Zafier Catori

Zafier Catori

PlayerNone (NPC)
Date of BirthJuly 25 2004
Date of DeathOctober 8 2011
Age7 years
Birth place
Current packCour des Miracles
ReligionKinda strange

Zafier Catori was a former member of Cour des Miracles, where he resided until his death. He was killed during battle in the 2011 AniWaya Conflict. He is the brother to Ayita Catori.

Physical Description

Form Preference: Optime Height & Weight:

  • Lupus: Height: 3'3 Length: 5’ 6” Weight: 134 lb
  • Secui: Height: 3’ 6” Length: 7’ 9” Weight: 190 lb
  • Optime: Height: 7’ 7” Weight: 215 lb

Clothing: Khaki pants


A bit of a brute. Strong willed over protectiveness to Ayita. Has issues adjusting to this style of pack. Kind to his loved ones. Uneasy around strangers and looks down upon those he think are lesser then he.


Member of the Catori family.


War had broken out her pack vs. the neighboring pack. Her brother and her stood next to their father and mother. The lines had been clearly drawn. Wolves were fighting everywhere, and Ayita looked horrified. Zafier charged in after his father's lead, following after her mother, then her. The other pack was not as large but they put up a strong fight. Ayita let out a lingering howl in pain as she was struck by an opposing she-wolf. Zafier came to her rescue, the two of them biting at her legs. Zafier attempted biting at her maw but only managed to cut her little with his ivory. The battle raged many moons until the other pack finally ran with their tails between their pillars.

Ayita had scanned the area, her blue orbs glistening under the full moon. Zafier, her mother and father, were nowhere to be seen. “Zafier, mother, father,” her voice had called many times. She saw a figure by a rock, then noticed it was her mother. She ran to her, her blood puddled the ground, her eyes glazed over, and her body cold with death. She ran far from this place, she couldn’t bear it. She ran, hoping her troubles would fade. Zafier watched from a distance, hoping that his sister would be okay.

Zafier helped pick up the pieces of his shambled pack and then chose to go out after Ayita, coming to Cour des Miracles.

Souls presence

Zafier was a companion NPC in Cour des Miracles and made friends with a few people. It is to be noted that he had a brief fling with Strelein von Rosnete (but nothing came out of it due to Zafier being an NPC). He has otherwise stayed in the shadows of CDM.

Died in the Aniwayan Conflict.

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