Rikka de le Poer

Rikka de le Poer is the daughter of Kaena Lykoi and Ahren de le Poer, born in Inferni, Hell's Coast in 2005. She lived in Chimera with her father, but later disappeared and joined a hippie commune called the Haight that encouraged her pacifist tendencies. She rejoined Inferni in 2009, but departed when she realized her ideological views were incompatible with the clan. Upon this realization, she joined Cour des Miracles in 2010. She conceived a litter while there, and returned to her loving commune to birth and raise her children, Hendrix de le Poer and Rose de le Poer.

Rikka de le Poer

Rikka, by Kiri
PlayerShloo Erin
Name Meaning"tranquil leader", "of the poor"
Name OriginTeutonic, French
Date of BirthAugust 31, 2005
Age>5 years
Species50% wolf, 25% coyote, 12.5% red wolf, 12.5% dog
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeInferni, Hell's Coast, Bleeding Souls
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack


Joining dateAugust 31, 2005
RankTirones Minor




Joining dateNovember 25, 2009[1]

Cour des Miracles

Joining dateApril 11, 2010[2]

Rikka, by Erin

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1.  History

Rikka was born to Kaena Lykoi and Ahren de le Poer along with her siblings and lived a rather good childhood. When her mother moved to become leader of Inferni, Rikka remained with her father in Chimera and grew up with him. She learned to ride horses from her cousin Mab but didn't take to it like Corona did, but enjoyed watching the horses run in their pen. When her father and his new mate left for Europe, Rikka followed, but soon returned to her home land in search of the rest of her family. Her mother, especially, was one coyote she wanted to see and get to know better. Rikka had always been a grateful daughter and loved her parents dearly, but she couldn't quite grasp the idea of coyotes being better than wolves. After all, she was part of each species and she didn't want to have to choose sides.

After staying in Inferni for a few weeks, Rikka left. She had to clear her head and become her own being before she would be able to stay with a pack of any kind. So she left and went in search for herself, and has returned reborn, rejuvenated, and revamped overall. Rikka spent the majority of her time away from Nova Scotia in a hippie commune called the Haight (named for the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco) that consisted of wolves, coyotes, dogs and every combination thereof. She found their way of life fitting to her beliefs and adapted into their community almost seamlessly. They gave her the name Sunflower when she joined them, but was referred to equally as that and her given name. While there she experimented with drugs, but only partook in social situations. If offered she will have them, but it is not an integral part of her lifestyle. She was much more interested in their philosophies and outlook on life. Rikka was perhaps the happiest she had ever been while living in the commune, and yet the tug to be around her family had come calling one day and eventually become too strong for her to ignore. Bidding all her dear friends a fond farewell she set off back towards 'Souls to find what members of her family that she could.

1.1  New to Inferni

In November 2009, Rikka rejoined Inferni and was greeted by her mother.[3] However, she specified that she would not partake in any violence; nonetheless, Kaena accepted her into Inferni. They chatted and re-acquainted themselves with the new clan and one another. Later, she met Anselm, who originally mistook her for Razekiel,[4] Despite this initial mix-up, they hit it off. She later met Vieira and was appalled to discover her mother was keeping a slave.[5] Initially, she upset Vieira after blurting out how unfair the treatment was, but quickly sought to remedy this and tried to convince Vieira she deserved her own freedom. Later, she met Halo, who threw a rat at Rikka while she was sleeping.[6] Halo later revealed herself to be Vitium's daughter.Rikka tried to put it in a positive light, but Halo would have none of it, calling him a lying, treacherous traitor.

She later found Gabriel painting and they chatted for a bit about art, children, and lovers.[7] Rikka then confessed her concerns about Kaena keeping a slave and Gabriel left abruptly, presumably to confront Kaena about it. Later that day, she found Kaena and confronted her about keeping Vieira as a slave.[8] Kaena defended her decision, but Rikka persisted. She eventually tired of the argument and stalked away.

In January, she met Hybrid with whom she fundamentally disagreed with on almost everything he said.[9] They got into an argument, which ended with each calling the other a fool and stalking off in a huff.

Later that month, Haku attacked Rikka, who was rescued by Halo just in time.[10] This attack had a profound effect on her mental well-being for months to come, eventually culminating in her decision to leave Inferni in April.[11]

2.  Personality

She is first and foremost a pacifist. She abhors violence, killing and war and refuses to take part in any such activity unless it is for self defense or the defense of another. This puts her at odds with most of her family members, and yet she cannot help but feel connected to them and desires to be around them.

Also unlike the majority of her family, Rikka has no prejudice against wolves. She never has and finds it hard to understand the hatred that many of her family hold for the cousin species.

Rikka is often upbeat and happy, always willing to have a civil conversation with anyone. She loves the beauty in the world around her and is a lover of nature and all its children. She also believes in "free love", and while not promiscuous, has no problem sleeping around without a formal commitment if she finds the man attractive.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Please see the Lykoi or de le Poer family pages for more information.

3.2  Friends

Anselm de le Poer, Vieira Lykoi, Mati Church, Alacrity, Niro Takekuro

3.3  Lovers

Rurik Russo and Strelein von Rosnete

4.  Appearance

Rikka by Kaylink's wolf maker

Rikka resembles her father in that she looks mostly like a wolf; her less-obvious coyote heritage is hard to see from appearance alone. Her fur is mostly pale gold all over, with hints of gray throughout, especially along her head, her shoulders, and her ribs. Her eyes are brilliant gold-yellow, the same as her mother and many Lykoi family members.

Rikka is well muscled and sleek in all forms. In optime form her mane is mostly golden but with streaks of silver and styled in this fashion. While shifted she is often seen carrying her canvas messenger bag that holds her few belongings: a tambourine with a sunflower painted on it, a journal, charcoal pencils, an incense burner plus incense, and some packs of matches. She almost always burns incense in her home and so the fragrant, smokey scent usually clings to her fur.