Razekiel Lykoi

Razekiel Lykoi

Razekiel Lykoi, by Kiri
Name OriginBiblical
Date of BirthJune 6, 2006
Age7 years
LuperciYes (Ortus)
SpeciesCoyoyote-wolf-dog hybrid
Subspecies75% Canis latrans
12.5% Canis lupus
12.5% Canis familiaris
Birth placeInferni
'Souls Profile

Previous Packs

Ichika no Ho-en

Joining dateJuly 1, 2011[1] - December 2011
Most Recent RankSeiryu
SignificanceFounder and leader, but seeks to be seen as a friend and adviser to Ichikans.

Phoenix Valley

Joining dateMay 22, 2011[2] - June 29, 2011
Most Recent RankGenus
SignificanceFollowed Jefferson around for no apparent reason and smoked a lot.


Joining dateSeptember 22, 2009[3] - February 6, 2011
Most Recent RankVexillarius
SignificanceSo useless they gave him his own rank for being useless.


Joining dateJune 6, 2006
Joining RankPuppy
SignificanceHe was born there, grew up a little, then ran off.

Razekiel Lykoi was born to Kaena Lykoi and Astaroth Kimaris on the date 6/6/6, alongside siblings Samael Lykoi and Ahemait Lykoi. A complete and utter idiot, Razekiel is a former member of both Inferni and Phoenix Valley, as well as several off-board packs such as Juniper Peace, where his children Sage, China, Clover, and Micah were born.

Razekiel drove the force in July 2011 that combined packs Phoenix Valley and Dahlia de Mai into his brainchild, Ichika no Ho-en, alongside longtime friend Nayru with whom he unknowingly fathered Salvador Sadira and Kahlo Lykoi. He co-led their pack with her until his departure, returning to the nomadic life in which he is accustomed.

In spring of 2014, he happened upon Juniper Peace again in western Canada and rejoined their ranks. Due to his age and experience he served as their leader until mid-2015, when he was at very long last killed "in an accident" and "discovered" by his son, Micah, who took his place as leader to Juniper Peace.


  • Optime Hair: Potter's Clay (#8C6934)
  • Eyes: Porsche (#E8b75C).
  • Fur:
    • Log Cabin (#24241D): base pelt.
    • Oil (#17140D): ears & saddle.
    • Gurkha (#A19778): throat & belly.
    • Metallic Copper (#6B2A1B): mask.

Art by Alaine


Razekiel is a dark, ash gray over most of his body, with a black saddle over his back. His underside is paler, though it is more of a cream shade than a true white. His face has the same roan-red splash as his mother, though his extends around his eyes, giving him an almost raccoon-like mask. His eyes are straw-gold, similar to the fire-gold of his mother and many of his relatives, but a paler incarnation of the color. He is small and petite, with a high coyote appearance, as there is no gray wolf in his heritage. He is rather small in stature, though Kaena's dog and red wolf heritage do lend him a few inches above the average male coyote.


Razekiel, the "Prince of Deceit," was raised in Inferni with his littermates Ahemait and Samael, mostly by his older brother, Molochai, whom Razekiel adores. Razekiel never met his father Astaroth, but he was very close to his mother Kaena up until the time of his departure at roughly one year old. When he was very young, his encounter with Skoll, which nearly killed his sister Ahemait, sealed his intense dislike for wolves.

Razekiel disappeared around his first year of age, struck with wanderlust and impatience with Inferni. An accident in the winter broke his leg and left him handicapped; nearly frozen to death, a pack passing through stumbled upon him and nursed him back to health. Composed of both wolves and coyotes, the pack was an exotic one: calling themselves Juniper Peace, their morals and ways of life resembled that of present-day hippies, right down to basking in the sunlight, dressing exotically, and growing and smoking marijuana. Although at first put-off by their intimidating manner, Razekiel remained with the traveling bunch throughout his recovery, eventually growing to embrace their culture and functioning under the kinder name of Marsh.

Though heavily intrigued by their pacifistic philosophies, Juniper Peace was not only headed by pureblooded wolves, but the small group of misfits also consisted of a careless mixture of wolf, coyote, and hybrid. Despite the time spent with the peace-loving hippies, Razekiel could not put aside his hatred for the wolves; while he functioned well under the slight pressure, the only thing that truly eased the frustration was marijuana, which was always a-plenty in Juniper Peace. Though the bunch constantly meandered from place to place, members either managed to grow their own weed or find it. Common group activities included smoking, basking in the sun, making music, having sex, more basking in the sun, and actually surviving on vegetables.

In the end, Razekiel didn't survive in the group. Though embracing their unique perspective on life and adopting their pacifistic nature, it was not enough to turn him around completely even after the couple years spent with them. A blind rage instigated one night, Razekiel attacked and killed the two pureblooded wolf leaders and extracted a number of bones from their bodies to be later whittled and carved into weapons. A monster dripping of blood, the coyote had little control of himself, and ducked into the den he and his family shared and took his youngest, newborn daughter, Storm Lily -- who he had always believed to look a little too wolfish -- out from her sleeping siblings and mother. She was found with her eyes gouged and throat ripped open the following morning, not far from the pack's current position. Upon regaining full consciousness and control, Razekiel fled Juniper Peace without a single word more, regretfully abandoning his other three children and mate. He spent some time in Inferni and spoke scarcely of Juniper Peace during 2009 and 2010, slowly becoming scarce before disappearing altogether in the February Snowstorm Plot of 2011. The truth was, the male got lost in the peaks of Halcyon Mountain while high as a kite, and then was trapped there to wait out the storm alongside the French pack Aube de Musique, who had been passing through trying to find a few lost members.

After the snowstorm's passing, Razekiel traveled west with Aube de Musique, whose company was mutually enjoyed. Spending a few months with the French pack, Razekiel was further exposed to their spiritual, loving, non-discriminatory way of life and educated in Buddhism that the pack loosely followed as a whole. Upon leaving for Inferni and the east, he was given a guitar by the music-loving pack; by his return, however, the coyote stumbled across Phoenix Valley instead. In two short months, Razekiel was given control of the Valley by former leader Jefferson Soul and, merging the pack with Dahlia de Mai (led by a longtime friend, Nayru), moved the merged pack Ichika no Ho-en to the far north, where he had spent much time between leaving Aube de Musique and returning to 'Souls territory. He remained a few months, loved by his packmates, before inevitably staying true to his migrant nature and leaving the pack without reservation, never learning that his fellow leader, Nayru, later gave birth to his children Salvador Sadira and Kahlo Lykoi.

To this day, Razekiel seems to live blissfully ignorant -- or perhaps forgetful -- of the crimes he committed in Juniper Peace, including the murder of his daughter. He does not seem to acknowledge what happened.

Personality & "Prince of Deceit"

Lupus form Razekiel, by Lin

After two years of living with hippies, it should be no surprise that Razekiel himself has been fashioned into one. Adopting all the typical hippie-like perspectives on life, Razekiel is some sort of twisted pacifist, truly believing in love and peace rather than conflict. Rare to anger, Razekiel took a functioning vegetarian diet from Juniper Peace, though the lack of meat leaves him unsurprisingly thin and frail (in order to survive, of course, he does eat meat and fish from time to time). His ideal afternoon, of course, would be to sit in the sunshine, smoke pot, sing and play guitar in the company of his packmates or the numerous colorful songbirds that oddly follow him around. A smooth talker, he worships Mother Earth like a god, unafraid to sing her praises.

Nicknamed the "Prince of Deceit" at birth by his mother, the title somehow turned out to be exactly how it sounds: Razekiel is a heretic. The peace-loving, kindly hybrid embraces nature and all living creatures — except wolves, at times considering them scum that "doesn't count as the Great Mother's work," though these views only rise on occasion and do not appear unless extremely provoked. Still scarred from his childhood when his sister was attacked by the "scum," Razekiel unconsciously holds a slight bias against wolves, making the "pacifist" boy quite the deceiver when his darker side arises. Along the same strain of deceiving, there is much more to Razekiel than what lays on the surface: Despite his reputation for smoking pot all the time, he is a man of immense wisdom even under the influence, though much downplayed by his peculiar hazy behavior.

Name Origin

Razekiel is a form of Razakel. "Razakel figures in some rare (mostly oral) European folklore, which tells of a man "who is a blasphemer born in sin and beyond salvation" (both a bastard and unbaptised). As he grows up, he gradually turns to a life of sin and sorcery. He later devotes his life to the servitude of an evil spirit (claimed to be Asmodai) in order to receive unnatural power and wisdom. Accepting this proposal, the demon strips the man of his conscience and human emotion and later turns him into a demon whom he names Razakel (see points below). He then grants Razakel the power to inflict madness and despair, which he must do for eternity. In some ways, the tale is a typical one of reaching for things best left untouched, or gaining power at the cost of one's own humanity and soul." — from http://allexperts.com.

Lark (NPC)

Lark is the stallion companion of Razekiel, who cut his gnarled mane free from a thorn bush in the Dahlia Valley territory of Ichika no Ho-en very shortly after the pack was founded. Lark's exact breed is unknown, but the stallion is a blue roan of average height and build. His short, fine coat is a bluish-gray speckled with dabs of onyx; his knees are dipped in black, while his hooves are ivory. The majority of his head is also cast in a very dark grey-black, save for the edge of his nose dipped in brown. Like much of his markings, his tail and hair are also black, but his mane is unique in that it varies between short, mohawk-like patches where the hair was cut when tangled in a thorn bush, and other patches of hair long enough to reach past his shoulders, where blue jay feathers are weaved within a few small, sparse braids.

Personality-wise, Lark maintains a prankster mentality: Slow to trust, the stallion is not above teasing and playing rough with individuals he does not know or like, and does not settle down until they generally give him a reason to be "worthy" of his time. A little on the haughty side, Lark prides himself on his attractiveness and strength, and is quite the flirt with mares. Like his owner, the stallion is a free spirit and cannot be kept in a pen or barn. Lark is apt to becoming aggressive if restrained from his freedom or if Razekiel is threatened. Very loyal to Razekiel, the two share a very friendly relationship based on the two being equals, and the stallion responds to whistles only made by the coyote.


Please see the Lykoi or Kimaris family pages for more information.