Mkhai Lykoi-Nephthys

Mkhai Lykoi-Nephthys

Mkhai, by Poppinz
AliasPrince of Destruction
Date of BirthSeptember 04, 2009
Subspecies50% jackal, 38% coyote, 6% wolf, 6% dog
Birth placeAlexandria, Egypt
Current packInferni
'Souls Profile

Former Pack


Joining dateMay 04, 2010[1]
Joining RankTirones Minor
Most Recent RankTirones Minor

Mkhai Nephthys (formerly Arakiel Mkhai Lykoi) is the son of Samael Lykoi and Djeserit Nephthys in Alexandria, Egypt. He was a former member of Inferni in the summer of 2010.

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1.  History

1.1  Pre-'Souls History

Within her psychotic moon cult Djeserit was a priestess and an oracle, acting as the voice of the gods. There was three tiers within Alexandria society—the upper class, which consists of royalty and holy men and women, the commoners, or middle class, which is everyone else, and then the servants, which are the lowest of the low and barely above slaves. Djeserit was situated comfortably above the commoners. At some point she was kidnapped and sold as a slave, where she ended up on the eastern coast of Canada.

After Samael Lykoi more or less accidentally killed her owner, leaving her abandoned and alone in a foreign land leagues from her own home country, she became taken with him after only a few encounters. He claimed to be a devil chosen by an angel and he had absolutely no qualms about murder and the destruction of the world. Regardless, she longed for home and Samael was only mildly interested in his companion, so she boarded a ship and sailed back to Alexandria only to realize later that she was in fact truly pregnant.

Once home, she gave birth to a litter of four. Born on a full moon, she prophesied them to be demons within their own right, and was incredibly pleased and proud of what she'd created. Each child of royal blood within Alexandria is seen to house the soul of a specific god. Mkhai was originally thought to be Anubis at birth, but after Djeserit dreamt of him devouring the sun and destroying the world, he quickly became Apep, whom his mother had initially believed that Samael was.

Of course, her claims that she'd met a demon who'd fathered her children were met with some scepticism, which then resulted in the questioning of her children's full rights as royalty, as worthless children were murdered before reaching adulthood. She needed to find Samael.

Taking her yet young children back to Canada, she sought out Samael. During this time Mkhai slipped away, seeking out the rest of his coyote lineage.

1.2  'Souls

Mkhai joined Inferni on May 4, 2010; he met his grandmother, Kaena at the borders, who then accepted him in to the clan.[2] Later that day, he met Cassius, whom he insulted for not belonging to the Lykoi bloodline.[3] He attempted to push Cassius' buttons and see how far he can take him, intentionally trying to rile him up. He later spoke with Kaena and updated her on the whereabouts of his father.[4] She attempts to get to know him, finding out where he came from and more about his general family before coming to Inferni. Mkhai however is completely apathetic toward everything around him.

Two days later, he met his cousin, Halo and explained his reasoning for coming to Nova Scotia.[5] She can immediately tell that he's the son of Samael as he and his sire appear so much alike, and she instantly hates him because of this. This time, Mkhai is actually polite and respectable, though he convinces himself that it's nothing more than a ploy, as this is a part of his family and in order to find out everything that he needs to know, he needs to get close to them. Then, there's also the issue of being despised on sight alone for the sins of his father.

A week later, he encountered Snake, whom he felt he could relate to.[6] A few days later, he ventured out of Inferni and met Daenys.[7] They recognized one another's alleged links to royalty.

1.3  Return to Egypt

Displeased living an ordinary life in 'Souls and despising the people and culture of this new country, Mkhai made his way slowly back home. From Portugal to Spain, Rome, Greece, Lebanon—xenophobia grew, luring him toward what was familiar to him. A charismatic, self-serving, arrogant beast, he quickly nestled himself into a position of power back in Alexandria, taking advantage of his mother's bloodline—even using her surname rather than his father's as was proper there. Steadily, he intends to rise up and take over, destroying the entire society. Subtle as a serpent, his goal is to devour anything that opposes him and reign solo, becoming the Pharaoh, before burning Alexandria in a great fire, leaving behind nothing but ash and returning them all to the afterlife.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

3.  Appearance

Mkhai, by Kiri

Mkhai is completely gray-scale, consisting of an array of intermingled silver, white and black. His eyes are brilliant, bloody crimson and a dark saddle stretches down his back toward the base of his tail. His build is lean, sleek and fox-like, with a thin face, large ears, and a long tail. Though he was small as a child, he took after his father in size and grew to be around the larger end of the scale for a coyote. Ethereal and beautiful, he is almost angelic in appearance with an unnaturally elegant presence, like a picturesque representation of the god Anubis. Beneath his one eye, toward the corner closest to the base of his ear is a tiny tattooed ankh and various piercings adorn his form.

3.1  Ideals


  • Likes: power, destruction, inflicting pain, being feared.
  • Dislikes: foreigners.


Arrogant, sadistic, entitled, power-hungry, cruel, self-serving.

  • Outlook: Optimistic.
  • Expression: Dominant, charismatic.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil


  • Being weak or worthless.
  • Cats.


  • Power, greed, selfishness, destruction, a legacy, remembrance, hedonism.


  • Species: Anything other than jackals he despises.
  • Caste: He takes bloodlines and royalty seriously, viewing anything below him as worthless dirt. He is ashamed of his father's family and ignores their existence.


Mkhai isn't particularly biased when it comes to physical pleasure, though he would only take a female as a mate. He isn't particularly monogamous, however, and has no desire to be sexually exclusive with a single female for any extended period of time.


He is heavily religious, taking his spiritual background seriously. He is the god Apep in flesh and blood. Other belief systems are nonsense to him.

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