Ahemait Lykoi

Ahemait Lykoi

Ahemait, by Sonia
Name OriginGreek
Date of BirthJune 6, 2006
Age2 years

50% Mexican Coyote
25% Northeastern Coyote
12.5% Dog
12.5% Red wolf

Birth placeInferni
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Joining dateJune 6, 2006
Joining RankTirones Minor
Most Recent RankTirones

Ahemait Lykoi was born to Kaena Lykoi and Astaroth Kimaris on the date 6/6/6, alongside two other siblings. Ahemait had three children with her mate, Stygian Nothing, bringing them with her when she returned to Inferni in July of 2008.


Please see the Lykoi or Kimaris family pages for more information.


Like her brothers, Ahemait was brought up in Inferni mostly by her older brother Molochai and their mother, Kaena. She was nearly killed by Skoll after a border scuffle got out of hand. She recovered and began to bond with Stygian Nothing, the son of Hollow Nothing whom had formed an alliance with her mother. She was present and fought in the Aremys-Inferni War, and along with her brother Samael Lykoi, killed Celestia Veri.[1]. Though Ahemait remained with the clan after her mother's disappearance, she began to grow discontent after Stygian also vanished while looking for his brother. Intent on finding him, she left Inferni. [2]

Ahemait returned to Inferni at the end of July 2008, along with her children. She mentioned that her mate, Stygian, would be joining them shortly--this echoed a previous message sent by his sister, Dhalia. The small family waited patiently for him to return, even though it meant living through the First Dahlian War. While Ahemait fought in this, she and her children vanished from Inferni not long after. It is presumed she returned to where the family had been living before.


From youth she was haughty, born understanding her separation from those around her as the Princess of Lust. She honed her skills in her adulthood to be extremely manipulative and typically used her feminine wiles to get what she wanted or needed to support her family. She was willing to con strangers, passerby travelers, into helping the family but she never returned any of the affection or encouraged it in the males that wandered along. Though her heart still screams of Stygian, she understands and accepts the chance that she will ever lay eyes on him again is slim, if not none.