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  • Location: Australia
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Birthday: 6th August
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1st: 21st December 2010
2nd: 20th March 2013
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  • Discord: Alaine#7917
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Spotlight Soul 2009, 2017 Community Soul 2013
drop bear gonna getcha

ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Hello loves, my name is Alaine! I am from the distant continent/island known as Australia. It's in the middle of a bloody great sea and far, far away from the majority of soulsters, meaning that I take over the boards whilst most of you are in bed dreaming sweet OTP dreams. Thanks to the scientific mystery of timezones it also means that I exist within a time-space continuum, in which I am in both the present & the future. I am in everything. I am Alaine.

'Suppose I've been around these parts for a while now! When I'm not being a leader of the best pack ever, Salsola (is my bias showing?), I work as a Senior Graphics Designer at a firm in the city. I also freelance illustration and corporate GD work. I have a complex love-hate relationship with Adobe - it knows what it did.

I first joined 'Souls with my namesake character, Alaine Winters - but most people recognize me these days as the co-creator and co-leader of Salsola with my later characters, Sirius Revlis and Lokr Revlis. I am now currently active with Lokr's daughter, Elphaba Revlis, who is a total creep honestly. If you're interested in the Revlis line, why not check them out - There may be characters available for adoption.

Another thing you might see my name plastered all over is Airgid Gleann. The Silver Valley is my child, and with a lot of help from various wonderful 'Souls citizens it is slowly coming to fruition. Please go check it out if you have any interest in all things celtic/wiccan/pagan!

On a side note, I also draw stuff & things a lot, and people seem to not mind giving me money in exchange for this. I very much appreciate it, though am not always available for commissioning depending on my RL workload. Please check my Commissions thread or look above in the 'misc-links' segment if you are interested in seeing if I am currently accepting commissions.





Art by Raze

Elphaba Revlis

Malik Amaranthe
Bard of The Troupe
♂ Hybrid
Revlis, Amaranthe
NPC/s: None

Morrow Larue
Bambino of Salsola
♂ Dog Hybrid
NPC/s: None

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Future Characters

Deceased Characters

Lokr Revlis (Onuba)
Agrippa de le Poer (Loner)
Nimh Brádaigh (Loner)
Neraka Tarasova (Loner)
Sirius Revlis (Loner)
Alaine Winters (Airgid Gleann)
Tituba Diaspora (Airgid Gleann)
Larkkin Star Revlis (Freetown)

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  • Replies can vary from minutes (particularly if we are spreeing) to a week or more. See my status in the above 'Roleplay' segment for current reply speed.
  • Feel free to give me a friendly reminder if I have not posted in over two weeks, and have not left you an OOC message or contacted you to explain why.
  • I will always try and give priority to plot-based or rank-based threads to ensure their timely completion.
  • OOC endings to wrap up ongoing threads are perfectly fine with me. Just PM me to chat with me about it.
  • If I'm posting a little too slow for you, feel free to let me know that you'd like to wrap up the thread in this way!
  • If you wish to have an interaction with my character/s, but do not want to thread (or I am not taking threads), we may be able to infer such without a thread taking place.
  • DM via Discord is the best way to ask for a thread with me - particularly if you are a member of Salsola!
  • Even if I'm not really accepting new threads, I will try to make room for important family/plot/rank threads.
  • I may do Preybot threads if the situation demands.
  • I do not often have time for LASKY threads, aside from when testing my own new characters out, or giving important off-board backstory.

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  • <3 you Alaineylaine. :3 - Frost
  • Alaine is mine. Plain and simple <3 - Kitty
  • Let it be known that I was the first ever to claim Alaine ♥ - Eve
  • ;.; ilu Queen Alainey-pants <3 - J September 06, 2013, at 12:48 PM EST
  • -licksyourface- - Miyu
  • I am a Gen and I touched your page -touchtouchtouch- Gen
  • I FOUND YOU OUT, you DO have a pet kangaroo! Do not deny the existence of Mr. Snugglebutt Mcgee! ~ J
  • Alien - San
  • remember that time you called me loor on 05/26/15 (i really made that list) - Lorraine
  • jk alaine is my bae - Lorraine
  • Oh Alaine, you brilliant perfect star of the universe. - San
  • OMG how have I not written here yet. Alaine is a goddess of floaty prancy woofs, smoll hosses, spews color and light like it's going out of style but it transcends style with its coolness, and writes gud. <333 ALSO THANK YOU FOR LOKI! Raze
  • Stop making Salsola adoptables so tempting Alaine! For real though, long live SL. Keep doing the awesome stuff that you do <3 - Salena
  • 420 witch it - Shannah

❤ Thank you for your comments everyone, I love you all so much! ❤

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