Vieira Lykoi

Vieira Lykoi

Vieira, by Alex
Date of Birth07/01/06
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Current packInferni

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Joining dateNovember 27, 2009[1]

Vieira was sent to Kaena Lykoi in Inferni in late 2009 as a gift from her estranged daughter, Eris Lykoi. Vieira had lived in slavery her entire life; first under her father Astaroth Kimaris and then under his friend Sivaro, followed up by a round with Eris. She was born near Eterne and she does not acknowledge her mother as having any importance. Essentially, Viei is a slave--even if she were to be freed, she would likely remain dependent on her previous owner.

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1.  History

Biography: After Astaroth Kimaris left Bleeding Souls to head back home, he ran into a coyote woman on the way whom he force himself upon and impregnated. For the two months she was pregnant, he stayed around and made sure she took care of herself in order to produce what he was looking for: a daughter to take back with him. When the time came, Tanith gave birth to one small (but healthy) little girl that Astaroth named Vieira Kimaris. He was more than pleased and lingered around until Vieira was weaned from her mother and able to survive away from her, murdering the woman where they had been staying for months.

Vieira spent the majority of her childhood learning how to become Astaroth’s slave, forced to keep the secret that she was his daughter, and suffering punishments when she would not listen. He beat the fight out of her, enforced her lack of rights and free will, and molded her to be an empty shell of a woman ready to breed when the time came. The first seven months of her life was generally her shaping with physical abuse and a little molestation to prepare her for what was to come.

When she learned to shift at seven months of age, a friend of Astaroth, Sivaro Gilles, was taking care of her for a few days while her father was away. He forced himself upon her and taken her virginity with very little fight from her end. He convinced her it was what her father wanted and because she believed this, she never questioned or brought it up to her father later on. Because of her age and how Sivaro had raped her, her reproductive system suffered terribly and when she turned nine months old, the age Astaroth wanted to begin her breeding, she had trouble conceiving his children. Her lack of conception infuriated her father and she suffered repeated punishments, the blame on her because she was somehow broken.

Astaroth did not give up and continued to take Vieira repeatedly until one day she was changing and it was evident she was carrying children. Unfortunately, when Vieira gave birth, it was to three stillborns. Astaroth was far beyond disappointed and took out a rage on Vieira she had never seen, leaving her scarred on all fronts and within an inch of her own life. Unable to control his frustration, he up and left Eterne to find another woman to breed. He left Vieira temporarily in Sivaro’s possession until he returned, but after months and a sudden appearance of an Eris Lykoi, they pair found out Astaroth had died. Sivaro kept Vieira under his power since Astaroth left her with him indefinitely and abused her in worse ways than Astaroth had.

The December of the following year, Sivaro died of old age and Vieira was left to her own accord. Just older than two years, she knew no other way of life and had been convinced Eris was her only family left, she went to her for help. She didn’t know what she wanted but put the trust of her future in her “half-sister’s” hands but ended up remaining in slavery under her and replacing Vieira‘s last name with Lykoi. The next few months were unpleasant, often ignored by her owner whether she was chained up outside or passed around to those Eris knew in lieu of favors.

However, when Eris became bored of owning a slave, she decided to send the woman to ‘Souls. Vieira became a gift for Eris’ mother, Kaena Lykoi, in hopes she can be forgiven for her wrongdoings.

2.  Personality

3.  Family

For more information, see the Kimaris family page.

4.  Appearance

Vieira is small for a coyote, very petite, and of typical colors. She is shades of grey and brown. Her eyes are a bright golden color. She also supports a septum piercing with a silver ring, denoting her slavery.