Enkiel Lykoi

Enkiel Lykoi

by Alaine



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Date of Birth

4 September 2009




Chaotic Neutral





The Prince of Strife




Trappist, Egyptian, Greek




Birth place




50% Canis aureus (Jackal)
37.5% Canis latrans (Coyote)
6% Canis rufus (Red Wolf)
6% Canis lupus familaris (Dog)




Current pack Loner
Current rank --


Former pack Inferni
Former rank Tirones, Discens, Aedile, Imperium
Former pack Inferni (2)
Former rank Tiro Miscellus, Sepsari

Enkiel Runihura Lykoi is the son of Samael Lykoi and Djeserit Nephthys, born in Al-Iskandariyya, Egypt. He is a jackal-dominant hybrid, and former member of Inferni. Currently, he and his son are carving out a life as loners in the Wentworth Valley?.



  • Heathered Gray (#B6B095) pelt color.
  • Satin Linen (#E6E4D4) underside, eye-dots.
  • Silver Chalice (#ACACAC) accents.
  • Mine Shaft (#323232) accents.
  • Asphalt (#130A06) muzzle, ears; it forms a blanket from his head to the tip of his tail.
  • Sangria (#92000A) eyes.
  • Cod Gray (#0B0B0B) skin.

Art by Alaine

Overall, Enkiel is tiny. He's thin all over, but with a wiry sort of strength. His jackal heritage is obvious, showing itself in his entire conformation. With and over-sized ears and tail, one might even think him an odd looking fox if they had never seen a jackal before.

In his Optime form, Enkiel is compact and short, and has a crop of long, black hair. While years of comfortable living have added weight to his body, he was the runt of his litter and remains constantly lean. He wears a single piece of jewelry, a leather bracelet adorned with metal squares bearing the Eye of Horus. During the colder months of the year, Enkiel is never seen without a thick woolen poncho. It is moth-bitten and worn, but due to his thin fur the jackal finds it the only way to survive winters.

Enkiel rarely takes his other shapes, as his size is diminutive in them.





25 lbs (11 kg)
20 in (51 cm)

110 lbs (50 kg)
30 in (76 cm)

135 lbs (61 kg)
5 ft 2 in (157.5 cm)

Enkiel is tiny; he is built like a jackal with an incredibly fluffy tail and large ears.

This form makes Enkiel look silly, gaining muscle but not much height. He has never used it.

Small and muscular, Enkiel looks young. His hair is long and straight, and he does not bother with it except to pull it back when working.



  • Left Side; four-inch scar caused by arrowhead.


  • Clothing
    • Ugly poncho; this has been modified to include a wolverine-fur hood.
  • Leather bracelet adorned with metal squares bearing the Eye of Horus, worn on right bicep



  • Enkiel is somewhat of an introvert.
  • Because of his size, Enkiel has a Napoleon complex. He's aggressive around everyone, and especially so around strangers.


  • Fears: Blindness, physical crippling, psychosis, drowning
  • Motivations: Security, power, knowledge
  • Traits: Quiet, well-read, observant, manipulative.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    • "Finds most people to be narrow-minded and inflexible."
    • "Will break any contract when he feels like it."
    • "Believes people deserve the treatment they are willing to endure."
    • "[Does] not necessarily want others to suffer as a result of their actions, but [does] not care if others do suffer."


Tea-making, meditation, reading.






Enkiel is familiar with all sorts of things, being a doctor. He has experimented with a lot of different substances during his time, and regularly smokes hand-rolled cigarettes made with pipe tobacco, cannabis, cat-nip, and clove.


Enkiel is open to other faiths as long as those promoting them welcome his own. He does not discuss his faith often, but is very passionate about it when he does. His view is that as a deity himself, his relationship with other "gods" is personal. As each of the children of Djeserit and Samael, Enkiel believes he is the personification of a deity. The marks at the corner of his eyes were proof enough for Djeserit, who deemed him belonging to Horus. Horus is the god of the sky, and also war and hunting. It is important to note that Enkiel does not believe this is accurate; he had a vision that prompted him to believe he was Sobek.

Later, he discovered the ancient Sumerian mythology and god Enki. The coincidence of the name was not lost on Enkiel, who began seeking further information through travelers. He has all but convinced himself that this must be his true reincarnated origin, and that perhaps the myths are reflected in each area so closely for a reason.


Key Relations

  • Sepirah Lykoi was present in Inferni during Enkiel's time there; he considered her spoiled and resented her for his percieved notion of abandonment. The two did not interact much at all during this time.
  • His brothers Mkhai and Machidael are viewed with suspicion and distrust. Enkiel is convinced they are out to destroy him.

Family: Lykoi & Kimaris


  • Speech: Enkiel speaks Egyptian Arabic, but is fluent in English. He speaks with an accent, but it understandable and particularly formal--he does not contract his words, for example.
  • Scent: Herbs, smoke, his cat


  • Nebt-Het (cat)


  • n/a



  • Healer
    • First and foremost, Enkiel is a medic. He is an extremely talented folk healer, and has knowledge of more advanced techniques. His skills are most comparable to modern intergrative medicine.
    • Herbalism is one of his trademarks. There's hardly a plant Enkiel doesn't know.
    • Enkiel is very skilled in rehabilitating combat injuries, and uses massage therapy to assist with this.
  • Psychology
    • Because of his size, Enkiel believed he would never be a proper warrior. This led him to studying people, and because of this, he has a great understanding of how others think. He freely manipulates people to get his way.
  • Archery
    • Enkiel's cousin, Ezekiel is a master archer. During their time together both in and out of Inferni, the two worked closely together. Currently, Enkiel could be considered a journeyman archer.
  • Knife Skills


  • Without a doubt, his small stature makes him an easy target. Enkiel is more fragile overall because of his size.
  • Perhaps due in part to his size, Enkiel is highly aggressive. He frequently instigates others, especially when he believes they won't act upon it.
  • Enkiel is easily bothered by cold, and does not do well during winters. He must wear clothing when outside and regularly stays indoors during the most frigid days.



  • Offering: Medical talents, herbs, tea.
  • Accepting: Medical supplies, cloth, herbs, clothing.




Enkiel, Sepirah, Arakiel, and Machidael were born to Djeserit Nephthys and Samael Lykoi after a fling or something. They were actually born and raised for the first several months of their life in Egypt in their mother's psychotic moon cult. The fact that the four babies were born on a full moon had a lot of significance for Djeserit, and she raised them similar to how Kaena raised Samael, Ahemait, and Razekiel at first, as Samael had told her a little about the Angel and his father, those sorts of things. When Samael disappeared the rest of his family followed after him. They travel from Cairo and by boat to Libson, where they then booked passage to Barbardos and finally Freetown. When Djeserit and her children were seperated, Enkiel followed her description of the area and sought out his father.

Enkiel managed to find Inferni, but not his father. After recognizing Inferni values warriors, and seeing that he is too small to participate, the boy began learning medicine; he trained only slightly with others, and remains mostly self-taught. He became Inferni's official medic in December 2010.

A lot of stuff happened. When Ezekiel left Inferni, Enkiel went with him. He went on a great trip with what was basically a roving pack and even picked up a sexy Sumerian girlfriend. She was so sexy she made him a super sexy baby. Then some wackos attacked them and they had to all split up, but oh no, his sexy lady got killed. D:

In February of 2013, Enkiel traveled from Banff National Park and followed the Trans-Canada Highway east to return to Inferni. He was pursued by members of Boreas, though later lost them along the way.

Though welcomed back into Inferni, Enkiel remained aloof and distant from members of the pack. He felt threatened by the idea of a new healer, and isolated himself with his son. Pazuzu flourished and grew strong, and once satisfied that the two of them were prepared, Enkiel departed Inferni. He and his son crossed the mountain and settled in the Wentworth Valley?, where they currently live.



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