Firefly Sadira

Firefly Sadira

Firefly, by Lin
Name OriginSadira: Mother's surname
Date of BirthAugust 22, 2007
Age> 3 years
Subspecies75% Canis lupus arctos
25% Canis lupus fuscus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeStorm
Current packCour des Miracles
'Souls Profile

Previous Packs Cour des Miracles

Joining dateAugust 26, 2009[1]
SignificanceFounder; Member

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateJune 7, 2008[2]

Firefly's winter pelt, by Kiri

Firefly Sadira is daughter of Iskata Sadira and Phoenix alongside siblings Kansas Sadira, Ember Phoenix and Icarus Phoenix. She was a longtime member of Dahlia de Mai and a founder of Cour des Miracles.

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  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
  4.   4.  Appearance
    1.   4.1  Summer pelt
    2.   4.2  Winter pelt

1.  History

Firefly was born to Iskata and Phoenix in Storm on August 22, 2007. Later, she lived in Eire, Ireland, but returned to 'Souls. At this time, she joined Dahlia de Mai. She was a member for a year; in August of 2009, she chose to join Cour des Miracles.[3]

2.  Personality

Firefly has a fiery temper and has been known to speak her mind. This has gotten her into trouble with authority figures and other strong-willed women, such as Svara Thames.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

4.  Appearance

Firefly is an off-white beige or golden colour depending on the time of year. She has deep green eyes, and in her Optime form, rich red fur styled like hair.

4.1  Summer pelt

Firefly's summer pelt is an off-white beige with golden and brown running down her back to tail, on her legs, tip of her nose, eyebrows and cheeks. She has a light white underbelly.

4.2  Winter pelt

Firefly's winter pelt is the darker golden colour with darker lowlights and lighter highlights.