Sage River Lykoi

%center bgcolor=#DFDFDSage River Lykoi

Sage River Lykoi, by Kiri
PlayerRust, Bobbi
Date of BirthAugust 14, 2009
Age<1 year
Subspecies90% Canis latrans ortus
5% Canis lupus ortus
5% Canis familiaris ortus
Birth placeJuniper Peace

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Current Pack


DatesJan 20, 2010[1] ‒ Feb 3, 2010
Dec 14, 2010[2] ‒ current
Previous RanksTirones, Aedile

Previous Pack

Juniper Peace

Joining dateAugust 14, 2009
SignificanceBirthpack; member

Sage River Lykoi is the daughter of Razekiel Lykoi and Ocean Flower. She was born off-board in a pack called Juniper Peace on August 14, 2009, with her sisters China Rose Lykoi, Clover Love Lykoi, and brother Micah Sunrise Lykoi. Her youngest sister, Storm Lily, was killed by her father before the coyote took off.

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1.  History

A daughter of Razekiel Lykoi, Sage River was raised mostly apart from her father with her other siblings (two sisters and a brother; the litter's runt disappeared shortly after birth). A daddy's girl, Sage was doted on as a child more than her siblings. The pack of her birth, Juniper Peace, was composed of sex- and drug-loving hippies that deposited a demeanor of peace and love into Sage much like her siblings. After her father's disappearance, Sage was raised alongside her siblings by her mother, Ocean Flower, and was generally a little more spoiled and adventurous than her siblings but still maintained hippie-like behavior. At some point, she and her siblings left the clan at different points, deciding to move on with life or begin seeing the wide, beautiful Mother Earth for themselves. Like China, her older sister, Sage was temporarily led to Inferni in search of her father and did in fact meet her grandmother, but her arrival mid-war with Dahlia frightened her away due to her peace-loving nature.

2.  Personality

Sage is a thoroughly loving individual, having embraced largely the hippie lifestyle of Juniper Peace. She believes that everyone has the capacity to be happy, be loved, and love in return, and she tries to bring out the best qualities in others.

She is thoroughly enamored with nature and often finds herself simply sitting in it-- often with a joint nearby. An avid artist, Sage enjoys sketching the life around her.

She just goes with the flow, maaannn...

As an effect of her nature loving, Sage is able to speak and understand Low Speech at near fluency.

She is generally averse to violence, although understands it's vague necessity in terms of hunting and self-defense.

Sage has some gardening skills, though she doesn't practice them much, unless it's to grow pot. She almost always has weed on her, and owns a cured wooden pipe, which she carved herself.

She is also talented--though not nearly an expert-- at sewing, in particular leather-working.

She is very open to trying new things, although she only does what she wants to do, and is very hard to subject to peer pressure(but she peer pressures others, sometimes!).

Sage is bisexual.

2.1  Family

Please see the Lykoi or Kimaris family for more details.

3.  Appearance

Dark tan/brown fur with brownish-creme underbelly. Ears are darker chocolate color.

In Optime, her hair is a warm, dark, brown. It is wavy and extends to the middle of her back.

In all forms, the red splash of color at the end of her nose is apparent.

Sage is in Optime unless otherwise stated.

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