Atlan Lykoi

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Atlan Lykoi was a member of Salsola, specialized in shamanism and craftsmanship.

He was born in Ceniza Valley as part of his father Sosthenes Lykoi's ehecatl -- a spiritual journey to spread his seed and word of Eterne. From a young age he was expected to look after his sister Tletica -- the tiacapan or first-born -- and he took this duty quite seriously. As such, when Tletica decided she wanted to travel north rather than return to their father's homeland, Atlan accompanied her despite his own protests. However, when Tletica sought to join Inferni, Atlan foretold their deaths should they join the coyotes. Tletica refused to heed his omens, and Atlan refused to accompany her.

Instead, Atlan heard whispers of another pack in the area that carried their bloodlines, a place of secrecy and magic. Atlan sought them out, reasoning that he could keep an eye on his sister while furthering his own interests. He joined Salsola a few months before the war with Inferni began -- and his prophecy came true when Tletica, not recognizing her sibling, fatally shot him.




OOC Info

  • Date of Birth: 17 August 2015
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Salsola
  • Rank: The Associate
  • Family: Lykoi, Kimaris, Rivera
  • Name Meaning:
    • Atlan: by the water (Nahuatl)
    • Lykoi: wolf (Greek)



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1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics

Atlan is a grey-brown, medium-sized coyote. He is large among other coyotes in the south, and has other traces of hybridization in him: notably, small ears and rounder, softer features. His fur is thicker than his sister's, protecting him from winter, but the fur on his tail is far from bushy. He is not particularly fit or muscular, though neither is he plump or overly skinny; he is just average.

His overall appearance is very unremarkable, but for two details: his mohawk of darker fur, and the Lykoi splash of red between his eyes that looks almost like blood.

1.2  Colors

  • Coffee (#736559) -- base coat
  • Soya Bean (#5E5349) -- shoulders and back, tail
  • Zeus (#2E2923) -- ears and "stripe", tail markings
  • Zorba (#A79D95) -- paws, throat, accents
  • Cafe Royale (#73360C) -- Lykoi marking
  • Zeus (#27221C) -- nose, skin, paw pads
  • Fire Bush (#E3973D) -- eyes

1.3  Miscellaneous

  • Though not quite as extensive as his father's, Atlan has begun a series of spiral scarifications on his chest. The centermost spiral has been darkened with ash.
  • Atlan has many accessories -- from feathers and leather to bone and antler, he has an almost tribal appearance supplemented with the occasional gold and obsidian jewelry. He prefers earrings, hair adornments, and bangles and anklets. He will sometimes wear a skirt of fur and leather, and usually has a pouch of shaman's tools somewhere.
  • He is seen exclusively in his Optime form, seeing no need to shift.
  • Atlan smells of blood and liver, soot, water, wood and bone, marsh, and various types of herbs.

1.4  References

Lineart by Sie, colored by Raze

2.  Personality


2.1  Details

  • Sociability: Introverted, dominant, secretive.
  • Values: Tradition, intelligence, prophecies and signs, spirituality, community, independence.
  • Vices: Ambition, selfishness, inaction.
  • Motivations: Power, immediate family, service and recognition in commmunity.
  • Fears: Death, poor omens, failure, big cats.
  • Biases: Mildly pro-coyote; idealizes coyote traits, but does not act against non-coyotes.
  • Sexuality: Low libido, possibly asexual.
  • Spirituality: Strong belief in old Eternian religion, including divination (harsuspex).

3.  Assets

3.1  Skills

  • Shamanism (Journeyman): Atlan is a practicing [i]Haruspex[/i]; he reads the entrails and liver of prey to foretell the future. He understands the rituals of Eterne well, from sacrifice to scarification, and hopes to pass on this knowledge to those interested in the pack.
  • Craftsmanship (Journeyman): He is a crafter of miscellaneous items from natural materials: bones, antlers, and wood. He can fashion arrowheads, needles, awls, fastenings, and other small things. While his range of expertise is broad, however, his tools are not as well-made as those of a specialist.
  • Boating (Apprentice): Atlan has traveled by canoe and raft down rivers before, and he has a good sense for currents and tides. He can handle himself well on rivers and is interested in expanding his knowledge to the oceans near the shore.
  • Trapping (Apprentice): Because he is not the strongest or fastest coyote, Atlan relies on luck and trapping to catch prey. He can craft simple snares and deadfalls to capture small prey like rabbits and voles, and is learning how to construct more complex traps.

3.2  Residence

3.3  NPCs

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4.  History