Strelein von Rosnete

Strelein von Rosnete

Strelein, by Kiri
PronunciationStreh-lain von Roz-net
Name OriginDutch
Date of BirthMarch 21, 2007
Date of DeathOctober 19th, 2012
Subspecies75% Canis lupus nubilus ortus
25% Canis lupus lupus ortus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placePresent day northeastern Michigan, Port Sanilac Pack
Current packCour des Miracles
SongCarry on my Wayward Son - Kansas
'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Cour des Miracles

Joining dateJun 15 2009[1]
ResidenceChien Hotel
Previous RanksSeigneur, Marquis, Lord, Baron, Duke
Most Recent RankDauphin
Co-RankLady in Waiting

Previous Pack

Port Sanilac Pack

Joining dateMarch 21, 2007

Strelein von Rosnete was a member of Cour des Miracles. He passed away in October 2012 from liver failure after years of heavy drinking, leaving his children's existence unknown to him.

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1.  History

1.1  Off-board history

Jaden and Serya were in the same pack as one another. Jaden was half a year Serya's junior, though age was not a deciding factor in the least. Around the age of three, they mated and had their first litter of ortus Luperci. Zachs and Rosetta were the only two born that survived. The other had been too small and died prematurely.

In a year and a half, Jaden and Serya coupled again. Soon enough, Rekka and Strelein came into the world in a flurry. Like any parent of ortus children, Serya explained in great detail what would happen to them when they shifted. She made sure they weren't afraid of it and understood what it was and why. Jaden never listened to her explanations, for he had been turned because of his mate. He never found it too pleasant to shift, despite how often he had done it before. It would cause problems with his son later on, though there was very little a rift between them in Strelein's youth.

It was during his puppyhood that Strelein found his bangle, which was discovered during one of his curious bouts. He would go on frequent searches through the nearby abandoned human dwellings. If he found something nice, he would tend to drag it back home. However, most of the time, the leader would snatch away from him. The pack was ultra-traditionalistic and they refused to allow anyone to roam in the Optime form while within the pack lands. However, a third of the pack was still normal and not affected by the virus, which meant that they were held in higher regard. Naturally Strelein hated his pack for this. He thought that humanizing was the way of the future and there was no point fighting it.

To him this virus that was his father's curse, it was the parting gift the humans would give to their kind. To him, it was an apology for almost totally ruining the world. He took to the mutations with liquid ease and didn't even think about what could have been.

Because of his preference for his humanoid form over his canine form, Strelein went farther than the majority of his pack and made himself clothes. His first attempts at sewing gave him poor substitutes for nothing, but he called it progress. He couldn't wear them most of the time, and was forced to work on them away from his friends and family in order to assure his own safety. It was punishable to do what he dared; use his humanized form.

However, as he grew a bit, his skills improved and he could make himself more proper clothes. He modeled what he made from old, fading pictures he could find in the old houses. He even used human materials for his clothes. He hid everything in one such house, knowing no one from his pack would come and stumble upon it.

Naturally, his personality never made anyone doubt his place in the pack. He would do his duty with gusto and energy, though he hated most of what he did. Strelein always felt very constricted doing everything in a single form.

Naturally, he left when he got tired of having himself bound to a pack that clearly wasn't for him. He took his clothes from the house as well as an instrument he had been trying to play. Both the clothes and the small lute barely fit into a worn and dusty pack he found, but they did fit, thankfully. He slung those on his back and left in his lupus form, knowing travel would be faster and easier.

Strelein comes to Souls to find a place to belong as well as to brighten up with music and laughter.

1.2  On Board

Upon arriving at the 'Souls territory in Nova Scotia, Strel headed straight for what he had heard was a kingdom. Entranced by the thought, he joined it and has been in it ever since. He's skipped around through the ranks, jumping up and down, though he has always maintained a high enough rank. Strel even became the pack tailor, even though he was also a musician. However he has put down his lute and chosen to focus on his work instead of his music.

Since joining the kingdom, the redhead has made more friends than enemies and slept with his fair share of them. However, in early 2011, he met a stranger in Halifax who is now currently living with. In August of 2011, the two of them were now official mated, and Strel's single bachelor life ended. Yet, a figure from his past reappeared, the man who had almost raped him in Toronto.


2.  Personality

Chaotic Good - he's your average Robin Hood sans the robbing. In a nutshell Strelein is energetic, proud, and loud. His energy he pours into his sewing skills and music. His pride is for who he is and what he does. Strelein may not be the most serious Luperci around, but he has basic knowledge of several things. While his hunting skills may not be the best in the land, he can catch a rabbit 1 out of 4 times.

He is also not bothered by what others think of him, but if it is truly affecting others, he will stop or try to change. Otherwise he will be trying to get everyone to smile one way or another.

However, he has a slight temper that can be triggered via names [repeatedly], hardcore insults, and sneaking around his back. Strelein is very upfront about things and doesn't like being subtle too much. That being said, he's dumb to flirting from either gender, which means he is a flirt to everyone else. One just needs to firm, but calm when dealing with this energized male.

2.1  Quirks

Strelein flirts with anyone and everyone after knowing them for a little while. He's never serious with the females, but no one can be sure just how serious he is with the other males. He's far too trusting which is a recipe for disaster automatically.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Friends

Mati Church, Daisuke Ghanjai, Hemming, Rurik Russo, Ayita Catori, Alaine Winters, Rikka de le Poer, Noss, ZafierCatori

3.3  Acquaintances

Leroy (odd relationship), Anann Kelevra, Haven Aatte, Princess Chance, Firefly Sadira, Susquehanna

3.4  Lovers

Leroy, Daisuke Ghanjai, Rurik Russo, Susquehanna, Rikka de le Poer, ZafierCatori, Noss

Love Interest at the moment


4.  Appearance

4.1  Lupus/ Secui

Dark brown hues run down Strelein's spine like a skunk stripe, shifting into clay tones before becoming cream. However the top of his head and down his neck, his fur is a rust red from his dyes. His eyes are a natural lavender color, due to the virus that affected his parents. Because of his genetic gifts, Strelein turned out far more average than one would expect from a genetically altered creature to be. Neither built for speed nor mass, this Luperci had to find his own way to show off his form.

He found a jewelry box when he was a young, curious puppy and carried the box home. Unfortunately, the majority of the contents were earrings, which his pack strictly forbade. He could only claim a multicolored bangle, while the rest of the jewelry went to the leader and his mate. That bangle he has not taken off, and it has been almost a year since he acquired it. It is always on his left wrist in any form. While he has no tattoos, Strelein would happily get one, and it is on his to-do list for when he joins another pack.

4.2  Optime

Standing at 7'3" and weighing in at the average 203 lbs, Strelein really is standard, at the basics. However, because of his own personality quirks, he managed to decorate himself in a style his parents and siblings found outlandish. He dyed his mane a rust red after he had styled it into more manageable strands. However, due to his poor attempts at dyeing, his mane's roots began to show quite soon. Naturally he kept it since he had given up after the fifth attempt.

His clothes, which he managed to make himself, are bright and vivid. He only has two sets but he keeps them as clean as he possibly can. The first is a short half coat with short sleeves that he dyed a bright red to match is hair. A pair of regular green shorts adorn his hips, accompanied by a scavenged belt he found made of chain links. The second set is a simple tank, colored cream because of the original material it was made out of. Long, tailored-fit leggings of a sort finish off this outfit. Naturally, he won't always be wearing clothes in Optime form, though half the time he is.

5.  Gallery

By me

By Nat

By Kiri

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