China Rose Lykoi

China Rose Lykoi

China Rose Lykoi, by Lin
PlayerChelsie, Alaine
Date of BirthAugust 14, 2009
Date of DeathOctober 2012
Age3 years

50% Plains Coyote
25% Mexican Coyote
12.5% Northeastern Coyote
6.25% Dog
6.25% Red wolf

Birth placeJuniper Peace

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Previous Packs

Juniper Peace

Joining dateAugust 14, 2009


Joining dateDecember 16, 2010[1]

China Rose Lykoi is the daughter of Razekiel Lykoi and Ocean Flower. She was born off-board in a pack called Juniper Peace on August 14, 2009, with her sisters Sage River Lykoi, Clover Love Lykoi, and brother Micah Sunrise Lykoi. Her youngest sister, Storm Lily, was killed by her father before the coyote took off.

China was previously a member of Inferni and most recently Salsola. She died in October 2012 giving birth to Itachi Lykoi's children.


A daughter of Razekiel Lykoi, China Rose was raised mostly apart from her father with her other siblings (two sisters and a brother; the litter's runt disappeared shortly after birth). Not the daddy's girl her sister Sage was nor the independent loner like her brother Micah, China still shared highly in the common beliefs of the pack in which she was raised, Juniper Peace (off-board). The pack, composed of sex- and drug-loving hippies, deposited a demeanor of peace and love into China much like her siblings. Even after her father disappeared, China remained a happy and earth-loving child raised by her mother, Ocean Flower. At some point, she and her siblings left the clan at different points, deciding to move on with life or begin seeing the wide, beautiful Mother Earth for themselves. A curiosity about her father led China to Inferni at first, but hesitance brought her away quickly when she arrived mid-war never having met her father nor sister there.


Light-hearted but strong-willed — China is decidedly stubborn about things, for a flower child. Of all her siblings, this fairy-slim girl is possibly the most vocal, sharing her opinions widely with any who will listen and often landing herself in hot water. She is an avid preacher of the essence and ethics of Juniper Peace, and considers herself keenly tuned to the Earth-mother and all life. The strength of her spiritual beliefs is enough to color her immediate opinions of individuals, based on how she sees them interacting with nature. China is vehemently opposed to unnecessary violence, and would much rather settle disputes with words and wit. Because of this, she is surprisingly canny and intelligent; an advantage when one has to survive in an increasingly anger-polluted world.

Unlike her sister Sage, who developed incredible artistic abilities, and Clover, who has wonderful talent with a guitar, China's gift is her ability to play her flute-like reed pipe. The pipe itself was created by an older member of Juniper Peace, and given to China as a gift to establish her connections with the tribe. The pipe music has been rumored to have hypnotic skills, which are often beneficial to those who require stress relief or perhaps some general relaxation. In simultaneous use with cannabis, China's music can create some pretty strange hallucinations. Her gardening skills are extremely limited in that she is prone to forgetfulness when it comes to trivial and personal items. For this reason, the coy-girl has very little items of her own, her reed pipe being the most valuable in her possession.

Although not as well-versed in it as Sage, she has a moderately sized low-speech vocabulary, and can understand and communicate basic insinuations of the language.


Please see the Lykoi or Kimaris family for more details.


China, by Kiri

Willow-thin and leggy enough for beauty to fall short of a precise description, China is a fine example of a third-generation Lykoi. She bears a remarkable resemblance to her father, with a creamy off-white underbelly and the trademark coppery mask inherited from Kaena's blood. Her pelt is a mottled mixture of tan and soft grey, with tan being predominant on her long legs. The girl's large, elegant ears are a dark umber, similar in shade to her sisters. Deviant Lapis Lazuli gaze is accented by an underlining of the same accented off-white as her throat, chest and tender underside, the same color also defining brow-spots above each sparkling eye.