Hell's Coast

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Hell's Coast

Sq. Miles4 sq mi


Hell's Coast was taken over by the Inferni coyote clan near the end of 2002. As Inferni never moved away from this territory, it was not returned to status as a shared territory.


A long, creamy smear of beach is the only indication of Hell's Coast's existence. It is an extremely narrow territory, but what the territory lacks in area, it makes up for in its almost paradise beauty. Salty breezes cool one's face, and if daring enough, wolves and creatures alike splash into the high-rising waves that lap at the gently downward-sloping coast. It nearly borders Lightning Bay, so the northernmost edge is rugged and untamed, wild with the same jagged rocks found at the bay area. It is named so not for the utopian experience it gives in the daytime, but the dark, hellish place it becomes at night. The crashing waves grow violent with the sight of the rising moon, their fury only increased at the moon's sight, for it is forever out of the crashing waves and their merciless reach.


The area taken over by Inferni in the first territories of Bleeding Souls. Parts of Hell's Coast remained mostly neutral territory, and the Syemv clan landed to the north at first, in the northernmost strip of Hell's Coast, next to Lightning Bay. Later, when the pack moved to southern Hell's Coast to establish themselves as a pack, they also claimed a small piece of what was Inferni's land at one point prior.

This was during Segodi Mogotsi's reign of Inferni and Rurik Russo's reign of Syemv. Later, this caused the Aremys-Inferni War during Kaena Lykoi's reign of Inferni after Phasma Kiles and Physe Revlis combined Chimera and Syemv to form Aremys.