Corona Lykoi

Corona Lykoi

Corona Lykoi, by Kiri
Date of BirthAugust 30th, 2005
Age5 Years
Subspecies50% Canis lupus
25% Canis latrans thamnos
12.5% Canis rufus rufus
12.5% Canis familiaris
Birth placeInferni
Current packInferni
'Souls Profile

Corona's full name is of both Latin and Hebrew origins and literally means “crowned wolf.” She takes mostly after her father, Ahren de le Poer, having inherited his markings and size, as well as the blue eyes attributed generally to de le Poer's. Her overall build is most like her mother, Kaena Lykoi, but when you boil it down her parents were roughly about the same build, so it's probably safer to say that Corona is a fair mix of both father and mother.

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1.  Appearance

At first glance, one could make the accurate assumption that her heritage is muddied as she is essentially a coyote with a wolf's coat. Gold-haired and blue-eyed, Corona is the smallest of her litter and sharply resembles her father to a degree. Short-statured at a meagre height of 6’4”, she has a build similar to an long distance runner. Though she once sported a faux-hawk [1], time as a traveller has allowed it to grow out to fall to roughly about her shoulders [2]. Jewellery-wise, Corona has a pair of studs in her ears, a ring that matches one her brother Gabriel wears on her left hand, and a cougar claw necklace. Due to medical malady, Corona is unable to shift back into her secui and all subsequent forms and therefore spends all of her time in her werewolf form.

2.  Personality

I have no idea how in the hell to describe Corona. Efoijefoeifj.

3.  Relations

Please see the Lykoi or de le Poer family pages for more information.

Her parents are the respectable Ahren de le Poer and Kaena Lykoi, both former leaders of Chimera and Inferni respectively and ex-mates. Corona also has a total of twenty-three siblings, from her littermates—Baneesh, Conway, Gabriel, Ikatha, Molochai, Rikka, and Vitium—to half siblings on her father's side—Anyanka, Draco, Jasper, Taliesin?, Tegan?, Tobin, and Wicca—and mother's side—Ahemait, Arkham, Andrezej, Eris, Kerberos, Maeryn, Rachias, Razekiel, and Samael.

Additionally, she is the (step-)granddaughter and niece of Misery D'Angelo, cousin to Anselm de le Poer, Mab de le Poer, and Ryan de le Poer, aunt to Ezekiel de le Poer, Talitha Lykoi, Merrick Lykoi, Demitrii Lykoi, Abaddon Nothing, and Sirius Revlis. And a shitload of other things both dead and alive that I am just really not inclined to go and dig up just yet!

4.  History

4.1  Early Life (2005-2006)

Born to Ahren de le Poer and Kaena Lykoi, Corona is the second born of her litter and her mother's eldest surviving daughter. Not a whole lot can be said about her the first three months of her life, though one could speculate what life living on the coast of Inferni was like. Able to recall stories and some adventures with her siblings, they became less and less after Banesh was murdered on the coast and her father forced to leave by the then leader of Inferni, Segodi Mogotsi. In December and on a sneaky adventure in the Concrete Jungle, Corona was discovered by Ahren and after a bit of conversation, she decided she wanted to visit Chimera, which he had recently become the leader of. Ahren obliged, and the shortest way to describe what happened is that Corona went to visit, and simply never went back to Inferni.

4.2  2006-2007

Life in Chimera was fairly easy on the other hand and instead of having to vie for attention, she got it directly. Ahren took Corona under his wing, feeding her desire to learn. She met a plethora of wolves that made up the pack, all of whom received her well despite what she had been taught about wolves up until then. Corona didn't hesitate to befriend them either, and in turn learnt many things about many topics; painting from one wolf, literature from another. Corona wasn't in Chimera very long before a loner by the name of Lestat tried to kidnap her—he was delusional and believed her to be his missing and deceased daughter—but luckily for her, Ahren rescued her and threatened the loner.

She didn't bond with an overly large amount of wolves in Chimera, though one exception to this was Misery D'Angelo, who was her (step-)grandmother and Ahren's step-mother. Her relationship with her grandmother was indirectly strengthened because Corona was often one of Meth de le Poer's favourite things to pick on and the two simply fought often. These fights escalated even more as they got older and eventually involved Conway, Corona's brother, when he came to visit. Meth's behaviour towards Corona eventually prompted punishment from Ahren, which became one of the few times when Corona saw the vicious side of him.

Following that, things in Chimera began to really roll as the pack took a more humanized approach shortly after Mab de le Poer and her mate, Bowie, arrived with horses. The pack built a barn, blah blah LAZY LAZY DO NOT WANT TO WRITE ANY MORE. :|

4.3  2007-2008

Corona lives in France and comes home and stuff and leaves again to wander and comes back blah blah blah. Is generally hateful towards her newest younger siblings and her step-mother, Mab tries to tell her to get her act together, Ahren kind of ignores her, Misery is trying to keep Jasper from beating the crap out of Gin all of the time, so Corona leaves and goes home for a while. Or something. Yeah. She is awesome and full of angst here.

4.4  2008-2009

In March, after being around and between packs for quite some time, Corona met Tamerlane?, a traveller who then resided in Storm and became intrigued with the thought of travelling more so than she had before. This idea she later discussed with her father before embarking on such a trip, heading away from the place that she knew so well and into a world that was no doubt incredibly different. She hopped a trade ship and took up a job as an Everyman, doing whatever task was pitched her way before finally settling in South America after hearing stories about the Amazon Rainforest. Upon arriving on the coast of Brazil in April, Corona hung around with several locals to learn what she could about the rainforest, knowing it to be dangerous to those who were unfamiliar with what was found there. By May, she was already working her way through the northern sections of the thick forest and spend most of her time near the coast there.

It was there one morning that Gabriel's bird, Marlowe turned up walking down the coastline to find Corona. Due to the fact that she had little to no grasp on Low Speech, she was unable to understand what the bird was trying to get across to her but sense was something was wrong and headed back north to the port where she had come in at. In was in that time that she was able to grasp bits and pieces of what the crow was saying as he traded both High and Low Speech out, and by the end of June, on a boat headed back to Canada, Corona had come to understand that something had gone wrong. The crew she had come with had been bound for Iceland, but stopped long enough to set her at Lightning Bay before heading off again, and the sight that Corona found past the Bay was troublesome. Charred from head to toe, the countryside she had come to know as second nature was foreign.

By now, July was well into the latter portion of the month as she explored what remained, finally understanding Marlowe to the point he could share bits of the story with her. What wolves and coyotes had survived had gone to the south, so it was over the southern mountain he asked her to go. Once there and greeted by the flourish of green again, Marlowe led Corona to Inferni and to her brother Gabriel once again, informing her of what had been going on since they had settled. Upon discovering that his daughter Talitha had been kidnapped by Dahlia de Mai, Corona decided to stay. [3] Shortly thereafter, she met her cousin, Anselm de le Poer while getting her bearings of Inferni's new home, and talked at length with him about the war and their collective family and what had become of them. [4]

After that, she started to gain a bearing of the world around her, starting out by venturing to the direct south of Inferni, through then nameless forests. Eventually came to discover and finally meet Rachias, who at the time was staying in Esper Hollow and caring over the ailing Ahren, Jasper, and Laruku. Upon learning of the illness they had, Rachias took Corona back to see them. [5] After looking over Jasper and Laruku, she then visited her father for the first time in months, finding him in a heap inside of a shed. It was there that he spoke in both sense and nonsensical ways, eventually prompting Corona to leave as he delved into a fit of screams and rage. [6]

A few days later, Corona briefly met with her younger brother Draco [7] on her way to Esper Hollow and after an exchange of words with him, she later ran into Poe D'Angelo and was surprised—pleasantly—to find her staying in Esper Hollow and adding to the force of those who were taking for the ailing there. [8].

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