A Bit About Myself

Well, I'm not at all that interesting. I'm Alex, and I'm now 18. My birthday is on August 2nd. I find entirely too much joy in playing video games, I read very often, and I role-play a good deal as well. I live in Georgia (though I'm too sneaky to say where on Wikipedia :b), and have lived here all my life, though not always in the same town. I am attending the University of Georgia this Fall, and plan to go in a pre-Vet path in the College of Agriculture, with perhaps a minor in Graphic Design.


In recent 'Souls memory, I joined with Ari Sohs, who is retired and hopefully escaped from his evil mother and brother and is happily living with his other brother, who is actually nice to him. My first real character was Nikita Eirisa, who helped found the pack Esper Hollow. She left because of time restraints on me, and went to go face her own demons. I very briefly played an AniWaya wolf named Itsihnalv Go. Now I'm rejoining 'Souls with Snake, who is Nikita's son, and King Chance, who is the son of the devious Haku Soul.

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