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Name MeaningFlower
Name OriginLatin
Date of BirthAugust 27, 2010
Date of DeathNovember 3, 2020
Age10 years old
 37.5% Canis lupus nubilus 
37.5% Canis lupus lupus
12.5% coyote
6.25% red wolf
6.25% dog
Birth placeSeveral days out from the Commune
Current packLoner

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The Haight Hippy Commune

The daughter of a raging homosexual and a flower child hippy, Rose is a bizarre melding of the two people both in personality and appearance. She's more apt to love than hate - she really can't hate anyone at all! Be prepared for a headcase ditz with a pocketful of happy weed. She bears little resemblence to the Poer family, and even less to her Lykoi family. Her coloration is a mixture of Rikka and Strel and her eyes are a viking blue.


Rikka fled the war-torn Nova Scotia to the commune of her youth, where she found love and acceptance. After she arrived at the commune, she delivered to her two children, Rose and Hendrix. The Haight canines swallowed up the mother and children into their loving hold and the children grew where love and peace ruled. War did not come to them, and everyone did their duties for everyone else.

Rikka loved her children, despite the unexpected conception and a father that would have been entirely unwilling sober. But she was generous with the freedoms she let her children take. They would be safe with the Commune, and so there was no fear for either of them. Rose grew from young pup treated kindly and called Sunny Rose as a homage to her mother's nickname of Sunflower, to a 'teenaged' canine starting to experiment with drugs and free love. Like her mother, she tried the drugs and, while enjoying them, did not make them a key part of her life; she chose to do them when offered genially but never as a crutch.

Rose was raised among the men and women of the commune, who taught her about love and freedom. Before she was old enough to truly experience it, she had witnessed some of the free love given out. It had intrigued her, but barely phased her.

From a young age, Rose had an interest in weaving (mostly bracelets and baskets) and in music, of all things. Her key instruments were her voice and her small set of panpipes. During song and dance bonfires, she would sing as a pup, and then dance when she found her two feet. When she finally shifted - something that was celebrated briefly before life resumed quietly - she decided to focus on cooking (something she found she enjoyed quite a bit), woven jewelry and beadwork, and music. She had to be useful to the Commune, her precious home, and was often tossed about between cooking and crafting - one fed the group, the other provided trade goods. She loved it.

But as children go, they want to know about their family. Rikka did not hide Strelein's identity and Rose was intrigued. Her father had been a wolf from a pack in Nova Scotia, a place she could hardly imagine. San Francisco was sunny, warm, and hilly. Nova Scotia came off as cold, snowy, and mountainous. But she was curious. Rikka spoke of the war, of the fighting, of the family left behind. It was an entire set of people that Rose was related to but could hardly know when all she knew was Haight, her mother, and her brother.

After turning one, Rose focused on her cooking and weaving, dancing and music coming secondary to her work - she enjoyed it all, and there was no difference. She, too, experienced her first grasps of love, though she had spread it across many. Her first romantic interest was a dog mutt with knobby ears who had the most beautiful voice. Both of them were interested and enjoyed one another company, but the love was spread all around. Rose loved more than one at a time and hated no one. At a year and a half she participated in her first orgy, which amused her but left her unsatisfied. Love many she might, but she could not do it all at once.

Close to her second birthday, after a retelling of Nova Scotia's wars, Rose decided it was her duty and privilege to go to the dark Northeast to spread life, love, and freedom to the dismal people. Packing lightly, she took cannabis seeds and a good stash of pot for trade and for use with her, as well as some spices she had gotten at the ports. With nothing but her bags on her back, she walked the entire way to the Canadian region, experiencing hospitality from kind packs, clans, and tribes. She was also chased from hostile groups who did not approve of her ideas, or her blood, or both. It took her almost three months to get there, her birthday coming and going.

2013 Post-'Souls

Ooopsie baby?


A true flower child,


Family - de le Poer, Lykoi


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