Princess Chance

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Princess Chance

Princess, by Jack
Date of BirthSeptember 3, 2008
Age> 1 year
Current packCour des Miracles
'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Cour des Miracles

Joining dateFeb 18, 2010
Most Recent RankLady

Previous Packs

Crimson Dreams

Joining dateAug 5, 2009
Most Recent RankMaster Sergeant

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateMay 6 2009
Previous RanksGazon, Filix, Bluet

Princess Chance was the unplanned child born to Tokyo Chance and Rapahel Gregorie. She is a member of Cour des Miracles.

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  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
  4.   4.  Appearance

1.  History

Tokyo met a suave, sexy, and convincing male named Raphael and let him go too far before she left, returning to Champion and keeping the encounter a secret. When it was evident she was pregnant, Champion left her, unable to bear watching her raise another wolf's puppies. When Tokyo gave birth, she killed three of them in a rage, trying to destroy all that had made Champion leave her. Two of the puppies, a male and female, were able to escape. She found them in the morning and decided to try and raise them. The female looked like her mother, so she named her Princess. The male looked like Raphael, so she named him Buttface, and chose to pamper Princess and basically neglect and abuse Buttface. At four months old, Princess and Buttface chose to leave their mother and left, which is when she decided to returning to 'Souls. This left the two puppies on their own, however, until they were seven months old, when Princess decided to try and find her mother again.

Seven months old and riddled with fresh anger towards her mother (for she had spent her time trying to justify leaving her brother to go and demand answers from her mother), Princess found herself on the borders of Dahlia de Mai, greeted with warmth by Alexey Koios. She joined the pack, and then spent some time finding others before she found Tokyo, partly out of nervousness and partly because she did not know where to find Tokyo within the pack lands. She asked a lot of those that she met about her brother, holding out hope that he would have followed her, before finding Tokyo. She lived with Tokyo in a relatively happy state for roughly two months before she found out that her brother was in the area, a member of Crimson Dreams. On top of being in the area without finding her, Buttface had changed his name to Ares. They argued briefly before realizing that they could still be together, so they called for Savina to ask permission to Princess to join the pack. It was almost a full month later that she did, but she did so with the help of Cercelee and left her mother without regret.

Only three days after joining her new pack, Princess found herself venturing out into the unclaimed lands. One thing led to another, and she had a night of amazing drunken first-time sex with Haven Aatte, who told her he was a Kinght and would protect her. She left him in the morning, but it was something she had enjoyed, and she had hoped to see him again someday. That day came less than three weeks later, when Haven came to the borders of Crimson Dreams with roses in hand. Unfortunately, Princess was not the first to find him. The day before, she had confessed to Ares what she had done, and he had been angered. Evidently, he was still angry when he found Haven, since Princess found them rigtht after Ares had punched him in the face. They were shortly joined by another female, Mati Church: Haven's sister, and the love interest of Ares. Drama ensued.

2.  Personality

She's a fair bit wild and uncontrolled; for all of Tokyo's pampering her, she never really parented her or taught her the values mothers typically try to instill in their kids. She doesn't really respect authority, because the primary one in her life had been so bad to brother. She has a fierce hatred for seeing creatures mistreated, and she tried to put together a piece-meal morality from what she feels is right or wrong, but the lack of a structured education in the area leaves certain gaps. For example, due to Tokyo's excessive amount of theft and vocal justifications of it, Princess hasn't even yet contemplated that it might be wrong.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Please see the Eternity or Kali family page for more information.

(All relations listed are maternal, as her father is unknown to her, other than by name, and his family is unimportant)

(Also maternal on her grandmother's side)

4.  Appearance

She's small for her age, and her fur pattern is similar to that of an average timber wolf, with the exception of a slightly darker gray tint to her muzzle. Her eyes are a vibrant golden hue. In shifted form, her hair is long and curly, a dark brown and golden mixture. She is very fond of human dresses and clothing, and even if they don't fit her properly or she does not know their actual purpose, she wears them anyway and feels pretty in them.


  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 122 pounds