Sosthenes Lykoi





  • Date of Birth: 15 December 2013
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus

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by Sie

Sosthenes Kimaris is the son of Chanath Kimaris and Samael Lykoi. He is a coy-wolf-dog hybrid, born into Eterne. Relegated from a young age to a secondary bloodline, Sosthenes set out with his sister to "find his mother" -- in reality, a quest to complete his ehecatl.

1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

2.  Appearance

Sosthenes is a medium-sized coyote. He is sleek and athletic of build, with a gymnast's strength and flexibility. Sosthenes has striking markings, drawing eyes in Eterne.

His hybridization is not immediately obvious on looking at him -- while he is over-large for a coyote, especially one of the south, his build and features are almost completely coyote. His fur is just a touch too long and thick for a coyote (however little it protects him in the depths of winter). His muzzle is just a little long and wide -- otherwise, however, he has the large ears, pointed snout, and small nose of the coyote.

  • Heavily scarified; ears pierced.
  • Paarl (#9C632C) -- primary body color
  • Russet (#82481A) -- throat, chest, face, ears
  • Raw Sienna (#CF8943) -- muzzle, around eyes, insides of ears, chest patch
  • Potter's Clay (#917136) -- arms, separating her Millbrook color from the Roti
  • Tutara (#242321) -- muzzle, ear tips, cheeks, shoulders, spine, tail tip
  • Pomegranate (#F74614) -- eyes

3.  Personality

  • Fascinated from a young age with the religious and spiritual, Sosthenes dives into Eterne spirituality eagerly. This is the reason for his scarification. It is the desire to go on his ehecatl (nevermind that he is way too young) that really spurs him to depart Eterne. Finding his mother is an afterthought and a justification. He is a drirmancer in Eterne's shaman beliefs -- one who reads the future from a sacrifice's blood dripped from the fingers.
  • Deeply contemplative, especially when depressive. More outgoing and less inclined to long periods of contemplation when in a manic period.
  • Suffers from cyclothymia (a milder or subthreshold form of bipolar disorder). He has periods of hypomaniac behaviors (risk-taking, motivated, talking faster, etc.) and depressive behaviors (sleeping more, doing less, etc.). Most often, Sosthenes wavers somewhere between two extremes -- though he has had severe periods of depression and mania both, they are a rarity. Though this has remained relatively mild through his life, the player is free to worsen it, even to complete bipolar disorder.

4.  Family

5.  History

Born into Eterne to an angry Chanath, who had a run-in with Samael Lykoi some months prior on wandering about southern Mexico. Chanath is disordinately displeased with their birth, and departs shortly after they are born (like days after). Their grandmother Tlantli is equally displeased with their birth (primarily thanks to Chanath. Tlantli raises them among her own nonetheless.

The children know from birth their mother is Chanath; their distance from Tlantli and succession in Eterne is made very plain to them. They begin to comprehend their differences from their older "siblings" Aerakh and Rahovath. They aren't denied anything, let alone mistreated -- but the differences are nonetheless obvious to the children from a young age. They are Sangre Principe -- canines not eligible for succession.

Sosthenes spends a lot of his youth around Tezcatli' (shaman) of the Eternian religion, a Dririmancer (blood-reader) named Tetocoyan Zoquitl. The coyote, a former slave, had risen to prominence in Eterne. She impressed upon Sosthenes the art of blood-reading and aided him in gaining his scarifications.

In their first summer, determined to find their mother, Sothenes sets out with Sisera, a wolf slave?, and coyote servant. The servant, though deathly afraid of Tlantli's wrath, is more afraid of letting the children get hurt under her care.

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