Viktor adds two more seedlings. Till also adds two more seedlings at the same time.
Opium Small supply [NT!]
  • Grown from seeds purchased by Calla Valentine from a trader outside Salsola
  • For production of poppy seeds that are then used to create poppy milk which is helpful as a sedative and pain reliever.


Bayberry Large supply [NT!]
  • Salsola has a large supply of Bayberry, originally traded from Cercatori d'Arte. Citlali planted these in the start of the gardening project. These are frequently used to scent one's fur prior to leaving Salsola.
Sweetgrass Small supply [NT!]
  • Originally harvested from the wild by Ankh D'Aabt, the aromatic herb was then replanted near Ankh's home and later moved to the SL garden for communal use. It can be best utilized in incense making, herbal medicine, for basket weaving and also to flavor food and drink. Its strong, pleasant scent can be used to disguise one's origins.
Lavender Medium supply [NT!]
  • A heavily scented plant with multiple properties, lavender is an extremely useful herb. In addition to it's primary use of perfume, lavender oil is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to heal minor burns and bug bites. Research suggests that it may be useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness. This lavender strain was originally grown by Calla Valentine around her home.
  • Cold hardy - Must be heavily mulched. Will die with too much moisture.


Meadowsweet Large supply [NT!]
  • This extremely useful medicinal plant also functions as another scent-mask for the Salsola canines, as it possesses a strong smell.
Lemon Balm Medium supply [NT!]
  • Clover grew the supply from stem cuttings rooted in water. Clover has planted it a small walk from the defined area of the garden due to its virulent seeding ability.
  • Cold hardy
Catnip Small supply [NT!]
  • Replanted by Clover.
  • Cold hardy
Spearmint Small supply [NT!]
  • Replanted by Clover.
  • Cold hardy
Coneflower Small supply [NT!]
Thyme Medium supply [NT!]
  • Replanted by Clover.
  • Cold hardy
Chrysanthemum Medium supply [NT!]
  • Replanted from the wild within Salsola.
Sage Large supply [NT!]
  • Replanted by Clover.
  • Cold hardy
Valerian Small supply [NT!]
  • Collected and replanted by Odessa.
Chive Medium supply [NT!]
  • Collected and replanted by Odessa.
Henbane Small supply [NT!]
  • Scavenged by Calla Valentine who was told of their existence by Corrine at the edge of Salsola.
  • Used to calm the stomach or digestive track. Serves some use in scar prevention as an oil. Also a form of poison if not properly used.


Labrador Tea Medium supply [NT!]
  • Replanted from the wild within Salsola.
Common Foxglove Small supply [NT!]

Livestock Feed

Bluejoint Wild growth [NT!]
  • This grassy plant grows in abundance in the rocky soils near Salsola's coast; while it is not directly cultivated by Salsola, it is nonetheless useful, as many of the livestock animals living within the pack graze on this food. Harvests are occasionally made and stored in the Stables feed room.
Switchgrass Wild growth [NT!]
  • This grassy plant grows virulently over Salsola's marshy territories. Like Bluejoint, it is not directly cultivated by Salsola, but harvests are occasionally made and stored in the Stables feed room.


Clove Large/Medium/Small supply [NT!]
  • Eris traded with Chione Keisari, a meandering trader, for these seeds.
Syrian Rue Large/Medium/Small supply [NT!]
  • Eris traded with Chione Keisari, a meandering trader, for these seeds.
Rosemary Large/Medium/Small supply [NT!]
Mustard Large/Medium/Small supply [NT!]
  • Quicksilver traded for these seeds with an elder Outsider. The seeds are toxic to canines but its greens are edible. The powdered form of the greens can induce vomiting.
Iceberg Lettuce Large/Medium/Small supply [NT!]
  • Quicksilver traded for these seeds with an elder Outsider. When steamed, the leaves can help solve digestive aliments.
Bulb Onion Large/Medium/Small supply [NT!]
  • Quicksilver traded for these seeds with an elder Outsider. The bulbs are edible but are more useful as a powder to combat parasites like fleas and ticks.

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