Itachi Lykoi

Itachi Lykoi

Itachi, by Despi
Name MeaningWeasel
Name OriginJapanese
Date of BirthJune 22, 2010
Age2 years
SpeciesHybrid (75% wolf, 25% coyote)

56.25% Arctic Wolf
12.5% Eastern Timber Wolf
6.25% British Columbian Wolf
12.5% Mexican Coyote
6.25% Northeastern Coyote
3.125% Dog
3.125% Red wolf

LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeInferni
Current packSalsola

'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateMay 12, 2011
RankThe Warden
Previous RankThe Protege, The Confidant & The Tradesman
SignificanceFounding member

Previous Pack


Joining dateJune 22, 2010
Previous RankTirones Minor
SignificanceBirthpack; puppy


Joining dateDecember 7, 2010
RankOokii Yokai
SignificanceFounding member

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Itachi Lykoi is the son of Halo Lykoi and Conor Soul. He was born in Inferni, where he was looked after by his grandmother, Kaena Lykoi. However, in November 2010, he chose to join Anathema. He later went on to help found Salsola in May 2011.

1.  History

Itachi was born to Halo Lykoi in June of 2010. He was a strange child, and before he reached adulthood he was branded a traitor when he attempted to murder Kaena Lykoi and therefore left the clan. He travelled over the mountain and was one of the founding members of Anathema. Merely half a year after, he broke off from the pack together with a mixed group to found Salsola. Eventually, he managed to coax his childhood love China Rose Lykoi to come live with him, and eventually they had two children, Loki Jade Lykoi and Violeta Rose Soul. China died in childbirth, leaving Itachi a widower with two newborns to care for. Pregnant at that time, Siv Helsi agreed to help him care for the children at first, and eventually they agreed on a business partnership and became mates, though there was no love between them. He was pushed to his death by his grandson, Rhaegar, in August 2018.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

3.  Appearance

Pale gold with a thought darker patches on muzzle and back. Dark crimson eyes with a touch of artist's purple if one is to look closely. Hybrid build though his general appearance suggests strong wolf percentage.

4.  Threads

He said he had a story


  1. There was a silver circle sign (12 Nov)
  2. And she was waiting at the door (13 Nov)
  3. We pressed our way right through the crowd (28 Nov)
  4. Our pace was quickened to her floor (05 Dec)
  5. There was a single feigning light (17 Dec)


  1. And there was silk all on the walls (01 Jan)
  2. She had a lot of love to give (01 Jan)
  3. This house is not a home (01 Jan)
  4. [M] I was prepared to take it all (02 Jan)
  5. But what did she do next? (03 Jan)
  6. She had disrobed, and she was waiting on the floor (17 Jan)
  7. She asked me what it was I want, I said that I (13 Feb)
  8. Sink me in the river at dawn (14 Feb)
  9. wanted it all. What did you say? (26 Feb)
  10. I said stand up and move your (1 Apr)
  11. body to the bed. She quickly stood and (02 Apr)
  12. slowly turned and here's exactly (03 Apr)
  13. got nothing to show (03 Apr)
  14. what she said (03 Apr)
  15. Please be soft and sweet to me (06 Apr)
  16. This life has not been good, you see (18 Apr)
  17. It's hard with such a history (22 Apr)
  18. The sky above us shoots to kill (07 May)
  19. [M] buried in misery (07 Jun)
  20. And what did you do next? (01 Jul)
  21. I broke a smile, reminding that (12 Jul)
  22. I paid her well (18 Jul)
  23. Making friends (04 Aug)
  24. Her lips returned (05 Aug)
  25. Look to the east (09 Aug)
  26. And then I felt her hands (25 Aug)
  27. World be damned and move forward (27 Aug)
  28. Unbuckling my belt (17 Sep)
  29. So was it good? (16 Oct)
  30. What a waster (21 Nov)
  31. The bible didn't mention us (01 Dec)
  32. Streetwise angel, booksmart devil (04 Dec)


  1. Sing me a song (01 Jan)
  2. Oh, it felt like heaven, (01 Jan
  3. but I'm sure she was in hell. (02 Jan)
  4. I made it clear I'd get my money's worth (03 Jan)
  5. Trash upon the moon (04 Jan)
  6. Flame games (04 Jan)
  7. out of the goods she sells. (05 Jan)
  8. Break and bind yourself to me (19 Feb)
  9. Snake in the Alley (04 Mar)
  10. The last Supper (06 Mar)
  1. Deliver what you sold (07 Mar)
  2. It began as this (14 Mar)
  3. You see that I will only take from you (21 Mar)
  4. And use it up, I'll use you up (25 Mar)
  5. What was your name? (27 Mar)
  6. War with me, young heartless (09 Apr)
  7. Then the time of trouble commences (02 May)
  8. Goodies (20 May)
  9. He went forth conquering, and to conquer (28 May)
  10. [M] The Curse of Kindness (17 Jun)
  11. Not so eerie whispers (30 Jun)
  12. We meet again (14 Jul)
  13. What kind of magic spell to use (01 Sep)

The Tank

  1. Eight wheels lusting for the lives of infantry (His bearings shift) (08 Sep)
  2. His turrets turning from accountability (He takes his aim) (09 Sep)
  3. "We sing our final song and soon this verse is over" (10 Sep)
  4. Roots and fruits were abolished (11 Sep)
  5. Dirty Dieties (12 Sep)
  6. [M] Stay on, my love (03 Oct)
  7. He makes advances till his wheels cease to roll (03 Oct)
  8. His God is smiling on his cold mechanic soul (12 Oct)
  9. His plot is perfect if it sees no contradiction (13 Oct)
  10. There is no sign that he shows a sign of slowing (16 Oct)
  11. Roots and fruits were abolished (11 Sep)
  12. Let the water lead us home (28 Oct)
  13. your deception was readily apparent (03 Nov)
  14. I have an Ambition... to kill a certain man (Nov 28)
  15. You've stained your skin and I won't stick around (05 Dec)
  16. [M] Long enough to count the hearts that hit the ground (05 Dec)
  17. Flesh in the age of reason (06 Dec)


  1. [M] So long ago, was I one of them? (02 Jan)
  2. Your urgency hastened by his ingenuity (02 Jan)
  3. It's just a matter of moments til your body is debris (04 Jan)
  4. So say a prayer (05 Jan)
  5. His plot is perfect if it sees no contradiction (06 Jan)
  6. And still he moves on (06 Jan)
  7. You don't have to move on to let go (09 Feb)
  8. The roots of a great tree (6 Mar)
  9. [M] Arm and iron conquer heart and soul (08 Mar)
  10. [M] Sanguis Terre (02 Apr)
  11. and what of those in silent disconnect (30 May)

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