Quicksilver Lykoi

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Quicksilver Lykoi is an Arbiter of Salsola and is the daughter of Artemisia Eternity and Loki Helsi and sister to Hel Eternity.

Coddled by her father and loved by her mother as a youth, Quicksilver enjoyed a relaxed, if spoiled, childhood with her sister. It was at this early age that she began to notice the differences between genders, and realized that the image of a man was not how she saw herself. She shared this revelation with family with various responses as a result—ranging from warm acceptance from her father to obstinate rejection from her sister.

Soon after this her parents divorced, being the first coupling to do so in their pack. Quicksilver, believing her confession had influence on their broken mateship, silently blamed herself for the separation. Subsequently she and Hel were shamed by virtue of their parent's actions and were placed under higher expectations.

As Hel climbed the ranks of Salsola, Quicksilver floundered—lost amidst her depression and lack of direction, she struggled to find a specialization in Salsola. The two sisters reconciled their differences in the wake of the Red Star and their grandmother's death but the girl's stagnation continued.

She was largely withdrawn and protected from the Second Boreas Conflict, but she was not without injury; Artemisia fell in battle whilst defending Loki. Having regret that she never attempted to close the distance between her and her mother, Quicksilver receded further into lethargy but saved face and comforted her grieving family.

However, she was spurred—after a chance encounter in the Blackwoods, she realized her capacity for magic and rose to claim the title of a Witch. Now filled with ambition, she works to better her craft and to aid her Crone father.




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  • Date of Birth: 14 Oct 2014
  • Human Age: 25
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Salsola
  • Rank: The Arbiter
  • cNPC: --
  • Companion NPCs:

Plot Opportunities

OOC Assumptions

  • A newly realized Witch, she can of assistance in all matter of spooks.
  • As a daughter of the Crone and kin of Eternity, she can play as an instrumental ally.
  • And she's a bit of a wallflower—sincere (or secretly insincere) friendships are welcomed.

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • General conversations, including greetings, chats about interests, news, etc. Specific conversations, including arguments, revelations, etc. should be PMed for discussion.
  • Seeing Quicksilver around Salsola, esp. around the Ruins, the garden, the Blackwoods, the southern shoreline, etc. She will not be typically found in the Pine Barrens.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


Quicksilver is a slender silver coywolf with ashen green eyes.

Her face is soft and feminine, accented with a slender muzzle and large ears; this is attributed to her small portion of coyote blood.

Predominantly she appears as a slim and waifish wolf (possessing gynecosmastia, her bust is small). She is both of average height and weight. Her fur is soft and sports feathering on her joints. Her tail is long and fluffy, a trait she shares with her aunt.

She is more squarely-built in her Lupus and Secui forms but remains leggy and slim. Her delicateness is less apparent in her feral forms and she is more becoming of the strength that she possesses when on four legs.

Highly humanized in behavior as per Salsola's customs, Quicksilver rarely leaves her Optime form. She often wears skirts and jewelry, opting for presentation and comfort rather than practicality. Her mane is long and wavy, decorated with a variety of beads, braids, and flowers.

She is free of scarring and blemishes.


Lineart by ArtisticJackal
Fashion reference: i, ii, iii, vi, v



Mine Shaft (#373636)
Gray (#828282)
Silver (#B8B8B8)
Alto (#D7D7D7)
Sand Drift (#B29583)

Eyes, Skin, Leathers

Surf Crest (#D3E9D7)
Dove Gray (#656565)

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1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Speech: Quicksilver possesses a feminine voice, quiet and gentle. Once youthful and energetic, she has developed into a mature but soft-spoken woman; it is, at times, difficult to elicit something other than polite and fleeting statements from her.
  • Scent: Quicksilver's personal scent consists of wildflowers, oils, extracts, and pine wood. Notably overbearing. When outside of Salsola, she disguises herself with the smell of spearmint and lavender.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Staring into empty space when conversing, playing with her hair and fidgeting with clothing when she believes no one is looking.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Acutely aware of her presentation to others, Quicksilver is quiet with gestures and holds herself upright. Never appears to be relaxed when in company, even with familiars and family.

2.  Personality

  • Quiet, mature, insightful, observant
  • Pessimistic, jaded, defeatist, secretive
  • Family-oreinted, loyal, nuturing, motherly
  • Clever, adaptable, quick to learn
  • Distrustful, lonely, dependent, lethargic
  • Outlook: Pessimistic, largely in relation to herself
  • Sociability: Withdrawn, awkward, introverted
  • Expression: Submissive
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral

2.1  Details


  • Likes: Knowledge, witchcraft, family, jewelry, peace, women
  • Dislikes: Bigotry, violence, uncleanliness, isolation, men


  • Family: promoting Salsola, supporting her own blood, mending strained relationships
  • Personal happiness: finding "her purpose" in Salsola, seeking acceptance from others, relieving depression


  • Quicksilver is most afraid of harm befalling her loved ones—having lost her mother to war, she fears further familial harm
  • She is also afraid of rejection; from lack of interpersonal relationships to ostracism from Salsola, perpetual loneliness terrifies her


  • Species: Little to no prejudice based on species.
  • Gender: Females are superior to males. Very distrustful of men, especially male Outsiders.
  • Non-Luperci: As per Salsola's customs, she sees them as "lesser" beings but does not actively discriminate against them.
  • Sexuality: Supportive of relationships between women, discouraging of relationships between men, but does not exhibit hate based on sexuality.


  • Bisexual
  • Quicksilver has a strong preference for women, especially powerful and feminine ones.
  • Largely insecure in relation to her love life and shies away from the topic.
  • Yearns for companionship but tries not to think about it, gets sad anyway.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Extended: Quicksilver has a very large family—closely-related relatives reside with her in Salsola and she is blood of Lykoi, Eternity, Soul, and D'Angelo. She considers herself a part of the Helsi clan by proxy of her father's adoption by a member, but only relates to it by name and not blood. She has a number of half-siblings through both of her parents.
  • Artemisia Eternity was Quicksilver's mother. They were close when she was a child, but grew apart as Quicksilver transitioned and Artemisia divorced her children's father. While Quicksilver wished to regain their bond and to discover her mother's true feelings towards her, it never came to fruition; Artemisia was killed during a war. She feels immensely guilty for never having made the attempt to reconcile.
  • Loki Helsi is Quicksilver's father. Spoiled by him as a child and taking after him in more ways than one, it is impossible to mistake these two as anything other than father and daughter. Loki was the most accepting of her transition, being partially female himself, and the pair share a very close relationship. Quicksilver sees her father as a confidant and best friend, but oftentimes hides her more depressive feelings from him.
  • Hel Eternity is Quicksilver's sister. They were close as children, but experienced strain and distance when Quicksilver began her transition; Hel was the most opposed to the revelation, much to Quicksilver's dismay. However, after a prophetic dream, the sisters rekindled their relationship. Quicksilver remains awkward around her littermate but does not take their renewed closeness for granted.

3.2  Pack Relations

  • Plague D'Angelo: A woman first met under strange circumstances, Quicksilver was fast to force friendship upon the dark D'Angelo when she was accepted into Salsola. She helped Plague recover from neglect and ill health, which in turn was therapeutic for herself. Plague's departure for the Outpost left her silently dispirited and she wishes for her swift return.
  • Salvia Eternity: Her Boss, Queen, and maternal aunt, Quicksilver reveres Salvia as someone otherworldly. Like one of her gods she follows her word and law in blind faith and fears her as much as she respects her. Despite their familial relation they are distant and Quicksilver yearns to uphold the Eternity legacy in spirit if not in name.

3.3  Outsider Relations

Minor Relations

4.  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Taking after her father and the politically charged climate of Salsola, Quicksilver is capable of being socially adept.
  • More observant than she is partaking, Quicksilver is able to glean much information from simple encounters, though its usefulness is debatable at times. It is especially difficult to analyze guarded individuals.
  • Clever by nature and quick to think on her feet, Quicksilver knows how to adapt in a social situation. She is sensitive to a room's mood and will change her behavior accordingly.
  • Amicable in comparison to her shrewd packmates, diplomatic matters come easy to her. Her gentleness in impressionable to the unknowing stranger and can bolster good relations. Her sincerity can be fluid if deception is beneficial.


  • Education and Learning: Quicksilver was taught various basic skills in the field by her parents and developed them further with self-tutelage.
  • Her father being of ingenious mind, he has taught Quicksilver some of his trade—trapping. She is most familiar with the traps that dot Salsola's territory and is able to recreate them, albeit a rudimentary replication.
  • She is sufficiently decent at hunting in her Lupus form. She is able to down smaller creatures on her own—though lacks the stamina for long chases—and works excellently in a group effort.
  • Bowmanship was a skill she attempted to learn on her own when gifted a bow by Bane. She has difficulty landing hits against moving targets but performs adequately at close range.
  • Loathing to use her dagger in combat, she has picked up leather working to make use of her knife. Through trial and error, she is slowly working towards making surplus clothing for Salsola.


  • Education and Learning: Quicksilver picked up various skills that were taught by numerous individuals, tutoring from Lokr Revlis, self-teaching, etc.
  • Quicksilver is able to read and write in both English and Runes with proficiency. Her script is very neat and feminine.
  • She was taught how to mount a horse shortly upon her first shift and learned a number of riding styles, including bareback.

5.  Residence

Witch's Point, The Ruins, Salsola

  • Quicksilver lives in the southerly tower nestled against the castle ruins. Largely it has remained intact through its years of isolation, save the gaping hole on the third floor. Its exterior is mostly shielded from onlookers due to the thistles that swath its stones and the abundance of undergrowth that has been allowed to grow around the tower, its height overcoming even the tallest of Luperci. Bushes of wild, flowering plants mark the entrance to a narrow path that leads to the front door. Lavender bushes line the edges of the ground while honeysuckle drapes from overhead and circles around the door. Passerby can note that the general area has a strong floral and somewhat unnatural scent.
  • Hidden from view to the right of the tower is a small alcove of cleared land. A side door from the kitchen leads to this secret garden. A small plot of fertile earth is used for seasonal plants while the rest of the ground is routinely pruned to keep clean and flat, though small flowers and springy clovers are allowed to grow. It is large enough for three adult individuals to walk around comfortably.
  • The main room of the first floor is the parlor—it is made for company and conversations, and Quicksilver spares no expense to make a show of it. On most occasions the slot windows are closed to small cracks to made the room dim and warm. The walls are decorated with cloths of various colors and patterns, as well as sparkling sea glass that reflect light from the candles that dot the room. A hearth is located on the left side of the room. Various sitting arrangements ranging from stools to a love seat circle the parlor.
  • An offshoot of the parlor leads to a modest room that has been repurposed into a kitchen. Shelves are lined with jars of spices and a water basin sits on a table. A makeshift oven made of stone sits underneath a cut-out window that faces the garden to allow the smoke to ventilate. A small circular table that sits three is nestled into the corner of the room.
  • The second floor of the tower is reserved for Quicksilver's private quarters. The first and largest room of this floor serves as her bedroom. Its decorated in a more homely manner and brightly lit with books and baubles splayed across the room. A bed rests against the center of a wall with a locked chest at its foot.
  • The secondary room is small and rather cramp. It serves as a study, complete with a simple desk and shelves of parchment and books. In times of need, it can be remastered into a makeshift guest room.
  • The third floor is compromised of one large room. Its northern wall and some of its roof is gone, leaving a large gap that's not suitable for proper living. Wooden beams have been installed to ensure no further cave-ins will occur, and a short wooden guardrail was built. Otherwise it is left open air without windows—a net that is typically rolled up can be applied to the hole to keep insects out. Quicksilver uses this floor as her personal lounge as well as an area to dry picked herbs and plants. They hang from the ceiling from strings and is the source of the strange aroma that basks the entire tower. When she is at home and not expecting company, this is where she is typically residing.
  • The small building nestled close to the witch's tower was also claimed as Quicksilver's workshop. It has no doors nor windows, opting to remain open air. Various tools for skinning and leatherwork are lined in an orderly fashion along a workbench.

6.  History

Threads & Timeline

January 2017

Largely removed from the Second Boreas Conflict, Quicksilver spends the entirety of the month within the sanctity of Salsola. She does not participate in the war and wishes for her close blood to do the same. Ultimately, her mother falls in battle while defending her father towards the end of the conflict.

February 2017

The war draws to an end and Salsola emerges as the victor. However, they are not without loss. Artemisia's death drives Quicksilver deeper into her depression and riddles her with guilt but remains steadfast in comforting her family during this dark time. She becomes completely avoidant of the public eye.

March 2017

When an early spring comes, Quicksilver's world changes atop its head. A chance encounter with Elphaba Revlis in the Blackwoods results in her realization that she is a witch. She also becomes the caretaker of several kittens after their mother was killed in an altercation with Grievous Eternity; all but one are adopted by various others.

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