Merodach Sileret

Merodach Sileret

by Sie



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February 4, 2009












Wolf-coydog hybrid
87.5% C. latrans, 6% C. l. familaris, 6% C. rufus


62.5% Northeastern Coyote
25% Mountain Coyote
6% Dog
6% Red wolf




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Feb 2009 - Present
Youth, Hunter, Carpenter

Merodach is boring. There's nothing to see here. O:

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1.  Appearance

  • His main coat color is Fuscous Gray
  • Much of his upper body is Armadillo colored.
  • A sidestripe of Natural Gray and Tutara separate the darker upper part of his coat from the lighter parts.
  • A thin strip of paler gray, Pablo, lines his belly.
  • Rangitoto covers his ears and the tip of his tail, as well as a dorsal stripe along his spine.
  • Between his eyes, Cocoa Bean dots his forehead.
  • His eyes are pale yellow, Hampton in shade.

2.  Personality

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3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Immediate Family

Adoptive Family

  • Mothers: Vaniah Sered and Pai Sered
  • Siblings: (by Vaniah & donor) Phygria Sered, Gallio Sered

4.  History

  • A woman named Neriel Sileret had a brief tryst with Samael Lykoi. It was only another in a long string of trysts for Neriel, but something in Sam stuck with her beyond her swelling belly, however -- his mad ramblings of angels and mother-love and all other manner of dark things enchanted Neriel, who believed she'd be taking on power by having Sam's babies (as more than one unfortunate woman has believed). She collected traveler's tails of Inferni and the Lykoi both.
  • Merodach was born along the eastern coast, around Rhode Island, in Neriel's coyote clan; his mother died birthing him. Merodach is taken in by the alpha pair of the Nox-Fracta, a lesbian couple. They adopt Merodach as their own, having treated him as a nephew through most of his life anyway. He is aware of his parents' names, but chooses his mother's surname.
  • Just after Merodach becomes an adult, one of the alphas is killed in a wolf attack. Her mate steps down, claiming she is unable to perform her duties. Merodach challenges for the leader's position, but loses to his adoptive sibling. He leaves, traveling down the coast toward the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Merodach lives in a small port town, working as a fisherman, repairman, and generally performing various tasks of hard labor.
  • He meets Saelia Atrox, an Ethiopian wolf. She is almost three times his age, a pirate, and a long, long way from home. Her exoticness fascinates him, and though they can barely communicate, the two quickly fall in with one another: Merodach in love, Saelia in lust.
  • Saelia gives birth to Syntyche Lykoi and her brother, Euodias Sileret?, two months later, promptly dumps them on their father, and departs on the ship again. Euodias dies of an illness when the children are about three months old.

4.1  Threads