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The Kimaris family consists of Mexican Coyotes. A large chunk of the family lives (and rules in) Eterne to the far south in Oaxaca, Mexico. The Kimaris family, specifically its Tlahto (head of family), rules the area absolutely. However, a large number of Kimaris canines can be found in 'Souls -- primarily due to the 2006 litter between Kaena Lykoi and Astaroth Kimaris. Most of the Kimarises found in 'Souls are, in fact, Lykoi-Kimaris. Nonetheless, some other members of the family have begun making their way northward beginning in 2009, including Tlantli Kimaris, Xochime Kimaris, and Harosheth Kimaris.

1.  Members

1.1  First Generation

1.2  Second Generation

1.3  Third Generation

1.4  Fourth Generation

1.5  Fifth Generation

1.6  Sixth Generation

1.7  Seventh Generation

2.  Defining Features

2.1  Physical Features

  • Note: For anyone descended out of the litter between Astaroth and Kaena, the Lykoi information should be referenced instead. The information below applies only to Kimaris-born canines, though of course some Kimaris features may be seen in the Lykoi bloodline.

As the Kimaris family is primarily coyote, they tend toward smallness of stature and all members tend to display a prominent coyote appearance. The larger members of the family are typically hybrids. The Kimaris family is light on wolf blood; only Mantus's second litter introduced wolf blood. The Kimaris family has pledged to scrub it out, acknowledging that it kept the family going in dire circumstances but giving it little other respect.


Kimaris eyes are, by and large, shades of fire: red and orange and the occasional gold.

  • Reds: Cinnabar (#DE421A), Tabasco (#95210E), Dark Tan (#750F0D), Alizarin Crimson (#DC1A1A), Sangria (#940505)
  • Golden: Kimaris gold is always around Firebush (#E3973D) in shade -- no darker/lighter/paler/more vivid.
  • Oranges: Pomegranate (#E75311), Ecstasy (#F67B0E), Trinidad (#E33908), Tango (#E77111)
    • Orange eyes are seen in only canines descended of the litter born to Mantus by Nahualli Pahti-Kimaris; orange-colored are not seen in the canines descended of Mantus's litter with Aosoth Bast.


As the Kimaris family includes Mexican Coyote (Canis latrans cagottis) heritage, their fur coloration tends toward vivid and colorful. The Kimaris family displays a wide range of their three primary fur colors (yellows, reds, and browns).

  • Yellows and Golds: Straw (#D4C079), Buff (#EFD67F), Laser (#C1AB68), Flax (#EFD586), Barley Corn (#9F8C51), Husk (#BCA45F)
  • Coppery reds include Hawaiian Tan (#A8491A), Cafe Royale (#76370C), Cognac (#B4421B), Rope (#93561a), Desert (#A26E1F)
  • Less brilliant colors include a multitude of brown and gray-brown shades:
    • Light: Mongoose (#B29876), Sycamore (#998445), Teak (#AB9663), Indian Khaki (#C7BB97), Donkey Brown (#A99D78)
    • Dark: Yellow Metal (#786040), Birch (#3A2F20), Shingle Fawn (#6E5E30), Woodrush (#392F13), Karaka (#1F1909), Tobacco Brown (#6F6144), Kilamanjaro (#250A01), Mondo (#403A2A), Oil (#18150D), Hemlock (#5E563E), Domino (#8D745C)
  • Melanism has occurred within the family with Astaroth and Sepirah, but does not seem to be commonplace.

3.  History

  • 1995-2003: In the dim past of Eterne, the Kimaris family was powerful. It began to dwindle after the year 2000, however.
  • 2005-2007: Mantus's siblings failed to return to Eterne from their ehecatl journeys, however. The family was reduced to Mantus and his line alone, primarily due to religious influences.
  • 2008: The family lost much of its social standing over a series of events: Metetzili's sterility, Dieriel's shaming, Astaroth's ehecatl failure, and Eris Eternity hanging out under the Kimaris name for a while.
  • 2009: They are at the very bottom of Eternian society, nearly peasants, when Mantus has his second litter of children. Unfortunately, he passed soon after, and the family was left to Metetzili. Baphomet endangered the children, managing to steal one away. Metetzili sent the rest of his half-siblings away, hoping to keep them from Baphomet's hands.
  • 2012: Tlantli Kimaris returned, pregnant and motivated to bring the family out of its desperate situation.
  • 2013: Tlantli and her children did just that -- the once-weak family plotted and allied itself with the peasant classes of Eterne. The Atototzli religion met its end under the Kimaris family, which now occupies the supreme spot within Eterne.

3.1  Influences


  • Lykoi — This family provides all of this family's links to the other families of 'Souls. Outside of the Lykois, the Kimaris family hasn't bred with any other families.


3.2  Eterne's Rey Succession

Tlantli's Children

Sangre Real and Sangre Principe

  • Other quibbles regarding succession and who qualifies within the Kimaris family as Sangre Real, or Sangre Principe, and who qualifies as nothing have been decided by Tlantli herself. See Eterne for complete information. Specifically, Tlantli's decrees have created a three-way split in the Kimaris family:
    • Tlantli and her children form the royal Sangre Real.
    • Her littermates, half-siblings, and all their ilk form the Sangre Principe.
    • Kimaris canines not descended of these canines -- e.g., those of Baphomet, Astaroth, or even further back in the line of succession -- are not included in the inheritance or the royal blood of either type.

4.  More

4.1  Kimaris Icons

  • The Kimaris icons can be obtained as a custom icon by any canine with Kimaris blood, regardless of their connection to Eterne, etc. The icons are not available to characters who do not not fit the stated criteria.
  • You must adhere to the stated Icon Appearance Stipulations.
  • You must purchase your icon via game points, Word of the Day, the 'Souls Store, a contest, or similar.
  • You must list your icon in the table below; this will help others know what designs/colors/etc. have already been used and may aid in the selection of a unique icon. Remember, though -- icons can be similar, just not exactly the same. Don't get huffy if someone winds up with a similarly-colored snake or lizard.

Icon Appearance Stipulations

  • Lizards are for male Kimaris canines; snakes are for female Kimaris canines. You can't misgender icons. Genderqueer characters can choose the icon most appropriate for themselves.
  • The icon may be re-colored. You are forbidden from altering the shape of the icon; just the color can be changed.
    • Note: Icons for Kimaris of Sangre Real often have golden smears on the lizard or snake head, signifying a crown.
    • Note: Icons may have In Character significance, if you choose. It's sensible enough for an Eternian Kimaris to get a scarification of a lizard/snake, depending on their gender; they may have gotten the scarification tattooed with the colors of their icon (tattooing is not prevalent in Eterne, but it's not unheard of, either, and your character may have left Eterne anyway).

Current Kimaris Icons

All Kimaris icons will be listed here!



Tlantli Kimaris, Chanath Kimaris

Coral Snake

4.2  See Also

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