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Rurik Russo

Rurik Russo, by Sie
Name OriginRussian for "Great Hero" & "Russian"
Date of BirthOctober 21, 2002
Subspecies95% Canis lupus
5% Canis lupus familiaris
Birth placeArkangel'sk, Russia
'Souls Profile

Previous Packs

Cour des Miracles

Joining date:March 18, 2009
Past RanksSeigneur, Chevalier


Joining Date:Founder
November 20 2004
Departure Date:~ April 2006?
Ranks:Captain, Alpha


Joining Date:October 2006?
Departure Date:October 2007?
Ranks:Subordinate, Graduiertier


Joining date:September 22, 2009
Leaving date:March 18, 2009

Rurik Russo was the captain of the Syemv pirate ship that brought seven European wolves to 'Souls in mid-2004. Rurik was also alpha of the Syemv pack during its brief existence. Also, BUT WHY'S THE RUM GONE? :|

Rurik is generally made of fail: he is supposed to be all bad-ass pirate, but really -- he just wants to drink and be merry. He likes the ladies (and the men, too, but don't tell anyone). He once sang the trolololo song because he is seriously that Russian. He was really, really good at sailing and boating type stuff, and also ridiculously good at languages, too.

1.  Appearance

  • Form Preference: Optime, unless otherwise stated. He has not shifted to his Lupus form more than five times since he gained the ability to shift.
  • General: Rurik invariably appears in his Optime form, and he is larger in general, and usually appears to be very muscular and weathered. In his age, he has grown far lighter in coloration. He has facial hair, which is black like his normal hair, which is very straight and usually kept back in a messy ponytail.
  • Coloration: Rurik is mostly gray, with a lighter, off-white underside, and darker upper half of his body. His markings are similar to that of a husky, though the "black" parts of his body are shaded with darker ash gray, warm gray, and black. He keeps his hair cut rather short in every form.
  • Eyes: White-blue, generally not very expressive and somewhat droopy around the eyebrows, though his eyes are extremely bright.
  • Scars: Four jagged slashes extending from his shoulder across his chest, courtesy of Kiska. He has numerous other, smaller nicks and cuts here and there, but the chest scars are the only ones worth noting.
  • Clothing: Never, ever wears a shirt. Generally dons extra, extra large, baggy cutoff denim jeans. They are scuffed, scratched, scarred, and torn apart. He had a canine sew a hole for his tail, but they are indeed a human relic, not Luperci-made. He also has a pair with various foresty designs and the like, sewn for him by Strelein von Rosnete. This is literally only the third pair he's ever owned. :p
  • Accessories:
    • Necklace: "Syemv" charm on a silver chain, passed to Liliya on her 9th month.
    • Belt: Very dark brown leather, Luperci-made, with a skull emblem.
    • Sword: Steel, human made. Image forthcoming, named Ilya.
    • Bandana: Red, black, or army green, generally holding his hair back.
  • Tattoos:
    • Left Shoulder: Skull & crossbones, white outlined in black (pictured).
    • Right lower arm: Black tribal markings etched up and down his lower arm.
    • Left hip: Rose, red and green.
  • Piercings:
    • Left Eyebrow: Sobirat'sya silver hoop ring, studded with bright blue precious stones.
    • Left Nipple: Simple silver hoop.
    • Ears: Lobes, two golden hoops.
    • Upper Cartilage: One silver stud on the outer side on both ears.

2.  Personality

Rurik has not changed so much—he's mostly gotten over the issues which formerly plagued him, and he's ready to start clean (again). He still hopes his children are in 'Souls, which is his primary drive to return. He's forgotten about Kiska for the most part; though he still loves her, he more or less deeply regrets giving his heart away, not really what happeend between him and Kiska. Since, he hasn't had a really deep relationship where he's dedicated all of himself, and he is very afraid of commitment to anything—packs, families, women. He has grappled deeply with his ventures into loving men—and while he has mostly squared it with himself, he still has yet to identify as a bisexual or open up about it.

  • Strengths: Handsome, seductive, civil, educated, worldly
  • Weaknesses: Predictable, easily seduced, unmotivated, lazy
  • Fears: Commitment, relationships, rejection
  • Traits: Optimistic, outgoing, social, gregarious, carefree, happy, impulsive

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Please see the Russo family for more information. For more information than you'd ever want to know, see the Russo off-board family page!

3.2  Friends

  • Gabriel de le Poer -- Rurik has known Gabriel for a while, even though they're not particularly close, Rurik really likes Gabe and respects him a lot.
  • Lolita Monroe -- Thinks she's pretty, cool, and really interesting to hang around. Enjoys smoking with her!
  • Nicknames -- Rurik absolutely loves to give girls nicknames for some reason. He'll occasionally do it to boys, but generally only boys he's interested in.

3.3  Mates & Lovers

  • Kiska Ozero-Russo: The only woman Rurik has ever been officially mates with, and mother to his elder children. Part of him still loves her and misses her, though he has worked past most of his sadness issues and now suffers only from an intense fear of relationships.
  • Akumu Rouyaken: Had sex with her once. Probably irreparably damaged their relationship, though Rurik was in a bounceback phase and he probably didn't realize it. :3
  • Laruku Tears: Had really drunken sex with him one night, the culmination a lifetime of squirmy, uncomfortable attraction to males which finally sealed the deal with Rurik that he's probably bisexual, though he won't ever say anything to anyone about this.
  • Phasma Kiles: Was falling in love with her when he suddenly up and left for Russia, probably breaking her heart. :(
  • Verusha Agata: Accidentally impregnated her! Stuck with her out of a desire to do right by his children. Their relationship is rocky at best; while they definitely resent each other for the mess with the children, they each have the children's best interests in mind.
  • Finn Fidh: Met her on the beach, got a little drunk with her, and had sex with her (also making her a Luperci). She ran off immediately after, which hurt Rurik a little, but not enough to slow him down. He really likes her and he could easily care for her, but he's almost relieved she ran off because it's easier than getting close with her and risking a relationship.

4.  History

For history previous to this venture at 'Souls, please see Tears, Bones & Desire.

5.  Threads

  1. For Blood and Whiskey (26 January 2010)
    Rurik meets Corona Lykoi of Inferni along the Quartz Shoreline. The pair reminisce about Europe a little, finding they have similar feelings regarding London. Rurik rambles about his children, as always, and the pair share some vodka from his flask.
  2. 'Cause I Lost Everything (30 January 2010)
    Rurik meets Cerridwyn of Phoenix Valley. They hit it off rather well, and Rurik offers to show her around the city a little. They end up in a church, as Cerri seems interested in religion, and Rurik breaks out the vodka... again.
  3. The Days They Come But the Years They Go (12 February 2010)
    Rurik finds an alcohol stash because he's constantly drinking and needs moar. :| He swears up and down now he's not an alcoholic, but he pretty much drinks... constantly, so I don't know wtf. But yeah, a stranger from Crimson Dreams, Kansas Sadira, shows up, and the pair share a bottle. Rurik learns that Kansas was born in Storm, and the Russian figures out that it's rather likely he was a member of Aremys at the time Kansas was born, which he finds rather amusing and coincidental.
  4. Drink Away the Rest of the Day (6 February 2010)
    Rurik goes to visit Cour des Miracles' close neighbor, Aniwaya. He meets a wolf named Nayati, and the pair have a discussion on spirits. Rurik learns what Aniwaya's spirit guides are, and he shares about the Sobiratsya domovoi tradition.
  5. Russian Invasion (15 March 2010)
    Rurik, Liliya, and Anatoliy join Cour des Miracles. They are greeted by Vigilante Haskel.
  6. Like a Toast at a Table (20 March 2010)
    Rurik and Liliya head to one of the peninsulas along the Shattered Coast in Cour des Miracles territory. They meet up with Zasha Egorov, Niro Takekuro, and Orin Takekuro. Rurik teaches Niro to fish, and Liliy cooks food for everyone. They share some stories and some booze (whoda thunk it?).
  7. As We Dance on the Graves of the Misbehaved (15 March 2010)
    Rurik goes to visit Strel in the second floor of the Chien Hotel on Cour des Miracles territory pretty much first thing. They end up having sex and awkwardtimes afterward ensues. :[
  8. And Now, We Burgle (26 March 2010)
    Rurik meets Kian Tadhg outside of Cour des Miracles territory; the pair share a drink or two on the beach.
  9. Figuring It All Out (6 April 2010)
    Rurik helps Niro Takekuro to construct a bird cage on Cour des Miracles territory. The pair talk and work together throughout the afternoon.
  10. Partners in Crime (22 September 2009)
    Rurik, Silas, and Liliya land in Halifax Harbour. They explore a little bit, and eventually settle on a hotel to establish as their base camp and home.
  11. Haunt Your Halls and Walk Through Walls (29 September 2009)
    Rurik meets Gotham Phoenix and Angelique du Coudray on the outskirts of a strange castle structure; the trio spends a few hours and an afternoon exploring it.
  12. Rambling Years of Lousy Luck (29 September 2009) MATURE
    Rurik meets Finn Fidh on the Shattered Coast, and the two eventually end up having sex, and Rurik makes her a Luperci with this act. Afterward, Finn kind of freaks out and runs away, which makes Rurik pretty sad. He doesn't see her again after this, either, so he never really realizes what happened.
  13. Contaminating Everything (1 October 2009)
    Rurik meets Lolita Monroe of Dahlia de Mai in Halifax; the two share a night together on the rooftops, smoking and drinking a little bit together. Rurik tells her a little about Europe and all of that. :).
  14. So Take Care of Your Freedom (6 October 2009)
    Rurik heads to Crimson Dreams to try and inquire about his children; instead, he meets Cambria Marino, who is scared at first. Eventually they become friends.
  15. Caught in a World that Won't Stop Burning (6 October 2009)
    Gabriel visits Rurik in Halifax, and the two catch up a fair bit. Rurik asks about his elder sons, and Gabriel reveals that one of them was actually in the area semi-recently.
  16. The Twentieth Century (1 November 2009)
    Rurik and Liliya visit Aniwaya, finding a young puppy named Emma Agapito on the borders. She claims to have lost her father, and Rurik and Liliy both try to comfort her.
  17. Who Wears the Eyepatch Around Here? (1 November 2009)
    Rurik meets Jantus, another loner, and the two share a few drinks and a few stories with one another.
  18. The Slave Boy (6 November 2009)
    While scavenging out in the Musquodoboit area, Rurik ends up with an unknowing passenger, Conor Soul, whom he does not discover until after the boat is already in motion. Conor gets seasick, and Rurik smokes with him to settle his stomach.
  19. Sever the Shame We Have Come to Reclaim (9 November 2009)
    Rurik meets Savina Marino, and the two get along rather well, after some initial confusion regarding Rurik's surname, which Savina's father shares.
  20. Touch my Insanity (11 November 2009)
    Rurik meets Marishka, but the meeting doesn't go too well, and she ends up walking out on Rurik.
  21. Hide and Seek, Alcohol Style (15 November 2009)
    Strelein von Rosnete, a member of Cour des Miracles, happens upon the Russo compound, and they make a trade offer.
  22. Black Market Bodega (16 November 2009)
    Rurik meets Anselm de le Poer, Gabriel's distant cousin, and the two share a few trade secrets and smoke some marijuana together.
  23. I Get My Lovin' on the Run (30 December 2009) MATURE
    Rurik meets Rikka de le Poer and the pair hit it off extremely well, sneaking off to a park in Halifax to have sex. :D
  24. Figures in Black, Marching to Reunion (19 January 2010)
    Anatoliy Russo, Rurik's other son, shows up in Halifax as Rurik and Liliya are returning from hunting in the Chebucto Peninsula area. Their reunion is filled with tackle-hugging, and it gets even better when they get home and Silas is waiting for them. Liliya cooks the deer they caught and Rurik breaks out the vodka, as is customary with Rurik. 8D
  25. Four (20 January 2010)
    Rurik finds that his nephew, Raskolnikov, has moved to this continent from Russia, along with his mate, Sonja Russo.
  26. Here By the Ocean (22 January 2010)
    Rurik meets Janos Russo, his grandson, and learns of his grandchildren by Zaets. Their meeting is rather short, however, and this is all Rurik manages to learn before the pair are separated by horrible weather or something.
  27. I've Heard All Your Sad Songs I Can Hear (22 January 2010)
    Rurik heads to Cour des Miracles to visit Strelein and scope it out as a potential home; Strel shows Rurik around and gives him a tour, and Rurik enjoys it quite a bit. He receives a new pair of pants from Strel, which is awesome because he only has one other pair.
  28. Not the Man I Thought I'd Be (26 January 2010)
    Rurik heads to Inferni territory in the hopes of visiting Silas; instead, he meets Vieira Lykoi, who seems extremely frightened of him.
  29. You Painted the Sky Back to Blue (14 April 2010)
    Rurik learns that Rikka has moved to Cour des Miracles due to her brother's wishes. He approves of this and finds it an intelligent decision on Gabriel's part.
  30. Oceans and Full Moons (19 April 2010)
    Rurik heads to Aniwayan territory again, this time bringing a gift with him and he gets really, really drunk with Attila Aston. The pair have a lot of fun together, and eventually Rurik cavorts off, singing his “trolololo song” all the way home...
  31. One for the Road (19 April 2010)
    ... until Ember Phoenix, Aniwaya's subleader, intercepts him and gets pissed off that there's this drunk Russian singing this obnoxious song on Aniwayan territories so close to her den, where her young son is sleeping. Rurik returns the next day to apologize for his behavior and make amends to Ember.
  32. Burning on the Highway MATURE(20 April 2010)
    Rurik and a bunch of potheads all gather together in Halifax to celebrate this wondrous holiday of the stoners. Everyone is stoned and happy!
  33. Changes of Necessity (2 May 2010)
    Rurik and Liliya attend a pack meeting for Cour des Miracles. They learn that the pack's king, Jacquez, has left the vicinity, and Vigilante Haskel will be taking over. This news is not so troubling to Rurik, and he pledges his own and his family's continued allegiance and assistance to the pack.
  34. I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire (2 May 2010)
    Rurik very briefly meets his granddaughter, learning of the existence of Zaets' children. However, their meeting is very brief, as Marika is on her way out of Cour des Miracles, disliking the prospect of living in a place so close to war.
  35. Lost and Hungry (13 May 2010)
    Traveling to Inferni to visit Silas, Rurik comes across Enkiel Lykoi and MickE BIOS in the Wastes.
  36. What About the Place that We Call Home (19 May 2010)
    Marika returns to Cour des Miracles and finds her grandfather.
  37. Rising the Flag on the Masthead (19 May 2010)
    Rurik meets Marishka again, the strange coyote he'd seen in this general area some months before. This time, she is slightly more cordial after some initial shock.
  38. Steal the Night (27 May 2010)
    Rurik attends the Cour des Miracles pack celebration.
  39. Hands to Build a House (31 May 2010)
    Rurik helps a few of his packmates build a log cabin for Anann Kelevra, one of his packmates.
  40. Drop Outta Life With a Bong in Hand (1 June 2010)
    Barret thread.
  41. Arriving Via Whalebus (02 June 2010)
    Rurik meets Ashkir Devereaux along the Cour des Miracles coastline; the wolf has traveled to the pack via a whale. After recovering from this initial shock, the werewolf learns that Ash wishes to join the pack, and Rurik hails one of their leaders.
  42. Tropical Trees with Dewey Leaves (02 June 2010)
    Rurik meets Tropical Jazia along the Cour des Miracles border.
  43. I Hate Rain But I Love Snow (03 June 2010)
    Rurik meets Averaeshi along the Cour des Miracles border.
  44. Cruel Eyes (28 June 2010)
    Belle thread. :]
  45. Message in a Bottle (6 July 2010)
    Rurik meets up with MickE BIOS, Yuki Miyako, Ever Mayawyn, and Belle in Cour des Miracles territory.
  46. As Long as There is Whiskey in the World (6 July 2010)
    Rurik meets his bastard son, Mars Bartholomew Russo.
  47. Forty Feet Remain (9 August 2010)
    Xion thread re: Piercing :D
  48. Space Demenita (25 August 2010)
    Saluce and Kansas: drinky drinky!

6.  More Information