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Basilio Lykoi is the pygmy son of Helotes Lykoi and Zana Avaya Lykoi, born on June 3, 2012 in Inferni. He is the full blood brother of Azucena Lykoi, and cousin to basically every Lykoi board wise. In the year 2013, Helotes, Basilio and Timori de le Poer were taken hostage by a band of slavers. While Basilio and Helotes were sold together, Timori was not as lucky and ended up being sold separately. Forced into a life of slavery, Basilio was pushed off as a servant to a group of wolves and wolf-dogs. He was beaten and often spoke back to his "masters" and went too far on the day of his escape. His father, who saw what was happening, attacked the slavers, telling Basi to go and escape, to leave him behind.

The choice to listen to his father is something that still haunts Basilio till this day. In spring of 2014, Basilio returned back to Inferni after spending several months in the traveling band of Sonnerie where he learned gymnastics and how to use a sword more efficiently. However, he had serious anger problems and his stint in Inferni only lasted about three months before Pack Centurion, Vesper and he were ambushed by poachers in Drifters Bay?. Watching Vesper getting beaten was the last straw for him and he let his anger get the best of him and ended up killing most of the group of poachers before finally setting Vesper free.

Deciding that his anger was too dangerous a thing for him to remain in Inferni, Basilio left and went back to Sonnerie. Unfortunately, he left there too after a small period of three months when a freedom fighter pack from LÎle-Bizard came to trade with the free band. What started off as a way of freely venting his anger on slavers and those who abused women turned into something sour really fast when Basilio found that the leader of the pack was using woman against their will. Basilio struck him down in his anger and, by rights of the group, became it's new alpha.

There, he met a woman who sired one of his only two children, Helena Troy Lykoi, who would later come to Inferni after Basilio left to go back to his home.

In late 2015, Basilio came back to Inferni after leaving his daughter and her mother, leaving a vacuum spot for a leader from his previous pack. He started out as a Tirones but quickly rose through the ranks to become one of Inferni's Bellator. He earned his Rex titles first, though, earning the right to accept members into the pack.

In early 2016, a war that branched off between Cour Des Miracles and Inferni saw Basilio returning to his old ways. An occurrence of Dissociative Personality Disorder left Basilio with blackouts that riled up his old hatred of wolves. Forcing himself on a black wolf, he sired three children, all of which died within the first two months of their lives. Later, he met Crucifix de le Poer which branched off into a relationship after he saved her on multiple occasions from wolves and Izual Massacre who was trying to force himself upon her. He caused tension in their relationship after moving too fast and trying to sleep with her which costed him months of trying to earn her trust back and many tense meetings with her litter-mates.

In late 2016, Basilio, during one of his blackouts, trapped Axelle Napier with a snare trap that lifted her from the ground. He knocked her out and kept her in a small bunker where he beat her and eventually forced himself upon her. He left her for dead, though she managed to escape, albeit pregnant from their brief union. Giving birth to a litter, the woman left them in the woods and went a small distance away. One pup managed to get back to her, Eire Lykoi. She later came in contact with Basilio, inciting one of his blackouts, that he woke up from in the woods far from her, injured but not dead. During this time, Crucifix also gave birth to a two pup litter where his children, Hope Lykoi and Faith de le Poer were brought into this world by Harosheth.

In December 2016, a war sparked off that continued into early to mid February of 2017. During this war, Amariah Eld and Tweed kidnapped his girls from under their watcher's nose. Hearing about this, Basilio rushed to their defense, killing Tweed and Amariah both. This fostered some fear of him in Crucifix that he tried to fix through a picnic in Riparian Moors. In May of 2016, after approaching to offer some help to Vicira Tears, Basilio was let in on the fact that she knew what he'd done to loner, Axelle. For a few weeks, things were okay minus the fear and anxiety that his secret was going to get out. Still not completely over his illness from the plague that ransacked Nova Scotia, Basilio was close to succumbing to his sickness and had decided to drink away the pain that had left him nothing more than a pile of bones and flesh. After getting grotesquely sick near a tree at the edge of one of Inferni's lakes, Vicira approached him on behalf of her mother to ensure that he was alright. Instead, Basilio took her presence as an opportunity for her to gloat about her knowing and going to tell.

He attacked her, knocking the wind out of her and then, after threatening her with a broken wine bottle, he walked away. Knowing he didn't have much time, he went home to Crucifix and his daughters, waited till they were sleeping and then he left them, leaving behind a note for each of his children and for Crucifix, also discarding his rosary for her keepsake. Vesper met Basilio at the borders, Vicira and Conrad Niellson? at her feet and he was exiled from Inferni.

As of right now, he has been lurking a distance from Inferni, too sick to move. His days are numbered and he probably won't last through the next week due to advanced stage organ failure






  • Date of Birth: 06/03/2012
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Outskirts of Inferni
  • Mate: N/A
  • Pack: Loners
  • Rank: N/A




Inferni members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking...

  • General interactions: such as waving at him or passing him by.
  • Seeing him out patrolling or hunting.
  • Seeing him with Drifter Bay horses.

Please PM to discuss specific interactions...

  • Training: Him training you with bow, staff or sword.
  • Sparring: Sparring with Basilio at the training grounds
  • Specific conversations and events pertaining to Basilio
  • Basilio is a very bad boy outside of Inferni.
  • He just got married to Crucifix de le Poer, Inferni's residential flower girl.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: It is quite apparent that Basilio is a hybrid of some sort. You can smell more coyote in him than other canids which is probably one of the main reasons he retains much of his coyote appearance. The only other apparent bloodline that can be seen in his appearance is wolf but it is vague, despite it being nearly half his genus.
  • Fur: Basilio's fur is creased with dozens of scars that layer his back where he was beaten as a slave with his father right behind him. Despite his attention to his fur, it has grown in long due to his wolf heritage and somewhat coarse due to his coyote blood. It is not as kept as many might hope it to be, neither combed nor worried over so some parts are tangled while others are not nearly as bad off.
    • Optime Hair: Basilio once sported a long hairstyle that he swore not to cut off for his father's sake. Since he fought in the InfernixCour war and it was cut off, he sports a near boyish styled hair cut that comes down to his shoulders, his bangs long enough that it hangs loosely at either side of his face. In the back, he has a hair tie made of blue, red and black beads and a silver and black feather from his last raven companion
  • Facial Features: His face is primarily coyote-esque, long and angular yet prominent and statuesque. He sports the nearly ubiquitous Lykoi snout blaze, the same dark red as his father's, though the blaze extends into soft swooshes under his eyes. When he smiles, it is devilishly charming and quick witted. A creme colored tattoo is wrapped around his eyes, the shape a flame coming from either eyelid. His left eyebrow has a darker scar that stretches over the eyebrow to just an inch beneath, missing the eye completely.
  • Build and Size: At first glance, anyone can tell that Basilio inherited his mother's pygmyism. He is strong, athletic, yet compact and muscular for someone his size, always bordering upon tension or stress, yet somewhat laid back and charismatic.
    • Lupus: Fully grown, Basilio looks much like a five month old size wise and in shape and form. However, don't tell him he's too small to do anything because what he lacks his size, his form within this shape definitely makes up for in charisma. While small and slightly compact, he is strong and resilient and his agility makes up for most misgivings while fighting.
    • Optime: Small and compacted, Basilio carries himself with a somewhat concealed charisma that keeps others guessing at what he's going to do next. He looks much like a fighter, usually postured straight and without a hunch. His hair is usually kept to a braid at one side of his shoulder.
  • Humanization: Basilio is moderately humanized.


  • Fur:
    • His pelt colors are differing shades of gray, darker near the top and lightening towards his belly.
  • Markings:
    • He sports the nearly ubiquitous Lykoi snout blaze, the same dark red as his father's, though the blaze extends into soft swooshes under his eyes.
    • His tail is slightly darker toward it's very tip, his back streaked with a dark, languid gray that teeters into the softer nobel white near his belly.
  • Eyes: Wine colored with specks of lavender highlight throughout them
  • Optime Hair: Scorpion
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black


Scorpion (#6a5e5e)
Nobel (#b9afae)
Taupe (#493F35)
Merlin (#413833)
Mule Fawn (#91432D)'
Lotus (#85393B)
Lavender (#B580DB)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars:
    • Moderate whip scars over his back.
    • An 'X' near the top of his spine from being beaten.
    • One scar that goes from either of his sides right around his back to the other side. Like a harness, almost
    • A fierce scar on one of his legs where he was shot by an arrow and slashed by a sword during two wars.
  • Piercings:
    • Long stud through the top of his right ear.
  • Tattoos:
    • The Lykoi star on his sternum/near the center of his chest.
    • An eye marking of white coloring underneath both of his eyes.


While traveling with the Traveling Circus, he earned enough wages to trade for a leather armor set, though most it came down to a single black half-breast plate that covers the left side of his chest, leaving his Lykoi scar for all to see, a strap that leads on into a full armed leather gauntlet of the same coloring that juts with silver spikes along its make. He also wears black pants with a Japanese style katana on his back and a bow made for his stature.

Jewelry and Accessories

  • One long bar earring in his right ear near the top


  • Leather, spiked armor


22 lbs (9.979 kg)
15 in (38.1 cm)


Basilio uses this form but only when he's ready to sleep. Otherwise, this form is only used in fights or to deceive his enemies.

46 lbs (20.87 kg)
32 in (81.28 cm)


Though this form is larger than his secui, Basilio much rather use this while hunting. And since he does not do a lot of that, he rarely partakes of it.

100 lbs (45.36 kg)
4ft 9in (57 in / 144.78 cm)

Optime (Preferred)


  • Speech: Blunt, very to the point. He is sickly charming and has a voice akin to that of Ian Somerhaulder
  • Scent: Inferni scent: salt, honeysuckle, marshes, horses, coyote, Lykoi. Individual scent: Alcohol and mint
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Flinch around whips and chains
  • General Posture and Body Language: Bold, confident. Challenging around those not in an authority position of Inferni.


2.  Personality

Basilio is a very complex man who originally started his journey with a sickly sweet nature and a competitive urge to prove himself to both his father and his peers. Having realized when he was younger that he was at an enormous physical disadvantage in comparison with his peers, he took it upon himself to study rigorously in the ways of war through weapons such as the sword, knives, even bare handed combat. He does not consider his size a disadvantage and rather uses it to his own ends.

Childhood games often became nasty to the young pygmy. He had dreams of greatness and granduer, dreams that he'd be a leader of the pack he grew up in. However, these dreams ebbed every time he lost. His greatest fear and weakness was losing to others. As he got older, he delved more into his spiritual self, especially after meeting his mate, Crucifix?.

He has a difficult time saying he is wrong but he tries his best to put on a front in front of others of a man of strong attributes. He can be cruel and vindictive, blunt and arrogant. He is definitely misogynistic in his ways, believing that women should raise their children and treat their men the way they'd like to be treated, with respect and reverance. He often uses god as reasoning for attacking wolves and other canines. He'd rather blame his transgressions on others than owning up to his own mistakes.

He is very diligent, however, and very set on his duties. He's grown thoughtful and quiet with age and does not fear sleeping with someone outside of his mateship as long as Crucifix doesn't find out. However, he still loves her dearly, enough that he doesn't mind protecting her at all costs.

Despite his flaws, Basilio means well and strives before everything to make his family proud. He is naturally self-conscious of how others percieve him and can slip into anger at the drop of a pin.

He no longer takes risks unless he needs to. Most of the ones he has taken have reaped huge rewards.

2.1  Ideals


Spiritual, Angry, Arrogant, Crude, (toward family) Strong, Ambitious, Fiercely Protective.

  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted, dominant
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil


  • Inferni
  • Family


  • Failure:
  • Disappointment
  • Atheism
  • His family's realization of his nature


  • Packs: Krokar is on his list, ever since he was mauled by one of its member's boars in an effort to strike at him for attacking one of its wolves.
  • Species: Basilio comes off as if he hates any other breed than coyote. This includes dogs, wolves and jackals. However, he only hates wolves. Dogs are alright with him as long as they keep themselves in line rather than pushing themselves on his bad side. He also hates Jehan. :|
  • Non-Luperci: None
  • Gender: Basilio is Misogynistic to an extent. He believes that women are strong, but that they should leave the heavy work to the men. It is their job to protect them while women should stick to protecting the young and working to make home life better for the rest of the pack or their family.
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: He read at an early age that anything combining two of the same sexes is a sin. He therefore thinks it unclean but does not actively show his disgust in it. The only union of this nature he does not find disgusting in this manner is Vesper and Myrika Tears.
  • Age: None


Basilio is a heterosexual with no lean toward the male variety. He is sickly sweet and quick witted with his words and more than a little charming. Through the years, he's gained his father's impeccable, deadly charm and he uses it often to get what he wants outside of bed and in it. He does not have sexual relations often but when he does, it's because he really needs to let off steam or because he loves that individual. Or, like most Kimaris blood-lined individuals, the need to breed kicks into high gear.


  • Likes: Archery, sword fighting, wrestling, sex, women, the bible.
  • Dislikes: Homosexuality, slavery, whips, chains, liars, thieves, slackers.


Basilio is no stranger to alcohol consumption but would not do any other substance. He dislikes the smell of marijuana and cannabis and is prone to ignore those who use it on a regular basis.


Basilio is a devout Catholic like his father. He believes vehemently what the bible has to say and will defend it with both claw, teeth and sword.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Lykoi, Kimaris, Damaichu, and Sadira.

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Crucifix de le Poer: Basilio and Crucifix originally bonded over him protecting her from a wolf assailant when she was picking flowers. After some courtship, Basilio made the mistake of trying to sleep with her outside of mateship which caused their relationship to grow distant for a few months till he regained her trust. Bound through their mutual relationship with God and for their own love, they have a stronger relationship because of it. She is the mother of his only legitimate children.
  • Vesper: Vesper has always been something of a mother figure to the pygmy. He used to call her Aunty Ves but has fallen out of that habit after she took the mantle of Aquila from Myrika Tears. Their relationship is strained due to her mistrust of him.
  • Hope Lykoi and Faith de le Poer: They are both his children. He loves them and will do his best to keep them safe and moderately distant from him so they don't take up any of his bad qualities. He will teach them how to fight and how to read the bible.
  • Helena Lykoi: is Basilio's daughter. He remained with her mother for a total of three months after she was born and then took off. He does not know much of her upbringing but has shown something of a cold shoulder toward her in regards for his other children by Crucifix.

Pack Relations

Basilio has always been a member of Inferni, aside from two brief stints where he took some time away to find himself after his father, Helotes Lykoi and adoptive brother, Timori de le Poer were taken by slavers outside of Inferni. He is of rather high rank in Inferni right now, though much of his contact within the pack is strained due to his interactions with the other members.

  • Cartier Inferni: Inferni's Centurion and one of Basilio's self-proclaimed friends. They have known each other for a long time and Basilio often sought out the other for questions pertaining to his faith before Crucifix came into his life. After Basilio confessed to assaulting and threatening Jehan de l'Or, Cartier's mate, their relationship is more strained than most.
  • Conrad?: Conrad is one of Basilio's friends in Inferni. He is a fellow fighter, hunter and an all around guy. Basilio often spars with him.
  • Belial Massacre: Basilio has not thought much of this family after being around both him and his brother. Basilio has few hates in this world. Belial doesn't fit into that category and has shown some interest in Basilio's dislike of his brother.
  • Kára Lykoi: is Basilio's half sister. They both took up residence in the rooms that were once joined by his father for Azucena Lykoi and himself. He's trusted her more than once on occasion though it seems they've fallen out of touch.
  • Jehan de l'Or: Few characters can garner hatred from Basilio like this mutt. After accidentally dropping a board from the roof of the mansion and almost hitting Jehan, Jehan insulted Basilio's height and called him a monster. Basilio took action and assaulted Jehan, threatening him with further violence. Their relationship was strained further when Basilio tried apologizing again later on only for Jehan to target Basilio with words that made him hate the dog. If given the chance, Basilio would most definitely take the other into the woods and kill him, leaving his body to the ravens.
  • Izual Massacre: Basilio views Izual as nothing more than a dangerous lunatic who will someday get what's coming to him. After Izual forced himself on Crucifix de le Poer and Basi rescued her, the Massacre took a hatred toward Basilio and then broke into their room, leaving it a bloody mess. In response to Izual's actions, Basilio went looking for him only to find some of his belongings perched on a mangled body outside Inferni's borders. If he see's Izual, there will likely be an altercation.
  • Axelle Napier: During one of Basilio's black outs, he supposedly assaulted and raped this wolf from Anathema. Fortunately, she was a loner then so there were no actions taken against him and it hasn't come to the knowledge of leadership yet. Their union, however forced, sired a daughter, Eire Lykoi. Axelle seems intent on punishing Basilio. So much so that she attacked him upon coming by him in the woods during another black out session.

Outsider Relations

  • Osprey Fleurine: A traitor of Inferni who targeted Jehan and Clover for being dogs. Basilio was charged with capturing him and executing him after a fair trial was given to him by Vesper and the rest of Inferni.
  • Semini: Though he doesn't know her well, Semini was one of the few individuals who reacted to Basilio's coyote supremacy after Basilio assaulted Taseko in the woods. She had her bores gore one of his legs.

Former Major Relations

  • Rémy Lebeau: was one of the few people Basilio took inspiration from shortly after his first shift. He didn't know him that well but he did learn a good bit about fighting from the other.
  • Helotes Lykoi: Basilio's father - Basilio and his father had a very decent relationship as was to be expected since they lived together, practically, till Basilio shifted for the first time and even a little after. Taken with Basilio along with Timori de le Poer, he saved Basilio later on by managing to set him free and distracting the slavers while Basilio got away. Basilio went off searching for him several times to no avail.
  • Zana Avaya Lykoi: Basilio's mother - Basilio's mother left him and his sister at a very young age. While this should not have affected Basilio as much as it did, it's turned him into who he is today when it comes to most women aside from his mate. He does not view her as being his mother and if given the chance, would probably tell her that himself.
  • Loki: Was once Basilio's closest friend. They did everything together from training one another and racing through Inferni in lupus. After both of their traumatic first shifts, they grew closer and killed a loner at the borders. Unfortunately, it claimed both of their innocence. He has not seen his friend in years and doesn't even know if he is alive.
  • Khyren: is a black wolf Basilio assaulted and then took advantage of during the war between Cour des Miracles and Inferni. She sired two pups, one which died right away and was unnamed and the other that lived for about two months before it died of sickness due to the nature of her conception and Basilio's pygmy disposition.
  • -Amariah Eld and Tweed-: Basilio's children were kidnapped by these two toward the end of the second war with the Boreas wolves. He did not ask questions and quickly attacked, strangling Tweed while ripping out Amariah's throat after a fierce battle between the two.

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: A lot of Basilio's combat training came from Inferni with several individuals. He learned to fight against a staff, two hand swordsmen, archers when the time came. After he left Inferni and was sold into slavery and then escaped, he trained more intensely to improve and master his skills.
  • Lupus (Journeyman): Basilio is no beginner when it comes to tussling with others in lupus form. While using it is also hard to do, he makes use of his quick witted thoughts and his size to speed around his enemies and break them down from the legs up.
  • Swordsmanship (Master): Basilio started off with a sword to begin with. First sticks with Loki, then on progressively to blunt blades and finally to curved scimitars. He migrated from his scimitars after joining up with the carnival where he was trained by an Akita by the name of Rowen who taught him how to fight with a Japanese Katana.
  • Archery (Journeyman): Even before Basilio had left Inferni, he was a decent shot with a bow and arrow made specifically for his size. While he still has some trouble with aiming, he is learning at a rapid pace to shoot without fear or the slightest hint of hesitation
  • Lupus form causes some weakness due to his size. Because he is such a small luperci due to his inherited pygmy gene, if an opponent catches him in this form, he is in trouble and desperation kicks in.
  • Aim: He still lacks a steady aim with archery that could cause problems if that were the only weapon he had. That is why his primary weapon is his katana.


  • Education and Learning: Basilio learned how to read and write before he had left Inferni. He started reading at a very early age, even while he was still a pup running around on four legs. Writing came somewhat naturally after having learned the words and their different shapes. After, he learned how to track while being on his own after escaping the slave master. His father naturally spoke Spanish and some French so Basi learned from him as much as he could. Helped to have someone in the carnival who knew Spanish. Most of the time, he spoke in his father's tongue to hide his identity.
  • Tracking (Journeyman): Basilio had to learn how to track while being on his own to catch his meals. Self taught in every way.
  • Languages - Spanish and French (Spanish - Master, French - Apprentice): Basilio was fortunate enough to have a father who knew Spanish and some French. He learned from his father his native tongue at a semi-early age so tends to speak it when around others once in a while.
  • Reading/Writing (Master): Learned while in Inferni.
  • and over here go some weaknesses~

5.  Residence

Basilio lives in the D'Neville Mansion in Inferni with his mate Crucifix de le Poer and his two children, Faith de le Poer and Hope Lykoi. Their home is on the second floor of the building in the East Wing. Once a parlor and an office, it has since been converted into a modest two bedroom apartment setup. The children's bedroom, attached to their parents' by a single door in the middle, has two pelt and fur beds with a makeshift dresser in the center to separate them. On the far east of their room is a single cracked, almost broken, window that has been cleaned of dirt and debris. Old wall paper that was originally there has been stripped from the walls. Where one side of the room used to leak, tree sap now blocks the holes.

The parent's room set up is far different than their children's. It has an original balcony on it so that Crucifix can keep her flowers close by. A Damascus curtain often closes the room off to the elements. A single pelt bed in the middle of the room. Pegs and hooks dot the walls closest to the hallway where swords, knives and other weapons belonging to Basilio rest. A roosting perch made of a long branch of oak rests closest to the balcony curtain where sometimes, Speedy rests when Basilio isn't out.

6.  History

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