Coaxoch B. Ulrich-Lykoi

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Coaxoch Baktrl Ulrich is the eldest son of Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi and Elody Lykoi. Coaxoch is a man of many secrets. He is particularly known to don an elk skull mask or a white wolf pelt cloak, & is generally very creepy in appearance. He is but a coyote hybrid, who was born and raised in Salsola, in the IV year of the rule of the Golden Tigress, Salvia Eternity.

Coaxoch is currently ranked as a Henchman in Salsola, where he holds the job of Witch. Coaxoch is an Oathsworn of The Witch Queen, Elphaba, where he serves at her side, forever and always.

Coaxoch aspires to be a great man, as he believes that his father is. In regards to this, Coaxoch believes in a lot of the same Gods that his father does, but he also can and has spoken with spirits, and he believes that his father only can sense them. Coaxoch also is an exceptional boar hunter, and has learned how to hunt using a spear, mostly, for he finds this to be the easiest weapon to use, as he does only have one arm.

Coax often starts his mornings(and ends his nights) with deep meditations and rituals in which he burns incense(and other things), hums hymns, and dances in The Blackwoods, where he makes his home as well.

Coaxoch also lives with his domestic partner, Sebastien Stone, whom helped him raise his two children, Eden de le Ulrich and Evelyn de le Ulrich. These two children were born of Coaxoch's Infernian lover, Faith de le Poer, who left the children in this world at their birth. For the first few months of their birth, Calla acted as their wetnurse, and they were also partially raised by Faith's sister, Dahlia de le Poer, up until her disappearance in early 2019.

As said previously, Coaxoch has one arm. He also only has half of a tail. While his tail being halfed does not really affect him, the fact that he only has one arm does. His arm was amputated at around 2 months of age because of an accident involving his father's ex-lover becoming jealous and fracturing his arm (beyond repair), crunching half of his tail, and completely butchering his little brother. This story was covered up as a bobcat attack, and the lie was told to all of Salsola once the boy had recovered from his injuries. These are Coaxoch's most notable features, and was often a source of criticism and pity in his youth. In his adulthood, he criticizes those who think of him as incapable of holding his own ground.

Coaxoch only found out the truth of his missing arm in recent times after his father had admitted it to him, but he still tells the lie to others because of the implications of the incident.

Outside of Salsola, Coax often uses the pseudonym, "Noct" to seem as though he is a friendly trader.

Coaxoch was given his unique name at birth and was also given a hybrid middle name of "Bakrtl" that is a mixture of three names and made up by his father, Till. "Ba" was taken from Till's uncle, Basilio Lykoi, "kr" was taken from Lokr Revlis, and the 'tl' was from Till's biological father, Cotl Ulrich, all being males that were somewhat influential in Till's life in some way or another.






  • Sex: Male
  • Gender: Agender
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: Sebastien
  • Residence: The Ruins, Salsola
  • Nickname: Coax
  • Pronunciation: "Co-zoch"
  • Meaning: "serpent flower"
  • Origin: Aztec
  • Epithet: The Shaman
  • Family: Ulrich, Lykoi, Damaichu, Sadira, & Kimaris
  • Birthplace: Salsola
  • Species: Coyote dominant Hybrid
  • Subspecies: See Species
    • 54.685% Coyote(hybridized of subspecies)
    • 29.69% Wolf (hybridized of subspecies)
    • 15.625% Dog (hybridized of subspecies)


Pack Information

OOC Assumptions

  • Pack: Salsola (05 20 2016 – Present)
  • Rank: The Warden (April 2020 – Present)
    • Additional Ranks:
      • Witch

Packs members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing CHARACTER…
    • …assumption
  • Assumption
  • Assumption




Clothing & Accessories

Coloration Palette

  • Description:
Features: Coaxoch has a very distinct face with a strange mixture of all of his genetic make ups. His head shape is mostly attributed to his wolfish heritage, but his muzzle tapers much like a coyote. His ears are large and triangular, yet rounded at the tips that are much like his NGSD heritage.
Fur: his fur is extraordinarily long for his species, but well adapted for the terrain in which he was born. It is thick and soft to the touch and often curls in places in which it normally would not.
  • Optime Hair: Coaxoch keeps his hair styled to a medium length with bangs that hang just outside of his eyeline so that he can see and be a good warrior. Picture ref 1, Picture ref 2
  • Build and Size:
He is strong, and stable. Others often compare his structure to that of an Elk because of his deep chest, long legs and brown and white fur. He carries himself with ease, the bulk of his body is much more graceful than one would think. He's very tall and very stronk. His sheer bulk and size are a throw back to his wolf ancestry, and he is often mistaken for a full wolf even though his blood is mostly coyote.
  • Lupus : --- in (--- cm) ↔ lbs (--- kg)
  • Secui: --- in (--- cm) ↔ lbs (--- kg)
  • Optime: 7 ft 3 in (--- in / --- cm) ↔ lbs (--- kg)

  • Scars:
    • Stubbed tail because something happened. He doesn't like to talk about it yo.
    • Left arm was amputated up to his shoulder, because something happened. He doesn't like to talk about it yo.

  • Tattoos & Piercings:
    • Matching bone gauges that he made. Approx. '00g - both ears.
    • Industrial bar in left ear.
    • Tongue ring like his dad
    • Salsolan Hand of Eris on his stump facing on the inside of his arm.
  • Humanization:
Moderate Humanization, will often take Secui form, but also can equally be found with primitive humanized clothing

  • Everyday
    • Awesome headdress made from various animals and plants.
    • Has a loincloth that is made from deer(fawn - still spotted) pelt in the front and in the back he has dark rabbit fur.
    • White Wolf pelt Cloak/headdress
  • Common
    • Has a loincloth that is made from deer(fawn - still spotted) pelt in the front and in the back he has dark rabbit fur.
    • Sometimes can have a pimp suit on, but he doesn't like the pimp suit.
  • Accessories
    • has a frikin clay mask that is pimptastic
    • Matching shell ankle and arm bracelets
    • Staff with feathers, and a dream-catcher sewn at the top of it.
    • Tooth necklace that he got from his Cueponi Riddle;
      • a necklace from within. It was accented by colorful tassels made from leather, with shaped beads of various origin and smaller metal spacers between. The pendant was a piece of polished bone shaped to resemble a large tooth, and capped with metal.
    • See Inventory » Personal Inventory? for full list and less commonly-worn items

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Cocoa Brown (#311e1d)
Kabul (#594440)
Rodeo Dust (#cdaf9b)
Calico (#e3c19a)
Dawn Pink (#f5ede7)

Optime Hair

Calico (#e3c19a)


Half-Baked (#90bfd3)
Horizon (#6193a9)
Lily (#BBA0BB)

Nose/Pawpads, Claws, Scars

Old Rose (#c07f7c)
Sand Dune (#896d68)

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I See Dead People || Captain Oblivious || Heavy Sleeper || Oblivious To Love || Not A Morning Person || TV Trope Here || TV Trope Here

Coaxoch is a very different type of man. He has been taught as a youth that a "real man" is Tough, Friendly, and Polite. He tries to live up to the teachings of his father and his mentor, but sometimes falls short of the expectations that his father and mentor set before him. Coaxoch can be weak, and cruel, and unfriendly at times, but he tries his best to be what his family wants him to be. Physically, Coaxoch is a tough, strong individual, thanks to both genetics, and training, but mentally, he can sometimes be called weak. Coaxoch is a man that is genetically predisposed to many mental illnesses, and he does suffer from some neurotic tendences, such as obsessive/intrusive thoughts, anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression. Since he does have these sorts of tendencies, he often is described as a "Sad Soul", in which he generally is, because of his negativity.

Coaxoch is naturally a Gaurdian/Protector and he strives to help others who are less fortunate than himself. He is kind, in thie regard, and can often be seen sharing meals with others, and gathering his friends and family for lunches and dinners. He also will do his duty to his home by protecting it from Outsiders, and is not afraid to "get his hands dirty" in terms of fighting in a way that benefits himself. His morals are not exactly good, nor could he be described as someone who is "evil" because of his tendency to want to help others over hurt them. He was taught as a child to be friendly with others, and this is what he tries to do in most cases.

Coaxoch has a tendency to isolate himself from others and the majority of his home for various reasons. He does not like the whispers of the pack, and often tries to keep eyes off of him because of his obvious disability. He knows that others know about him, but he often keeps to himself and keeps his home very far out of the way of most of his pack members because he does not want anyone knowing his business, and he does not want others to bother him unless it is extremely important for them to do so. While he does isolate himself, he does find himself getting lonely if he is isolated for too long, and he also craves physical affection (non-sexual), so it is not unlikely that he will have someone to cuddle/snuggle/share beds with. He is a strong believer in Platonic Relationships, and does not really understand what the feeling of "love" is.

Coaxoch can be emotionally stunted in some cases, especially with extreme feelings of affections. While he understands what anger, and sorrow are, he does not understand what and how to know when others like or love him. He is dense to this, and often doubts other's feelings for him, and he simply "rather not talk about it".

Coax has a deep understanding for the "game" that is played in Salsola, and can often be found doing things that seem a bit "off" for his personality because he is trying to build alliances or manipulate someone into doing something for him later. While he does not often try to take advantage of others in such a way, he knows that it is a necessity for those who live in Salsola. "You win or you die." Coaxoch is an Oathsworn of his pack, which means that he has given his life to Salsola, and will never abandon or betray Salsola for as long as he lives. He has a strict Honor code that will cause him to do things that he might not want to at the request of the Boss, or if it is required by the pack itself.

Coax can be described as a Shaman, for he does rituals that often involve live sacrifices to speak to the Gods and do divinity. He also is a poisons-maker (an alchemist if you will) in which he is known for poisoning small creatures until he finds concoctions that work for his uses. Additionally, he makes potions that often have psilocybin mushrooms within it in various strengths and flavors. He also partakes in the consumption of these mushrooms to get closer to his gods and to meditate.

Coaxoch is not without his faults. He, too, can be quick to anger, and he is loyal to his family almost to a fault. While he can understand that sometimes his family is not right, he knows that they would always be there for him (especially his father) and that they care for him, truly. Coaxoch would likely fight to the death for one of his family members if it meant that his family thrived without him.


  • Likes: ---TBA
  • Dislikes: ---TBA
  • Outlook: Optimistic/Pessimistic?
  • Sociability: Extroverted/Introverted, Dominant/Submissive?
  • Expression: Dominant/Submissive?
  • Alignment: Alignment?
  • Motivations: ---TBA
  • Fears: ---TBA


  • Speech: Indecipherable accent for he is fluent in multiple languages. One could say that his accent is mostly Germanic, as his father's is.
  • Scent: Salsola, Sebastien, patchouli incense, horses, felines
    • Disguised Scent(Outside Salsola): metal, feline, cloth, herbs(such as rosemary, lavender, green tea, cilantro, etc.)
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: He twitches his ears a lot like daddy. He also is very articulate in his speech.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Naturally Tall, he wears his height proudly. He typically stands pretty guarded even in relaxed situations. He usually keeps his stump pointed away from whoever he is talking to.
    • Unlike his father, he typically can be seen without a smile on his face, and rather a small frown on his face, but once he is in the presence of someone he likely will brighten up and smile almost constantly.


  • Packs: Coax is completely loyal to Salsola, and while he respects others for being in other packs, there has been more than once that he has deemed other packs to be unsafe and unworthy to exist.
  • Species: Coaxoch developed some kind of breed elitist from his father, and has come to mostly not like Coyotes. He also thinks that Jackals are inferior. He favors wolves and dog hybrids over other canines, but he also is not as picky as his father when it comes to what breeds and their exoticism and how much he likes the way what breed looks like.


  • Things involving two hands: while he is adept at many things that would normally require two hands, he has a hard time with mostly anything that requires him to absolutely have two hands and not be able to use his mouth or toes to help him.
  • Frail Ego: When someone picks on his arm he gets pretty salty. He is easily discouraged by things if they are too complicated for him to do with one working arm.
  • Awkward balancing act: He developed an awkward stance and gait because of his missing limb in which he seems to guard it always. He tries to look invulnerable but it's obvious that he is hiding something.


  • Isolation: something something
  • His own death: While the death of others will not often concern him in the slightest, when his own mortality is brought into question he kinda flips his bucket.


  • Secrecy & Privacy: because of the way that he was raised, he typically enjoys being alone but more than that he enjoys his own privacy and secrecy. He holds secrets very close to his heart and will probably die before letting another know what deep, dark secrets that he and his family own.
  • Family: He is extremely loyal to his family and would likely do nothing that causes them harm. He is honorable in this sense and would not wrong a family member even if they wrong him.
  • Rank/Power: his pursuit for rank and power could be blamed on two things. The urge to be better and more respected than his father, and because of the missing of his arm. He does not want to be seen as weak minded or weak physically, even if others like to think that his lack of two arms "slows him down".


  • Kinsley X - No socio-sexual contacts or reactions

He doesn't particularly have the instincts to create a family, nor does he have any "real" libido. He more than likely will not get too close to anyone in his youth or in early adulthood because of this, and he will also be ignorant to those who fancy him. He would also deny any feelings he may or may not have, should they ever develop and would think of another as a friend.

  • It's likely that he would form many platonic relationships and be a very submissive partner.


  • In early life, Coaxoch was introduced to ideas of Paganism and Norse faiths and had firmly believed in the Gods of Old. He believes in many gods, and invokes their power when he feels that they are needed. He sees these gods as more of Tools than anything really, while he actively worships and makes sacrifices to the Khalif God Tak, and the Vampires' Gods, The Red Eyes(Valyskr) and The Night Bringer(Ostarath).
    • He has daily routines that often have him in the woods dancing, singing, and praying to a god that he barely knows.


  • Had mushrooms at an incredibly early age and partakes in such as a weekly routine(and often does rituals under the influence) and will smoke marijuana pretty regularly as he grows older.



  • Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi his father that he also deeply respects. Till has sacrificed a lot for Coax and Coax sees this in his actions. He doesn't believe that he should be punished for owning up and taking Dirge off of Isabella's hands, seeing as he would grow up without a complete family rather than a broken family with no male influences, like Till grew up.
  • Elody Lykoi his mother used to be a big influence to him up until her "death". He hasn't particularly forgotten about her but he doesn't like to think about her. When he does think of her he remembers her fondly.
  • Valtin Ulrich his little brother. He misses having a brother that is his age and missed out on a lot of behavioral queues when he was younger because of the lack of having a younger brother that did not haunt his dreams.
  • Dirge Trombetta-Ulrich Probably his favorite brother, but that is also probably because Dirge is like a protege for Coaxoch. Dirge is like a sponge and Coax likes to think that he had a hand in raising the bastard, since his father had been single around the time he was 2 months old. Coax is very protective of Dirge, and will fight anyone who messes with his little brother.
  • Priya Ulrich-Lykoi This is his full blooded little sister. He was pretty close when they were young but as they both grew older, they spent less and less time together, almost to the point where they barely know each other anymore.
  • Chester Valentine his little angel brother. Chester is pretty weird compared to the rest of the family, with seemingly no hateful body in his body. Coax finds him to be innocent and puppy-like even as he enters adulthood.

Other Relations

Key Relations

  • Sebastien: is a childhood friend that was once like a brother to him. Since the arrival of Sebastien in Coaxoch's life changed his life for the better and Coaxoch looks forward to spending his romantic life with Sebastien. He respects and loves Sebastien, but he is extremely protective as well.
  • Elphaba Revlis: will always be a spoiled brat in his eyes, but in spite of this, Coaxoch knows the importance of alliances and names in high places, so he gave her an oath of Bloodlines in effort to save face in the light of his father's growing instability and the wake of the exile of his father's mentor. It's unclear of if he would ever truly learn to like her, but her power scares him enough to be for her rather than against her.
  • Calla Valentine was his father's other wife. He does not know how to feel about her, and he does not trust her anymore.
  • Jaketta Nocturne is part jackal. He is racist against her kind, but he still likes her more than other jackals. He doesn't know really how to feel about her, because she is nice, but she seems clingy to him.

Notable Relations

  • O'Riley Eternity: is kindof a jerk, and Coax doesn't really like him much. O'Riley made fun of him a lot for being physically weaker than him, but it was mostly because Coax doesn't have two arms and if they were to fight he is sure that O'Riley would fight dirty.
  • Brocade Valentine: is a man in Salsola that taught Coax how to fight with a spear. He respects Brocade a lot, but would not say that they are particularly close. He does, however, give gifts to Brocade every once in awhile.
  • Weaver Valentine is his father's boyfriend without being his real boyfriend. Weaver is influential to Coaxoch and Coax gets some of his sympathy for slaves/servants from Weaver because of his duty to them. When Weaver left Salsola and went to the Outpost, Coaxoch felt a type of way, but did not protest.
  • Lilibeth Pernicious is a swamp witch that Coax met a few times. He doesn't remember this but she is the one who amputated his tail and arm.
  • Everett Ames is a random trader that Coax met somewhere outside of Salsola. He's a good chef and that's cool.
  • Garreth Stone: is a trader that his father would often visit for goat related goods. Garreth always had cool stories, and Coax liked to listen to his stories about Krakens and the sea-life that he abandoned to be a goat farmer.

Minor Relations

Notable Past Relations

  • Faith de le Poer: is an Infernian that Coaxoch met on a beach. They really hit it off the first meeting and occasionally go and visit each other. Coax has complex feelings for her, but strictly reminds himself that she is just a friend and that Inferni coyotes are not to be trusted, not wholly at least.
  • Salvia Eternity: She is a scary grandma. Coax somewhat fears Salvia because of his Father's fear of her, but now that she is not present in Salsola proper, he is much less scared of her.
  • Scourge D'Angelo Is a jerk, and doesn't talk well. Coax finds him to be a bit stupid.
  • Helena Troy Lykoi is no longer a member of his family, and will never be forgiven by Coaxoch.
  • Julius Valentine is a big jerk, Coaxoch doesn't have time to deal with his nonsense.
  • Lillith Trombetta was almost like a secondary mother, or a grandmother to Coax because of the sheer amount of time he spends with her and his father, and the amount of useful information she has taught him. Her death affected him and his family greatly, some could argue that the Ulrichs suffered more loss than the Heiwas.
  • Dahlia de le Poer: is Faith's younger sister who was a bit too involved in the lives of her nieces. While Coax was originally thankful, she often overstepped her boundaries, and when she "accidentally" took the children outside of Salsola, he lost whatever civility he had with her. He's suspicious of her disappearance.


Key: Dabbler --> Apprentice --> Journeyman --> Master


  • Alchemy (Journeyman):
Mostly learned from old books that were both written by humans and luperci. He has spent years perfecting his own recipes for poisonous and hallucinogenic wines.
  • Shamanism (Journeyman):
He does a lot of witchy things and is a solo practitioner. He is also very private about his religion and often will not share his beliefs with others, unless they hold some sort of authority over him.
  • Armed Combat (Journeyman):
Has a considerable amount of training with spears specifically, but also is very handy with short swords and blades. He was taught most of what he knew from Dullahan as by request by his father.
  • Mounted Combat (Journeyman):
He was taught most of what he knew from Dullahan as by request by his father. He learned most of what he knows about horses from Elody and Nephele, but was specifically trained with Dullahan for mounted battle.

Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies

  • Linguist (Journeyman):
He knows multiple languages thanks to his upbringing. He is fluent in French, German, Latin, and Italian. He is familiar with some Spanish but does not know all of the slang. He also knows how to read and write in most of the languages he knows.
  • SKILL (Dabbler/Apprentice/Journeyman/Master):
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Personal Inventory


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New description coming soon. Attached is old information from Previous resident's wiki(description written by Eve). New description coming soon!
Previous Residences:
  • Lookout Lodge
  • Flanked by a small patch of forest to the northwest, the old and rather unremarkable lighthouse sits on the southernmost tip of The Ruins comfortably away from the rocky cliff it once guarded stray vessels from wandering too near. Built from strong and sturdy stone it has lasted the test of time and stands tall and stable against the gusting bay winds. Bleached white from sunshine and seaspray the tower is octagon shaped and boasts four floors, each with four windows except the ground level, which has no windows and only one door that functions as the main entrance and exit of the lighthouse - built from thick and heavy oak reinforced with hand forged iron. Over the doorway outside Duncan built an arch trellis out of wood where thick vines of magnifica honeysuckle have grown to completely cover it. The same flowering vine almost completely encircles the ground level of the lighthouse and creeps up to just below the second floor windows. The wines are evergreen all throughout the year and produce fragrant flowers in the spring and early summer, a favorite of Duncan's bees. Also encircling the bottom of the tower are thick bushes of European barberry which provide a natural and thorny deterrent to anyone or anything looking to snoop around the tower. It also does well to hide a lupus-sized bolt hole dug out under one corner of the lighthouse foundation.
  • Inside a massive spiral staircase made of wood travels the circumference of the tower and connects each floor until terminating at the uppermost floor where a wooden ship ladder and trap door allow access to the roof. Each floor of the lighthouse is made of heavily reinforced wood and though creaky at times - especially during sudden changes in temperature or humidity - is still very sturdy and shows no signs of giving way anytime soon. The same can be said of the heavy stone roof and the original glass in the water-tight windows, all of which was well built to last against the constantly shifting elements of the coast. The ground floor is set up as a sitting area for receiving guests and is furnished modestly with a small table and two chairs set atop an elk hide rug. Tucked under the stairs is a small makeshift cot and a pile of furs for overnight guests and a small table for them to put their things on. A cast iron stove sits atop a few bricks in a corner of the room near the table and chairs and with a good flame going is able to heat the whole tower during colder weather.
  • The second floor functions as a workshop for Duncan where he keeps anything and everything related to his craft from his tools and supplies to half-finished projects and a varied stock of common and rare woods waiting to be turned into something interesting or useful. Aside from the large worktable in the middle of the room there isn't much else noteworthy about it, though there is a generous amount of candles all over the place to allow him enough light to work day and night. On the third floor Duncan has set up his bedroom where a wooden bed is layered with furs to sleep on and flanked by a pair of small tables littered with candles, carvings, and other random trinkets. A large and heavy-duty wooden chest sits on the floor just in front of the bed and is used to safeguard the things he holds most dear to him. The last and uppermost floor is used as storage and not frequented very often, though it is sometimes open to guests who plan on staying more than one night and another makeshift cot is set against one wall to offer a more comfortable place to sleep. All the way atop the roof is nothing, just the roof, though he sometimes likes to go all the way up there to think.
  • Outside and a little way away from the lighthouse - sheltered by the forest and carefully fenced off to ward against wandering wildlife and packmate alike - Duncan has built four small apiaries out of some heavy pieces of driftwood he hauled up form the bay. The logs are carefully hollowed out and holes are punched in them to allow the bees room to build a hive and plenty of places to enter and exit, the top then covered by a roof of woven grasses, reeds, and other rain deterring materials that still allows the hive to "breathe" so that heat and excess moisture can escape. The roof is secured to the main structure so it can't simply blow away but can easily be lifted away to allow access to the precious honey hiding within. All over the small peninsula - throughout the spring and summer - a variety of wildflowers, bushes, and brambles bloom to give the bees plenty of nectar sources for making honey, though they tend to frequent the honeysuckle vines and barberry bushes growing on and around the lighthouse the most.



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  • Species: Species
  • Date of Birth: ---
  • Onboard?: ---
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    • Wingspan: --- in (--- cm)
    • Weight: --- lbs (--- oz; --- kg)
  • Key Features: ---
  • Coloration: ---

Packs members may assume:

  • Assumption
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Skills & Abilities:

  • ---








  • Gender: ---
  • Species: Species
  • Date of Birth: ---
  • Onboard?: ---
  • Size: Use this for conversions
    • Length: --- in (--- cm)
    • Height: --- in (--- cm)
    • Wingspan: --- in (--- cm)
    • Weight: --- lbs (--- oz; --- kg)
  • Key Features: ---
  • Coloration: ---

Packs members may assume:

  • Assumption
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Skills & Abilities:

  • ---








See Coaxoch's History and Thread Archive? for extensive History.


∙ Special Thanks ∙

Artwork of these character(s) on this page is thanks to Miyuuma@DA, Skaella@FA, Nandolicious@FA, Kiri, Kite, Nina, Royalbovine@FA, Shannah, Jasmae@FA, Hydra, Dubzpixelpaws@FA, Motth@FA Jmonster, & Alaine! Base Character Concept is by Miyuuma@DA and was purchased and extended upon by Jmonster. Thank you all for your contribution(s) to bringing these character(s) to life!