Molochai de Odi Lykoi

Molochai de Odi Lykoi

Molochai, by Sie

PlayerSie, Xani
Name Origin"Messenger" "of Hate" "Wolf"; Hebrew, Italian, Greek
Date of BirthAugust 30, 2005
Age5 years
Subspecies50% Canis lupus
25% Canis latrans thamnos
12.5% Canis rufus rufus
12.5% Canis familiaris
Birth placeInferni
'Souls Profile

Molochai de Odi Lykoi was born to Kaena Lykoi and Ahren de le Poer, and was sporadic member of Inferni. He was played by both Sie and Xani.


Please see the Lykoi or de le Poer family pages for more information.


Devoted to his family and his bloodline Molochai will do anything to protect them and to uphold their name. He has a strong distrust for adult wolves and believes them to be scheming liars with only their own interests in mind. Although not bipolar or with any overriding mental/personality disorder Molochai does switch between personality sets when dealing with different ages and species.

With wolves: arrogant, hateful, vulgar, disrespectful With pups (wolf or otherwise): Overly kind, manipulative, polite

As a hybrid himself he's always aware that those around him might treat him differently if they knew exactly what mix he was. As such he avoids such conversations and only reveals his parents when necessary to prove his identity and only to those within Inferni.

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