Anann Kelevra

Born Anann Harleigh, Anann is the daughter of Gracen Burke and Arien Harleigh. She was last seen traveling with her son Bishop Russo, whom she had with her mate Anatoliy Russo.

Anann Kelevra

by Alaine


Katie D.

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Date of Birth

18 May 2007




Birth place




100% Canis lupus (Wolf)


37.5% Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
37.5% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
25% Great Plains Wolf




Mate Anatoliy Russo
Pack Loner
Rank n/a


Mates Betrothed to Keese
Casa di Cavalieri
(OCT 2011[1] - SEPT 2012)
Luna, Gambi(npc)
Cour Des Miracles
(MAR 2010[2] - OCT 2011)
(FEB 2010[3] - MAR 2010)

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Build

Well muscled and toned, Anann has the athletic build of a fighter. Since giving birth and raising her son, Bishop, Anann's figure has thinned and she has lost a fair amount of her muscle mass and strength. However, don't mistake her for being weak or having gone soft.

1.2  Coloration

A warm mix of a light creams, golden honeys and caramels make up the majority of the femme's coat. A dark saddle of dark browns and blacks covers much of her back. Starting at the hackles, running her length. Even her tail is partially claimed by the darker tones. While there are minor difference between her forms, her pelt remains basically unchanged. Her eyes are a dark brown.

  • Optime Hair: Irish Coffee (#5E4121), highlighted with Korma (#9F5A0F)
  • Eyes: Clicker (#342D08).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Luxor Gold (#9D8D32).
    • Lighter Pine Glade (#CBCA82) on underside.
    • Saddle Bronze Olive (#52410D) and Kilamanjaro (#52410D)

1.3  Forms




34 in. (86.4 cm)
110 lbs. (50 kg)

40 in. (101.6 cm)
240 lbs. (110 kg)

285 lbs. (130 kg)
7 ft. 4 in.(223.5 cm)

Much the opposite of her secui form, Anann almost completely loses the dark saddle in her lupus form, the black being only present in a dark dorsal stripe running from shoulders to tail. While the dark browns still remain, her over all pelt is lightened in appearance. Her least favorite of forms, it has nothing to offer her but speed and agility. Thin and lanky, it lacks the muscling present in both her other forms. Leaving her feeling quite vulnerable in this form.

The tones of Anann's pelt darken considerably in her secui form. Agility and speed are slightly compromised in this form comparatively to her Optime. Her most brutish form, her mane is thick, bristly and uncut, but not overly long. Muscling is much thicker than her other forms, costing her any feminine beauty she might have otherwise retained. Her muzzle takes on a thick, more blunt appearance.

A warrior, yet still a woman. Anann has a fair and curvy body, though frail and delicate are not words to describe her. Well muscled and toned, she is much denser than she appears. Her mane has now grown out to a length that reaches her lower back, it is never styled and seldom pulled back, though occasionally she braid her hair. The hair of her mane has a slight curl to it, though it is only when it is wet or damp that it ever truly curls.

1.4  Other


  • Piercings: None
  • Tattoos: none
  • Scars:Having lived a life of a warrior Anann's pelt is littered with scars. Though there are none in particular that are worthy of mention since her thick fur keeps them from sight most of the time.


  • Silver Necklace. Thick chain, horseshoe pendant with green gemstones.
  • Small obsidian blade strapped to her left thigh in a leather sheath. Antler handle.
  • Wide leather belt, serves only as a resting place for her swords or drawstring pouch(es) she may be carrying. Worn loosely, settling to rest on her hips.


Never having found a liking for clothing, Anann prefers only her own pelt. What clothing Anann has is rarely ever worn.

  • A deep purple halter top dress with an open back, made of silk or satin-like material. The skirt of the dress has slits on both sides, up past mid-thigh. Luperci made, formal occasions, only.[4]
  • A dress made by Strelein Von Rosnete[5]

2.  Personality

Anann is quite the laid back individual. She lacks in neither confidence or humility and is well mannered. She is level headed and doesn't typically have much of a temper, though alcohol can lead to her having a rather short fuse depending upon her reasons for indulging in the fiery liquid in the first place. She can be a wolf of few words or chat off one's ear, depending on the company and conversation.

A born and trained warrior, Anann loves to spar with others. She enjoys a friendly sparring match far more than she has ever enjoyed a true fight. It doesn't take much for her to turn gentle play into rough housing. Despite her generally serious first appearances, Anann is actually quite playful and is quick to give in to such antics with close friends.

2.1  Demeanor

Anann always carries herself with an air of confidence and dominance, though neither are over-stated. In the simplest of terms, her head is always held high and her shoulders squared.

2.2  Ideals


  • Likes: Horses, Leather working/making, Sparring
  • Dislikes:


Respectful, honorable, trustworthy, reliable, loyal, and self-disciplined

  • Outlook: Realist
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Lawful Good


  • Failure, powerlessness


  • Equality, progeny, duty


Anann has very few biases, as she tries to be open-minded and only judge others by their character.

  • Packs: None
  • Species: Despite being raised in a society whereupon species and hierarchy were directly linked, Anann holds no biases
  • Non-Luperci: None, other than they are increasingly rare, if not non-existent.
  • Gender: None, though Anann often prefers the company of males over females. Simply to due to more common interests.
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: Open, but has little personal understanding of homosexual or polygamous relationships.
  • Age: Anann is very uncomfortable around the young and has little maternal instinct. This has lessened somewhat since she has become a mother, but has not completely diminished.


Anann is very much a monogamous heterosexual. Despite this, she can be something of a playful flirt, mostly due to her level of comfort of around males. Her flirting is completely harmless and something she is often not aware of. Her sex drive is fairly strong, at about once every two-three days.


Whiskey is Anann's drink of choice, although she is quite tolerant of all forms of alcohol. Mostly sticking to the hard liquors, over brews and wines. She is not one to overindulge with alcohol, although it has happened on occasion. Nor is her indulgence habitual. Typically she is content with a nice, mellow buzz rather than getting stupid drunk. She has little to no interest in any other substances.


Believed to be a deity in homeland of Tosawi, Anann finds most religions to simply be a way to control the masses and to teach morals that she finds to be self-evident. While she does have faith that most things will turn out as they should, she does not have spiritual or religious backing for it.

3.  Interaction

  • Speech: Calm and even tone. Milla Jovovich is the best example I can think of.
  • Scent: Earthy, horses, leather, sea-salt and pine

4.  Relationships

4.1  Key Relations

4.2  Family: Harleigh?

  • Mother: Arien Harleigh
  • Father: Gracen Burke
  • Siblings: Damien Burke♂, Natan Burke♂, Reece Burke♀, Li'tal Burke♀, Trella Burke♀

4.3  Minor Relations

4.4  Former Relations

4.5  Residence

  • Describe their residence here.

4.6  NPCs


  • Species:Horse Equus ferus caballus
  • Age and DOB:10-14 yrs
  • Description: Black Friesian stallion
  • Personality: Stubborn, Free-willed


  • Species:Horse
  • Age and DOB:2 yrs; April 6, 2011
  • Description: Blue roan stallion
  • Personality:

4.7  Abilities


  • Skill (Dabbler/Apprentice/Journeyman/Master): Describe the skill here -- how was it learned? How good are they?


  • Character is prone to weakness. Describe the weakness here -- how does it affect your character? How bad is it?

4.8  Inventory


Describe your character's trading here -- are they open for lots of trade? Where can others seek them out to trade? Are there any "caveats" about trading with your character (e.g., is your character a slimeball looking to screw everyone over -- HI ERIS)?

  • Offering: Things your character can offer.
  • Accepting: Things your character wants.


Category of Things

  • Your character has a thing.
  • Your character has a thing.

Category of Things

  • Your character has a thing.
  • Your character has a thing.
  • Your character has a thing.

5.  Achievements

Pack Game

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6.  History

Brief (1-3 paragraphs, sparsely detailed) overview of character history. Sie likes to repeat this section in the character's forum profile, since it's the shortest and easiest to parse for someone just browsin' over the forum profile.

6.1  Timeline


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6.2  Threads


  1. [M] (NPC) [6]? (DD Mon)
    AREA?, with CHARACTER?. Example of mature thread where your character was an NPC.
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    AREA?, with CHARACTER?. Example of thread where your character was an NPC.
  3. [8]? (DD Mon)
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