Samael Lykoi

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Samael Lykoi is a former member of Inferni and also previously a Loner. He has intermittently been a member of Inferni throughout his lifetime. Through promiscuity and non-consensual encounters, Samael has sired a wide variety of offspring, most of whom made their way to Inferni themselves.






  • Date of Birth: 06 June 2006
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus

50% Mexican Coyote
25% Northeastern Coyote
12.5% Dog
12.5% Red wolf

  • Meaning: "venom of god"; "wolf"
  • Title: The Prince of Fear
  • Name Origin: Biblical
  • Details: In the Talmud as accuser, seducer, and destroyer, who slays humans with a single drop of poison. "Chief of Satans", "the prince of the devils". Identified with the serpent, with carnal desire, and with the angel of death. Synonymous in legends with Satan.



  • If you require a sperm-donor, and would like a link to an extensive family on 'Souls, contact me, Poppinz, to negotiate something with Samael. His services are almost always available. ;]



In the summer his coat is gold and black, with a dark saddle on his back, while in the winter he is nearly jet all over, with barely a trace of any other color. His eyes are blood-red, and his hair, when shifted, is jet-black. Age has begun to streak his hair with gray and white. At one point he was gaunt and skeletal, though he's since fleshed out to his full potential, with a lean, muscular build. He's large for his species, closer to the size of a small to medium wolf. His features are genetically elegant and delicate, once holding immense beauty, but this has since been marred. Other than his size he bears no trace of mixed blood.

Nearly every inch of his body is in some way scarred, from his face to his limbs and otherwise. A pentagram is burned into his forearm, the Sigil of Lucifer on the other, a chaos star on his upper left arm, and a dragon on his hip. In his ear, as his oldest adornment, is a tiny stud made from jet. Noticeably, he has a Glasgow grin, stretching his mouth into an obscene, wicked smile at all times, and his canine teeth protrude visibly from beneath his lips.

Relatively feral compared to others, he is often without clothing or outer attire and usually carries nothing. Tooth and nail are his preferred weapons. When worn, his protective armor is mainly leather reinforced with other materials, with bracers and a chest plate typical of an archer. A bow is his favorite weapon, though he possesses a small knife as well.

  • Scent: Coppery and pungent, with traces of bitter almond and sweet apple.
  • Voice: Hoarse, creaking, slithering, crooning, purring. accent is mainly a nondescript Canadian, with distinct hints of a Southern American drawl, and almost British pronunciations strewn about. (Jeremy Irons, if North American and creepier.)
  • Language: English, Arabic, Spanish

Mental Biography

The Sociopath · Chaotic Evil · Combat Sadomasochist · Satanic Archetype · Hearing Voices · Many Spirits Inside Of One · Oedipus Complex · Identity Amnesia · Villainous Incest · Interplay Of Sex And Violence · Depraved Bisexual · Really Gets Around

Samael is a schizophrenic sadomasochist with multiple personality disorder, and god knows what else! Haunted his entire life by voices and presences that never existed outside of his own mind, he worshiped the “Angel” his entire life—essentially, the fallen angel Lucifer of Christianity. The Angel guided him and watched over him, feeding his sense of godlike mentality. Wicked and friendly demons followed him perpetually, tearing his mental state between fear and ecstasy. Of course, “Samael” was only one presence within his mind, and when Samael faded out “others” would take over. He was long accustomed to stretches of time without memory, leading to his constant departures from the local area and luring him on distant quests.

Importantly, he was romantically in love with his own mother from the very first moment of his existence and knowledge of her presence, which caused him constant torment as she was the one soul that he would never harm, but he longed for more than life itself. This lead to misery and torment as toward others he was callous and unsympathetic. He was a fallen angel sent to wreak havoc, while others were mere mortals meant to suffer at his hand. Of course, he appreciated his own blood simply because they were a part of his mother, and thus something to regard as slightly worthy unless otherwise noted. He is driven by hedonism, reveling in sex, physical pleasure/pain, and his own selfish, sick desires.

June 2014. After finally achieving what he wished with his mother for the first time three years prior his mental state was changed. The torment of unrequited love and lust no longer consumed him, and this lessened his psychosis. As a result he's begun to be able to function on an almost rational level. Of course, the groundwork of his personality hasn't changed, and he's no more sociable than he was before.

The Prince of Fear

Samael was born the Prince of Fear. The most obvious implementation is through his terrifying demeanor and propensity toward killing and maiming others. The more subtle manifestation of his title is through paranoid schizophrenia. He is distinctly paranoid, and when alone he becomes afraid. He sees shadow figures, mainly on the edges of his vision, and hears voices. The shadows are coming to drag him back to hell, and he can sometimes even feel them touching him, harassing him. He is also paranoid that he will be murdered, and that everyone is out to get him. He does not reveal or display this to others, however, and it's a personal affliction.




June 6th, 2006 he was born alongside Razekiel and Ahemait. They were kept outside of Inferni and not introduced to the rest of the clan until they were a few months old. By then they had been raised with strong beliefs about their heritage and demon lineage. Samael took this to heart. He had also bonded deeply with his mother in his mind—stronger than the others. They didn't quite assimilate with the other coyotes, and his half-brother Gabriel deeply mistrusted him. They were arrogant and claimed to be actual demons. Psychosis began when Samael was young, and he saw visions and heard voices. He told Gabriel that God had spoken to him, and his brother struck him across the face, scarring him beneath his left eye. When Kaena vanished this left a deep impact on Samael. He slowly became agitated and disturbed. Thus began a steady downward spiral where he was consumed with mental illness.

He drifted back and forth from Bleeding Souls, each time presumed to be dead when he drifted off. There were periods where he entirely lost himself, and self-mutilated destructively. Hybrid became a frequent figure in his life, and from one of their encounters he gained the permanent gashes over his right eye. His life became nothing more than a black hole of sex and violence. No longer did he care about his physical body, and he became an absolute creature of chaos, willing to thrust himself into the jaws of another just as long as he felt something. He reveled in the pain of his own body, and of others. He would slit his own wrists just to watch himself bleed. And he would kill just to watch the life go from someone's eyes. Even after Kaena had returned, and he would loyally cut his throat if she asked him, he was consumed by latent, incestuous desires. She was the only one that he would never harm.

Then, the unimaginable happened. He consummated his desires for his mother, and in that instant the terrible longing that destroyed him vanished. His mental afflictions lessened, and he no longer saw or heard things as he had. This caused him to question his beliefs, and it drove him to Jerusalem, where so many Abrahamic religions had deepset roots. Eventually, he ended up in the desert. Fierce and vicious as his nature was, it wasn't long before he'd gathered up a group of like-minded individuals, and they began to raid and wreak destruction in their wake. This carried on for over a year, with Samael immersed in distant culture, before disease struck and the jackals dispersed.

Samael fled as well, making his way through the Caribbean, and eventually the southwest of what was once America. Old habits die hard, and once again Samael was creating mischief. It was here that he met The Family. They were a secluded, heavily inbred group of coyotes who, through their isolation and strict beliefs managed to thus far elude the luperci virus. Samael brought this to them, infecting them while playing the part of divine prophet. Playing heavily on his religious roots, he lead this group of fanatics through the American desert and grassland. They were violent to those who opposed them, preaching salvation through their path, and their path alone. He preached fire and brimstone, murdering wolves for no reason other than their species.

Later on, he headed south on a whim, seeking the place where his father had come from. He found Eterne, though what he found didn't quite suit him. He didn't stay long before returning north. When in southern Texas he encountered and acquired his daughter, Cherith, whom he took under his wing as he'd attempted to do with others before her. She, seeking a place to belong, fell easily into step with him. Eventually, he found himself where he originated from once again, though he didn't stay long. With Cherith—now known as Lilith—at his side, Samuel returned to the south and The Family. They welcomed him and his wife back, and not long after Cain Lykoi was born. This was the first child whom Samael truly took notice of made effort to raise as his own, in his image. This would also be his last and final child.


Samael can play the violin quite well.


Here is a list of notable, played characters Samael has had relations with in the Soulsverse since I've been playing him, the little whore. Of course, Kaena was always his ultimate goal, but he otherwise enjoys spreading his seed to every corner of 'Souls. In general, this list is incomplete and does not convey the entirety of his conquests. This is mostly just so I can remember what random messes Samael has gotten himself into over the last decade.

From the instant of his birth he was in love with his own mother. The innocent, unconditional love of a child for its parent was tainted by the sick madness that infested him through his origins. This is the only soul that he ever, truly felt "love" for, and it was more of an obsession than a true, unconditional adoration. She was the only creature ever whom he would never force himself upon, and him he would murder himself before harming. It was this restraint and obsession that eventually caused his mind to shatter and his mental state to spiral downward as it did. Eventually, though, he finally, willingly obtained what he wanted, and he hasn't been seen much since, as his entire existence had been built around unobtainable longing.

Lilith, formerly Cherith, is his daughter. She is considered to be his prophesied spouse, the mother of demons, thus why she adopted the name of Samael's biblical wife.

Hybrid was a constant in his life, and their relationship was more or less a perpetual train wreck, culminating in violent, destructive sex. Though there was no love spared between them, there was a sense of attachment—perhaps for the simple thrill gained from each encounter—and they sought each other out constantly.

Rachias was his sister. After a willing first encounter, he attempted to later on force himself on her again, but she resisted and her littermate Arkham intervened.

Halo he viewed as a daughter and a potentially perfect Lykoi, but after watching her flirt with a wolf, he murdered the wolf and then raped her atop his corpse. Later it was revealed that she actually was his daughter, through the rape of her mother.

His draw toward Molochai was the fact that he had been Kaena's favorite, and he wished to taste her on his skin. Briefly, they spent a time together much to the disgust of Gabriel, before Molochai vanished.

He was young when he met Ryoujoku—a young, bored prince not yet consumed utterly by madness, and after meeting the demon in the woods, their encounter resulted in sex.

Fatin Kali had been his mother's lover, and so he slept with her because of that. They conceived a litter.

He also had inappropriate relations with a tree. In a delirious dream state he attempted to penetrate it while imaging that it was Kaena before waking up and finding Hybrid standing over him. Thus began their tumultuous relationship of sorts.

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