Snapdragon Lykoi

Snapdragon Lykoi is a current member of Inferni.

Snapdragon Lykoi

by Nat



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Date of Birth

31 October 2010




Coyote Hybrid


25% Texas Plains Coyote
25% Plains Coyote
12.5% Northeastern Coyote
12.5% Mexican Coyote
12.5% Dog
12.5% Red wolf




Current pack Inferni
Current rank Regulus I

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Lupus

1.2  Secui

1.3  Optime

38 lbs (17 kg)
22 in (56 cm)

127 lbs (58 kg)
30 in (76 cm)

133 lbs (60 kg)
5ft 2in (62 in) (157 cm)

In Lupus form, Snapdragon has the typical dainty coyote body with sleek fur and sharp facial features.

Secui form is rather bulky and is rarely shifted into.

In Optime form, she is rather short with a willowy stature. Her body is designed with feminine angles and a tapered midsection. Snapdragon's hair is exceptionally thick and falls to the top of her shoulders, comfortably wavy with soft wisps around her eyes.

1.4  Modifications

  • None

1.5  Accessories

  • A necklace made of green beads with a round wooden pendant.
  • Snapdragon always has at least one knife. It is usually dull from carving and rather short.
  • Most of the time she wears a wrap around her chest to hold her knife.

Build & Species

Snapdragon has the typical slender, almost emaciated, appearance of a coyote. Her shoulders and hips are boyishly narrow while her body is made up of sharp angles and a highly feminine stature. She is overall rather short with large ears, relatively small paws, and a tapered muzzle. Her fur is sleek and soft, dusted with indulgent, sandy tones. Snapdragon’s eyes are a dark, sanguine red, flecked with grayish hues. She is most commonly in Optime form.


  • Barley Corn (#A99466) is her primary coloration
  • Driftwood (#A08344) colors part of her muzzle, head, neck, shoulders, and spine.
  • Coral Reef (#C9BDA3) colors the insides of her ears, throat, chest, underside, the ventral half of her tail, and the lower parts of each leg.
  • Zeus (#1C1911) colors her muzzle, ears, shoulders, and the tip of her tail.
  • Heath (#4E1B11) is her eye color.
  • Dune (#302D27) colors her nose, paw pads, etc.

2.  Personality

Snapdragon is quite intelligent and clever: she enjoys light-hearted mischief, though she can sometimes range into the territory of almost cruel jokes. Right and wrong are difficult for Snapdragon to determine, primarily because she believes her intelligence gives her right to do as she pleases. Snapdragon is fast to act and often does not consider consequences of her actions.

She is overall very friendly, outgoing, and loves to meet new people. Her curiosity is both a blessing and a curse. Snapdragon hates being alone and feels most at home outdoors. Quite witty, she tends to enjoy being around those with a good sense of humor, no one too serious. Being impatient and defensive, Snapdragon’s primary weapon is sarcasm to avoid getting hurt. She is hardly ever angry. The only time one will see Snapdragon lose herself is on the behalf of Odin.

Snapdragon also enjoys learning and expanding her knowledge through making friends, travel, and gathering. She is unconsciously attracted to brightly colored objects and is quick to listen and get to know others. She is most afraid of betrayal and will not stand for lying or teasing of her brother outside herself.


2.1  Traits

Witty, curious, friendly, impulsive, condescending, clever, impatient, defensive

  • Outlook: Do first, think later
  • Expression: Intrigued smirk
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good

2.2  Fears

  • Solitude: Having been around her brother her entire life, Snapdragon doesn't fancy being alone but has gotten more comfortable with the idea as she becomes more independent.
  • Feeling inferior: Snapdragon thrives on feelings of being in control and on top. She gets lost as soon as she feels out of place.
  • Falling in love: Based on the tragedy of her deceased mate, she fears that if she indulges in another, the same will happen.
  • Betrayal: Snapdragon has difficulty with complete trust and the idea of betrayal makes her nervous.

2.3  Interests

  • Learning: Everything Snapdragon does is in the hopes of expanding her knowledge and entertaining herself.
  • Horses: She has a rather soft spot for equines and would go out of her way to be in their presence.
  • Carving: Has been carving for the majority of her life and has gotten rather good at the skill.

2.4  Motivations

  • Discovering: Snapdragon looses interest very quickly with activities she is already familiar with. Her mind craves new knowledge in any form it can entertain.
  • Meeting people: She is anything but shy and enjoys learning and getting close to others.

2.5  Biases

  • Species: Medium coyote preference.
  • Sexuality: Finds homosexuality disturbing and intriguing but would never discourage it
  • Color: Fascinated by coats of many colors or dark tones.
  • Height: Generally intimated by those taller than her.
  • Non-Luperci: Tends to mock but is not bothered by.

2.6  Sexuality

  • Heterosexual: Strictly attracted to men.
  • Cautious: Due to the unexpected loss of her mate, Snapdragon is very unsure when it comes to romantic feelings.
  • Personal: Hasn't had a chance to explore her self-esteem

2.7  Spirituality

  • Atheist: Open to other religions but doesn't find solace in the belief of a deity.

2.8  Substances

  • Smoking: Is open to the idea but will only engage in if it is available.
  • Alcohol: More of a social activity that she will sparingly take part in.

3.  Relationships

Key Relations

  • Odin is more fond of his sister than she is of him. He is essentially always the one there to protect and help Snapdragon out of unfortunate situations she gets herself into.
  • Bellyr was her mate before he died of a fever (or so Snapdragon believes).

Family: Lykoi, Kimaris

4.  Interaction

4.1  Speech

  • Voice: Snapdragon's voice is soft and passionate. She talks rather quickly and raises her voice in pitch and volume when excited.
  • Sarcastic: Sarcasm is her primary weapon of defense and can get rather snide.
  • Witty: Snapdragon is very smart and highly fond of making jokes.
  • Condescending: Can often get rather cruel unintentionally.

4.2  Language

  • English: Very fluent in English and speaks confidently and cultured.
  • French: Knows rudimentary French, about enough to interact through trade, but little else.

4.3  Scent

  • Inferni: Smells largely of her pack.
  • Nature: Strongly of fresh wood and faintly carries the scent of rain and damp earth.

4.4  Posture

  • Disheveled': Generally tends to appear rather disheveled, lean and thin by travel with her thick hair usually pushed back and tangled.
  • Confident: Since she is short, Snapdragon is usually as straight-backed and attentive as she can be.


by Sie

  • Inferni


  • Primrose:

by Fae

The horse shared by Odin and Snapdragon is a big draft cross speckled with sand colored dapples and a dark chocolate back and legs. She has an incredibly long and wavy black mane and tail and soft brown eyes. The mare is docile and trained to ride, though she has spooked and thrown Odin twice. She is capable of carrying both Odin and Snapdragon at the same time. Overall, she is quite lazy and enjoys being groomed and eating, which has caused her to become comfortably overweight. She's a Snowflake bay in coloration.

  • This horse was left behind for Snapdragon.


4.5  Strengths

  • Intelligence: Snapdragon's mind and cleverness are a clear edge over many other canines.
  • Carving (Journeyman): Bone, wood, and other soft materials are carved by Snapdragon. She is capable of carving functional items such as knife hilts, arrows, instruments, and jewelry and loves to add intricate designs.
  • Horse Care (Journeyman): Snapdragon is the better of the two at horse care; she learned all she could from the coyote group, and later owning her own horse. She has a soft spot for equines.
  • Reading (Apprentice): Bellyr taught her how to read, using a literature textbook intended for 12-13 year olds. Snapdragon is a slow reader, but she is capable of reading basic texts.

4.6  Weaknesses

  • Injury: Snapdragon's left arm was broken when she was very young. Though the injury healed quite well, it sometimes causes her pain. Especially cold weather aggravates the old injury; during the spring, summer, and fall months she is unlikely to be bothered by it.
  • Impulsive: She tends to act out of the components of the current moment and rarely considers consequences.
  • Sensitive: Based on the past, Snapdragon is afraid of getting hurt or offended so she responds rashly and is often disrespectful.


4.7  Trade

Snapdragon is interested by trade through learning about foreign objects as well as sharing her work with others.

  • Offering: Wooden instruments, knives and knife hilts (bone), jewelry (beads, pendants, bracelets, etc.)
  • Accepting: Necklaces, rope, wood, bones, books, and cloth

4.8  Items

  • Knives suitable for carving
  • Pieces of wood
  • Knife hilts and bones
  • Wooden instruments
  • Various beads, pendants, and carved decorations

5.  History


Early parts of history adapted from Amanda's biography of Liesel:

  • October 2010: Liesel, Odin, and Snapdragon were born to Kite and Samael Lykoi through a brief tryst: though Samael departed quickly, Kite though of him as "amazing" and often told their children so (though she'd known him only three days).
  • March 2011: Collecting information about Samael's surname, Kite eventually discovered Inferni and took the children. Unfortunately, she dropped them off there and left -- having been a drunkard and rather belligerent to begin with, Kite had perhaps grown tired of her children. Liesel remained in Inferni, but Odin and Snapdragon took off after their mother.
  • April 2011: Snapdragon and Odin are unable to find their mother and abandon the search. Though they debate returning to Inferni, Snapdragon is injured when the pair are attacked by a slightly older coyote. Though the pair are able to defend themselves and they drive the coyote off, they must remain until Snapdragon's broken bone heals. Odin hunts and cares for her during this time.
  • August 2011: With the approach of fall, the young coyotes decide to seek a permanent home with others of their species. Their heavily coyote blood got them turned away from a wolf pack; though the wolves were kindly, they were firm in their denial of coyotes. When they found a coyote pack, they were accepted without much trouble or fanfare and proceeded to live amongst the semi-feral coyotes, who were semi-nomadic in their nature. They traveled as far south as Freetown once: Odin was overwhelmed by the experience, while Snapdragon was enthralled.
  • February 2012: The leader of the group dies in a hunting accident, and the group splinters into various smaller groups. By this time, another coy-wolf named Bellyr had been courting after her for some time -- he followed after the siblings, who decided to again make their own way. A month or so later, Bellyr and Snapdragon become mates. The trio unsuccessfully seeks to draw other coyotes to their cause.
  • September 2012: Though they've survived quite well, the trio is still just the three at this point. They roam a wide, marshy plateau in northwestern New Brunswick and propser, constructing and digging a single-roomed home into a hillside. They traded a stack of pelts Luperci-high and numerous bones and bone-carvings for a horse, and seemed on the verge of actual prosperity.
  • November 2012: Bellyr falls ill with a strange fever, however. Though Snapdragon and Odin do not sicken, Bellyr worsens and dies after several weeks in absolute agony. Near the end of his sickness, he begs Odin to end his pains. Odin obliges, though not without balking and refusing several times. Snapdragon does not know of Bellyr's request; she believes he died in the night of his fever.
  • January 2013: Odin and Snapdragon, still living in their home, are pushed out by a group of wolves. Though the siblings try to defend their claim and Odin manages to kill a wolf with a well-aimed arrow, the wolves number eight even after the death and are better warriors besides. They manage to escape on their horse. With so little luck on their own, they decide to try their luck with Inferni again.
  • April 2013: Odin and Snapdragon join Inferni. They maintain an aloof relation with the rest of the clan during their stay.
  • Late September 2013: Odin disappears from the clan; Snapdragon follows shortly thereafter to find her brother. The explanation for Odin's disappearance is up to the first player of the pair!
  • November 2013: Snapdragon returns to Inferni, her search for her brother fruitless.


5.1  Threads

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